Friday, August 18, 2017

The Next Military Surplus Overnight Adventure - High Road - INTRO

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Sometimes things don't work out as you have planned and you have to roll with it!  This is the INTRO for Luke's latest Overnight Adventure; High Road - Military Surplus Overnight Adventure.

Full Adventure coming Next Week!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Oh So Mini! - Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat Pack - Review

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Today Luke is showing off a pack which you likely haven't seen before.

This is the Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat Pack and it's from the creative minds at Varusteleka and Savotta which automatically means Top-Notch Quality.

The pack is small, comfortable and virtually built-proof;
made to complete Finnish MILSPEC standards!

Grab a cup of coffee, get me one too and let's get started!


Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat pack


Link :

Price : $90.99

Weight : 1.5lbs

A smaller, lighter, sleeker variant of our full blooded Särmä TST Combat Pack. 10 liter volume, lots of PALS on the outside, a flat zippered pouch on the back, hydration bladder compartment on the inside, tie down straps against the back and a large mesh pocket on the inside of the panel lid.

•      Dimensions 36 x 24 x 11 cm. Volume 10 litres. Weight 700 g.
•      3L hydration compartment, designed for the Source WLPS.
•      Tie-down straps with SR buckles for a 200 round PKM ammo box or radio.
•      Large mesh pocket inside the zip flap.
•      A small flat pouch on the outside, for cleaning kits and the like. D-ring attachment point inside.
•      PALS webbing on the bottom for securing gear, perfect for 1" utility straps.
•      PALS webbing on all three sides for attaching pouches, tie-downs and gear.
•      Strong carry handle with tube/wire/antennae velcro ports on the sides.
•      The shoulder straps are intentionally minimalistic for the lowest possible profile. They do not interfere when shouldering a weapon and can easily be upgraded with added padding if desired.
•      The shoulder straps have PALS webbing for attaching a sternum strap or hydration tubes.
•      40 mm Tri-Glide buckles in the lower corners for attaching hip belt (belt not included)

Finnish MILSPEC materials

Made of the same materials and hardware (1000D Cordura, webbing, ITW Nexus buckles etc.) that are used in the production of the Finnish military M05 combat equipment. High quality, NIR compliant etc.

Varusteleka Särmä TST

Särmä TST is our own family of specialized military gear. All Särmä TST stuff is made in co-operation with Finnish military manufacturers, the most important thing for us is high quality MILSPEC grade materials and construction. This is kit that you can trust to really take a beating!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Is a $25 Tent from Walmart Waterproof? - Ozark 1 Person Backpacking Tent

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Is a $25 Tent from Walmart Waterproof? Is Ozark a brand which you should consider purchasing?  Are they worthy of your hard earned money?

Found out now!

Ozark Customer Service Number : 1-800-325-4121

Ozark 1-Person Backpacking Tent Review

Link :

Price : $25

Weight : Around 3lbs with everything included

Color :  Yellow and Tan

Ozark offers multiple tents which they refer to as 1 Person Backpacking Tents;

The model number is Model# W796.1

Just in case that you don’t know, Ozark is a brand which is most commonly associated with Walmart but it can be found on other sites including amazon.  The pricing is definitely better on Walmart!

This brand is recognized for making very inexpensive, beginner-level backpacking gear and their quality is known for being so-so.

I attempted to locate the official Ozark web site to get further information about their products and the company but I’m not sure if I found it or not.  I located one site called Ozark Trail Tents . com and that was one of the fishiest looking sites that I have been on in a long time.  The fact that it had a popup with an animated character which was speaking to me didn’t help.  It reminded me a lot of the desktop babe from the 90’s!

•      Stuff sack dimensions: 22.5" x 4" x 4"

•      Carry weight: 3 lbs

•      Setup dimensions: 96" long x 48" wide at the front of the tent, tapering to 24" at the foot

•      Center height: 36" at the front of the tent, tapering to 22" height at the foot

•      Sleeps 1

•      Mesh window at front of tent and vent at foot provides ventilation

•      Easy to set up 2-pole design

•      Setup time: 5 minutes

•      Lightweight poly taffeta floor keeps weight to a minimum

•      Taped wall seams for weather protection

Includes 1 organizer pocket

Materials : While I am not entirely sure, I believe that is made from polyester.  Whatever it is cheap, doesn’t breathe at all.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Grottos Ice Caves and Independence Ghost Town - Mini Day Hikes

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The main purpose of our trip out west was to film the Overnight Adventure at Cathedral Lake so that we could share that experience with you all but we also wanted to share some of the other hikes that we went on.

This wraps up our Colorado Series and we would like for you to join us on some of our on camera and off camera adventures.