Monday, November 12, 2018

The Happy Little Hobo - Savotta Happy Stove Review

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Up for review is the little Savotta Happy Stove which is a hobo style wood stove.  Is it worth the money?  Find out now!

Savotta Link :

Link scandinavianoutdoor :

Price : $32.65

What we have here is one of Savotta’s Hobo stoves and it has some personality….literally.
With a hobo stove, the benefits are many but so are the negative aspects too…

For an example, the fuel is free and it virtually all around you.  You can burn sticks, twigs, pine cones, paper and so on.  Of course, all of those materials mean little they are soaking wet….

The twig stove comprises 7 laser-cut stainless steel components: three side walls, a bottom, a “happy face” and cooking support in two sections. Once clicked into place, the stove is ready for use. The design of the stove is aimed at a good weight/durability balance. Despite its lightness, the stove can support the weight of a normal coffee pot or a mess kit. The twig stove is supplied with a protective bag made of 1000D Cordura. Once packed in the bag, the twig stove fits into a really small space.

Material: 0,5mm Laser-cut stainless steel.
Overall Dimensions: Height 14 cm, width 14 cm, depth 14 cm.
Firebox Dimensions: Height 9,5cm(12cm without grate), width 10cm, depth 10cm.
Weight: 250 g.

Protective bag material: 1000D Cordura, PUR coated.
Dimensions of the protective bag and packed stove: Height 15.5 cm, width 14 cm, depth 1 cm.
Protective bag weight: 30 g.

Pros :

Packs down flat which means that it can easily fit just about any place; backpack, pocket, chest rig, etc.

Light weight.

If you like cooking small meals for one person on a 2 to 3 litre pot this stove can boil and simmer, packs down to flat and is light, the stainless sheet metal gauge is thin and can bend out of and back into shape

Free fuel…..which saves you money. With that being said, you will have to put more working into using the stove so that should be kept in mind.

Fun to use. – Kids enjoy using stoves like this and is a great way to get them interested in the outdoors.

Easy to clean up.
Very stable.

Cons :
While not complicated by any means, the setup will take a bit more work and attention the first couple of times that you use it; more so than with other stoves.

Pricey for a Hobo Stove…but you are getting an awesome form factor and great quality in addition to a very well thought-out and good performing stove.  I should mention that this isn’t the most expensive of folding wood stoves; emberlit is a good bit more expensive for an example.  They are much cheaper versions as well.

No matter how easy it is to clean up, a wood burning stove is still going to be a bit messy.  This shouldn’t bother anyone but I mentioned it just in case it hasn’t dawned on you.

Another inherit aspect to a wood stove like this is that it does require attention until you are done cooking whereas a canister stove for an example require much less.

Summary :

When it comes to a good hobo stove, there are countless options out on the market.  You can make your own for virtually nothing or you can purchase one.

Tips :

Want a quick burn for fast boil times?  Use small diameter sticks and twigs, around the size of a pencil.

Want a slower burn?  Use larger than pencil size sticks.  Larger burn slower, small, burn faster.

Before you headout on your adventure, make sure that you can use a wood burning stove such as this if you are heading into a park system and so on.  Some locations will not allow fires nor wood collecting.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Fall Creekside Camp Overnight Adventure

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Join Luke on an overnight adventure as he heads into the backcountry!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Comfortable But Questionable Durability - Propper Kinetic Pants Review

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Law Enforcement.
Today is the review of the Propper Men's Kinetic Pant.

Link :
Price : $55 retail
Weight : 1lb 6oz
Colors : Gray, Black, Olive, Coyote, Navy Blue, etc

Waist Sizes : 28 to 56 – I have seen larger sizes on other web sites but this is what was labelled on the Propper Web Site

Inseam : 30 – 37

These are what I refer to as Duty Pants; used mainly by law enforcements, fire, ems, rescue and with some military applications.  Of course, I’m not law enforcement and I’m not military so I am speaking of these pants from an everyday joe and outdoorsman.  You may be asking yourself why and the answer is simple;

1 – Propper thought that they would make great outdoor pants and sent these to me to review.
2 Because of the materials they are a good fit for hiking, backpacking etc.
3 I like tactical gear and clothing as that is my general style so the pants work well with me in general.

PROPPER’s Kinetic™ Pants keep you moving wherever duty takes you. Built from rugged ripstop fabric with revolutionary NEXstretch two-way mechanical stretch. A gusseted crotch enhances range of motion for dynamic mobility. DWR (Durable Water Resistant) treated to repel dirt and moisture. Other features include a gripper waistband, cargo pockets with internal divider and wider belt loops with badge/sunglasses tabs.

6.5 oz 79% polyester / 21% cotton ripstop NEXStretch® fabric w/ DWR
NEXstretch 2-way mechanical stretch
Durable and rugged ripstop fabric with integrated stretch
Gusseted crotch for ease of movement
DWR (Durable Water Resistant) treatment to repel dirt and moisture
Gripper waistband
Metal button waistband closure
Ambidextrous pocket configuration
Cargo pockets with internal divider
Wider belt loops with badge/sunglasses tabs
straight leg with loose fit.

Pros :

True to Size
The stretch waist helps with more of a "custom" fit. I have a very muscular lower half, and these pants are very comfortable with plenty of room everywhere without being baggy.

They stretch very well. The elastic is strong enough to keep the pants up, but gives enough for comfort when bending, squatting, or kneeling.

Anyway, these pants are excellent. Well-made, very comfortable, many pockets to separate my EDC stuff. Concealed carry is very

comfortable in these pants with the stretch waist band and such. Very good looking. The price is not bad for what you get.

Like the 5.11 stryke pants but less expensive.

The grippy waist does a good job of keeping your shirt tucked in…that means no adjusting which is something that I have actually noticed.  Honestly I didn’t think I would care but I have noticed that I am not having to do it like I normally do with other pants.

Cons :

About the only con that I have with these pants is that I do have concerns with the durability of the material; after very little use I have a number of holes developing

These pants do tend to run a bit long; you may have to get them hemmed.

All in all I like these pants and I have enjoyed wearing them.  No, they will not replace my Fjallravens as they simply are not of the same level of strength….but they don’t have to be at this price. For $50 I can’t complain.. Fjallraven cost around $100 more than these pants. For a regular guy who is working, doing average hiking and outdooring I think you will be pleased with these pants in general. Comfortable. Breathable. Good lucks. “Tactical”

Not sure tough….if you need super tough, start saving your pennies and get some Fjallraven Trousers.

Monday, November 5, 2018

The ABC's of Backpacking - Backpacking Basics

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You may have heard of this term before; 'The ABC's of Backpacking' but may not have known what it is all about.  In this episode, Luke is covering the ABC's of Backpacking and a few of the fundamentals which you need to keep in mind every time that you are packing your bag to hit the trail.