Monday, February 27, 2017

Yukon Outfitters Alpha Backpack - Review

Today Luke is reviewing a 'civilian' assault pack; the Yukon Outfitters Alpha Backpack.

Link Yukon Outfitters :

Link Amazon :

Price : $59.79 Amazon / $79.99 Yukon Web Site

Colors : Black, Olive Drab, Foliage, Storm Grey, Field Camo and Mountain Camo

Dimensions : 21" H x 12.5" W x 10.5" L

Heavy Load Rated : Yukon states that this pack is heavy load rated but doesn’t state what that means.  Heavy load?   What weight is that?  Is that 3lbs or 30lbs?

Without further information that is what I considered pure marketing.

Features :

The Yukon Tactical Alpha Bag is Yukon Outfitters' most popular bag system. It can easily fit a large laptop in addition to all of your accessories throughout its numerous storage pockets and is MOLLE compatible.

•       Designed for urban and outdoor environments
•       Multiple storage options
•       Reinforced padded laptop compartment
•       Hydration bladder ready, with left and right tube ports
•       MOLLE compatible
•       Heavy load rated

Made of durable 600D polyester

Review :

This is a good quality military style pack and the key word there is ‘style’  This pack is styled after military packs; it has molle webbing, looks like a military product but isn’t made to be military tough.

With that being said, for light/casual use this is a good option to consider.  It will handle your books, your laptop and some light hiking.

It will not handle hardcore, heavy loadout adventures and I base that upon my years of experience with products just like this.

The zippers are not name brand and will not be able to handle the same level of abuse as YKK or SBS.  The stitching and the materials won’t handle heavy loads for a long periods of time either.

While I haven’t had any issues with my pack it has been mainly light duty operations; essentially what this pack is made for.

If you do a search online, you will see reviews which touch upon exactly the same points which I am mentioning.

Zippers failing.  Stitching coming undone and so on.

TON of storage options; mesh pockets, velco secure straps, zipper pockets, key clip and MOLLE straps to beat the band

Shoulder straps are thickly padded and comfortable

If you want superior quality and craftsmanship, go with Maxpedition. However be prepared to pay over $100 for a bag of similar size.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Winner Announcement - Fire B.O.S.S. - Survival Supplement Kit

Today Luke is announcing the winner of the FIRE B.O.S.S. BUG OUT SURVIVAL SUPPLEMENT KIT from Stanford Outdoor Supply.  Congrats to....

Link :

Price : $19.99

33 piece kit

The Fire B.O.S.S. is the second kit in our series of Bug Out Survival Supplements, a collaboration of Stanford Outdoor Supply and Guns and Gear Network. Anything you might need to start a fire in any condition is contained in this pocket-sized, waterproof package. Make it easy and use the lighter or matches. Feeling up to a challenge? Craft a fire bow and drill from the included Kevlar thread and flange bearing. It's all up to you! Assembled in the USA.

Kit Contents:

·         1 Lighter
·         Waterproof Matches
·         Ferro Rod and Striker
·         Pocket Fresnel Lens
·         6 Magnesium Capsules
·         Steel Wool
·         4 pieces Char Cloth
·         2 Tealight Candles
·         1 oz. Fatwood Sticks
·         Foil Paper
·         Pencil Sharpener
·         6 Tinder Tabs
·         10' Jute Twine
·         Waterproof Tinder Ball
·         Wire Saw
·         6' Kevlar Thread (for fire bow/drill)
·         1 Flange Bearing (for fire bow/drill)
·         1 Folding Knife
·         1 waterproof survival instruction sheet

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fenix TK32 Tri-Color Flashlight - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Fenix TK32 Tri-Color Flashlight.

Link :

Price : Retail is $130 but the going rate seems to be $94.  There are numerous versions of this pack available on amazon.  Some include batteries, some do not.

The light is similar to the TK22’s single 18650 platform, only fitted with a slightly larger head to facilitate two extra LED’s that serve to provide Red and Green beams. The primary light source is the impressive CREE XP-L HI V3 white light LED. The addition of RGB colored beams makes this an appealing option to hunters and trackers.

Red, Green, and White LED’s

The primary LED produces a brilliant white beam with up to 1000 lumens of output from its turbo mode. Four more output modes can be accessed rapidly so you can light up your area perfectly depending on your situation. The red LED is ideal for lighting up your immediate surroundings without sacrificing night vision. Green LED’s serve a similar function and are often preferred for night-time map reading. All of these modes can be accessed through the dual tail-switch interface for easy one-handed operation.

