Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What's in the Box??? - Viewer Mail - Unboxing 18

What's in the Box???

Today we're looking at some viewer mail that was sent in to The Outdoor Gear Review.  As always I'm honored and thankful.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Snugpak Hammock Under Blanket - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Snugpak Hammock Under Blanket.
Snugpak Hammock Under Blanket

Amazon Link :

Snugpak Link :

Price : $43.33 from Amazon.  $60 on the Snugpak Web Site

Weight : 51oz / 3.1 lbs / 1450g

- Available in Olive Color

Anyone use to sleeping outdoors in hammocks will be familiar with the windchill that can penetrate from beneath due to the crushing of clothing and sleeping bags against the hammock, which can make for a very cold night! The Snugpak® Under Blanket is a totally new innovation. Fitting snugly to the outside of your hammock, it cleverly insulates you from the cold winds, giving you a warm, comfortable and cozy night's sleep.

- Fits most hammocks

- Made with MicroDiamond Fabric with a Paratex™ Antibacterial treatment

- The Travelsoft™ filling gives great insulation and comfort, reflecting and trapping heat

- Complete with Compression Stuff Sack

Length 83" / 2105cm
Width (w/o flaps) 58" / 148cm
Each Flap 10" / 25cm
Pack size 9" x 9" / 23 x 23cm

Review :

Easy to setup, shock cord allows for the perfect range of movement as you get in and out of the sleeping pad.

The price is…..AWESOME!  For an underquilt, this price is terrific.

Does an awesome job of blocking the wind and keeping you warm.  The coldest temps that I have been able to use it have been 29F with winds around 15 mph.  With this under blanket and the Snuppak Hammock Blanket; perfectly comfortable!

Snugpak is known for affordability and quality and again, they hit the mark.  It works with just about any quilt; my Hennessey, my Snugpak tropical, etc.

Bottom Line : For the money, this is a really good product.  The downfall is that it is heavy.  Save some weight, ditch the compression sack.  It weights in at over 6oz.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Testing Grounds 3 - Overnight Adventure

Testing some gear;

Mora Eldris Mod!
Swag Tent.
Hot Ash Stove.
Fenix TK32
and more.

Thunder.  Lightning.  Gear Failure.

Enjoy!  More adventures on the way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Favorite Gear : Inexpensive Ultralight Ground Cloth

Today Luke is talking about one of his favorite pieces of gear; the Ultralight Ground Cloth.


Link :

UL Ground Cloth

Shipped as a Duo Size - Can be cut in half for two solo sizes at less than 1.2oz ea.

60" X 96" (5' X 9') 2.4oz


Very WaterProof - Even more than Silnylon and most other LW WP Fabrics and Tyvek

Ultra Light Weight, Inexpensive and Effective

• SHIPPED AS ONE LARGE DUO SIZE - Cut it into two singles or any shape to fit a floorless shelter footprint
• A trimmed 28" X 7' solo size will weight less than 1oz
• This UL Ground Sheet is fairly quiet and is NOT crinkly or noisy.
• Clear - Similar in feel to a thin Mylar plastic- pretty tough for a .5oz/sq/yd material
• Plenty tough for many nights of use
• Film is used in food industry to shrink wrap food .
• Tough and safe vs lower quality chemical laden PVC style wrap
• Clear color to see sticks and stones underneath
• Can be cut into tent shape footprints.
• Punctures and little tears can be mended with duct tape for a pretty long service life