Rugged Materials

The machined aluminum body features exquisite knurling for a solid grip and a hard-anodized finish to protect against scratches and corrosion. Stainless steel components keep everything in place including rock-solid circuitry that is rated to withstand knocks and impacts. Finally, rubber O-ring seals and precision-craftsmanship allow this light to meet IPX-8 water resistance standards.


·         Utilizes Cree XP-L HI V3 white light LED and XQ-E colored light LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours

·         Integrated red and green LEDs

·         Instant access to red light

·         Four modes of operation:

o    Turbo:  1000 Lumens - 1 hour 30 min. (Distance 1385 feet/422 meters)

o    High: 350 Lumens -  3 hours 45 min. (Distance 803 feet/245 meters)

o    Mid: 100 Lumens - 15 hours 25 min. (Distance 452 feet/138 meters)

o    Low: 8 Lumens - 170 hours (Distance 131 feet/40 meters)

o    Red High: 105 Lumens - 4 hr. 15 min. (213 feet/65 meters)

o    Red Low: 15 Lumens - 65 hr. (75 feet/23 meters)

o    Green High: 165 Lumens - 5 hr. 30 min. (344 feet/105 meters)

o    Green Low: 30 Lumens - 40 hrs. (147 feet/45 meters)

·         Impressive 1382 feet/422-meter maximum throw

·         Digitally-regulated output - maintains constant brightness

·         Low-voltage warning reminds when battery replacement is needed

·         Intelligent over-heat protection to avoid high temperature of the surface

·         Intelligent memory.  Remembers the last white LED mode used prior to powering down. (Doesn't remember red or green setting)

·         Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery installation

·         Dual tail switch controls the tactical activation and output selection

·         Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum

·         Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

·         High-quality holster, length-adjustable holster which holds one TK32 and one spare 18650 battery

·         Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

·         IPX-8 Standard.  Waterproof to 2 meters for 30 minutes

·         Length: 6.3 inches (159mm)

·         Body Diameter: 1.0 inch (25.4mm)

·         Flashlight Head: 2.0 inches (52mm)

·         Weight: 8oz with battery (228g) / without battery 6.2oz (177g)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Outback Swags Pioneer Swag Tent - Review

Up for Review is the Outback Swags Pioneer Swag Tent!

Link :

Price : $ 299.00 $ 349.00

Pioneer swag has the following specs & features:

·              12oz Rip-stop canvas
·              7' x 3' floor size, with 31" head clearance
·              PVC vinyl floor with bathtub construction
·              5/16" Aluminum 3 pole system
·              2 inch egg-crate style foam mattress with washable cover
·              Durable fly mesh layer and head flap for ventilation
·              Head flap opening for alternative access
·              PVC vinyl shoe mat
·              2x guy ropes and 8x pegs
·              Four compartment storage pocket
·              11lbs (20lbs including mattress)
·              Bonus canvas carry bag

Friday, February 17, 2017

Battlbox Mission 24 Unboxing and Discussion

Many of the viewers have requested to see another BattlBox unboxing so here you go.

Battlbox Mission 24 Box; the unboxing and discussion begins now.


Link :

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

TOAKS Titanium 750ml Pot with Bail Handle Review

Up for review is the TOAKS Titanium 750ml Pot with Bail Handle.

Link :

Price : $39.95

Weight : 3.9oz

 Material: All Titanium (Grade 1 or 2, no coating) Total Weight: 4.7 oz (133g)

Capacity: 25.4oz (750ml) (measured to the top of rim)

Dimension: Internal: 3 3/4" (94mm) (Dia) X 4 3/8" (110mm) (H) External Profile: 4 1/2" (115mm) (Dia) X 4 3/8" (112mm) (H) (measured with lid on, handles folded and bail handle on)

 Gradation: Yes in ml and oz.

TOAKS 375ml & 450ml cup, TOAKS Wood Stove (small), 4oz gas canister can nest inside this pot. Nalgene 32oz, Klean Canteen 42oz water bottle can fit inside but lid can not cover. It can nest inside TOAKS 1100ml Pot with Pan (CKW-1100) and TOAKS 1600ml Pot with Pan (CKW-1600). It comes with a mesh storage sack. The bail is detachable.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hot Ash Wood Stove - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Hot Ash Wood Stove.

Link Amazon :

Link hot Ash :

Price : $140 retail; $120 on Amazon currently

Weight : 3 lbs

Stainless steel stove :

Collapsed Dimensions: 3" W x 3.25" D x 8.9" H

Assembled (not including feet) Dimensions: 3" W x 7.25" D x 8.9" H

Review :

Construction : Excellent!  Very well made, feels very good.  This is due to the extreme weight.

Weight : Unbelievably heavy.  So heavy that I can’t recommend it for many outdoor situations.  Car camping sure, backpacking and even bushcraft, no.   Maybe a day hike if you aren’t carrying much else.

Complicated : It doesn’t take an engineer to put this stove together but I believe that it’s simply too complicated.  To many pieces; require wing nuts which you could possible lose.

Price : The price is way to high in my opinion for this stove. If it was made from Titanium I could understand the $140 price tag but with this stove being made from steel, I simply can’t imagine paying more than $60 for it.

Unsatisfying : I love wood stoves but the design to this one isn’t my favorite namely because it is unsatisfying to feed.  I have talked about wood stoves like this in the past and how much fun it is to ‘feed the beast.’ This stove isn’t satisfying to use and in my opinion isn’t of the best design.

Starting : Compared to other stoves, this one isn’t the easiest to get burning.  It’s awkward.

Efficient : When this stove gets going, it is very efficient.  When it’s burning can see how the heat from the fire is funneled and released out of the top.  It burns hot and quickly you can be cooking/boiling.

How does it compare to a gas stove; time wise they aren’t comparable. I mention this because I have seen a review on amazon which stated that they can boil water 3 minutes faster with this stove than a gas stove and that’s not accurate at all.  Maybe they have a very inefficient stove but to get this going and water to boil, it will take some time.

Speaking of reviews, some, if not more of the reviews on Amazon are fake..  I went through some of these reviews and for example, the one talking about boiling water 3 minutes faster with the ash stove than a gas stove, posted a ton of 5 star reviews all on the same day for everything from batteries to shoes.  Most of the other reviews have only posted positive reviews for the ash stove.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Winter Storm Warning - Overnight Adventure

This is Luke's latest Overnight Adventure!
As the snow beings to fall and the temperature drops, a Lone Wolf Heads Out!

More Adventures are coming Soon!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's in the Box??? - Viewer Mail - Unboxing 19

What's in the Box....or I should say, Bag?

Today we're looking at some viewer mail that was sent in to The Outdoor Gear Review.  As always I'm honored and thankful.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Random Lunch and Chat : Episode 9

Join Luke at Lone Wolf Mountain as he has lunch, talks about gear and all sorts of random things.
Will Luke disclose what the D30 is?
Find out now.

Strength and Honor

Friday, February 3, 2017

Winter Storm Warning - Overnight Adventure - INTRO

This is the INTRO for Luke's latest Overnight Adventure!
As the snow beings to fall and the temperature drops, a Lone Wolf Heads Out!

The Adventure is coming Soon!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Favorite Gear - Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Sleeping Pad

Luke goes over one of his favorite pieces of gear; the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Sleeping Pad

Winter time is upon us and today I’m going to be sharing with you all one of my favorite pieces of gear.

Now if you want the full review of this product where I go over all of the ins and outs, here is a link to that video.

Review Video :

Amazon Link :

Price : $150 for the regular size

·              Ripstop nylon and polyester fabric
•       ThermaCapture layers
•       Mummy shape

1 color – this one

Tech Specs

[top] 30D ripstop nylon, [bottom] 50D polyester
Shape : mummy


[Large] 77 x 25 x 2.5 in, [Regular] 72 x 20 x 2.5 in

R-Value : 5.7

Packed Size :

[Large] 11 x 4.5 in, [Regular] 9 x 4 in

Claimed Weight

[Large] 20 oz, [Regular] 15 oz

Review :

Out of all of the sleeping pads which I have and have used over the years, this remains my number one choice.   Not only for winter but even for the summer months.

Speaking of the summer months, I’ve found that I can go with a lighter insulating layer thanks to the warmer sleeping pad.  I was worried that the pad would be too warm in the summer trips. I had no issues with over heating in the summer nights

In the winter, it has taken care of me all the way now to -10f with nothing more than a moisture barrier between the pad and the ground.

Absolutely no leaks or issues to report over the years of use. How long has it been; I purchased this early 2014 and with some care, it looks almost new.

Works just as good on the ground as it does in a hammock.

The weight and durability of this pad are amazing! The cost is high, but worth every penny.

I am also a side sleeper and I can report no bones in the dirt while on this pad.

The fact that this little wonder rolls up so small and only weighs about a pound is a huge plus consider my back issue. The inflation bag is a great idea as well an it works!

Negative: There is some noise with this pad but I’m comfortable sleeping outdoors so I can block out most noises including this one.  It’s noisy but not loud.  It’s a crinkle!