Saturday, October 31, 2020

Survival Overnight Adventure with only a Mylar Emergency Tent and Bivy

This is the second Survival Overnight Adventure and for this episode, Luke the Lone Wolf is headed into the woods with very little in terms of food, gear, clothing, and supplies. 

The focus of this trip is a Mylar Emergency Shelter and Bivy and Luke will show you how to use mylar, how not to, will explain the pros and cons and how it can save your life.

At the same time, he will also explain the marketing BS which surrounds these type of products and how the material can be deadly if used incorrectly.

Mylar is amazing but it isn't what most companies make it out to be!

In this episode you will see a beautiful remote forest, deer, owls, and experience real survival with temps close to freezing with absolutely no overnight gear. .


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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Expert Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Tips - Part 1

Join Luke as he goes over 16 minutes of extremely important tips that will keep you not only safe but also healthy when you are practicing your outdoor skills.

Topics covered include;

food, water, focus, wilderness, survival, bushcraft, do's and don'ts and will even touch upon the mistakes made by "experts" that you see on tv and online.

This episode is all about increasing your skills as an outdoorsman / outdoorswoman and covers points not often mentioned by others. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Opening Stuff You Sent In - Viewer Mail #82

The generosity of our viewers continues to blow us away; thank you all for the kindness which you have blessed us with. 

This is Viewer Mail Episode #82!


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Monday, October 26, 2020

My Pick for the Best Ultralight Rain Pants - Outdoor Research Helium Pants

These are some of the lightest and also compact rain pants on the market which make them an excellent choice when packed space and weight are important!

This is the Agenda Free Review of the Outdoor Research Helium Pants.


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Outdoor Research Helium Pants

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $119

Weight : 6.3oz

Colors : Black, Gray (pewter) and Coyote Brown

Sizes : XS - XXL

Versions : Mens and Womens

Materials : Pertex® Shield Diamond Fuse 2.5L, 100% nylon, 30D ripstop – YKK AquaGuard Zippers

From the Company :

Building on the legacy of our award-winning Helium Collection, the completely revamped Helium Rain Jacket and Pants take durable lightweight waterproof protection to an entirely new level. Diamond Fuse technology enables the Helium Rain to be 5x more tear-resistant than the Helium II, and an even lighter weight. Completely seam-taped, waterproof, yet still breathable and comfortable in rugged conditions, the new Helium Rain Jacket and Pants will be the first thing any hiker, peak bagger, or off-trail adventurer will pack for the most durable lightweight rain protection.

The 5.4 ounce, Pertex® Shield+ Helium Pants—inspired by our best-selling flash-storm insurance Helium II rain shell—come with all the waterproof performance and lightweight packable protection you’ll need in a serious deluge.

Review Pros :

Durable Impressively Lightweight Waterproof Fully Seam-Taped Good but not great Breathablity – if you push it hard enough you will sweat it in but it offers better performance in this regards than less expensive products.

Good overall fit with pants but could be a bit more spacious; you may want to consider going up in a size – I would classify this as a trim fit so keep that in mind when placing your order if you decide to get a pair. Windproof

Packs down very small YKK AquaGuard Zippers are smooth but do take some work which is a characteristic of a waterproof zipper. Single Separating Center Front Zipper Reflective Logo and Overlay at Forearm Carabiner Loop and Key Clip Elastic Drawcord Hem Elastic Cuffs

surprisingly tough; on some rough hikes where this jacket has been pulled across rocks it has shown no damage.

Review Cons :

Two complaints;

No side pockets – they are missed…

No Easy access to your pant pockets which means that you have to pull down the rain pants to gain access to something that is in your pocket.

Note : This material doesn’t give much in terms of stretching so they may not be a good match for activities which require a high range of motion.

Summary :

What I said about the Helium Jacket applies here as well;

Outdoor Research is a company that makes excellent products and what I really respect about them is that they back up every item they make with a lifetime warranty. I was a fan of the Helium Line when it was first introduced years ago and I’m still a fan today with the latest version.

The quality is excellent. The performance is excellent and in my opinion, it is worth the money 100%.
Something to keep in mind with this jacket is that it is minimalist in terms of design so it lacks some features which may be important to you. Depends on what you want and in the end, I have no problem with recommending it fully.

Again I would like to point out that one should consider sizing up for the pants if they want additional room to maneuver as these pants off a trim fit.

Friday, October 23, 2020

A Lone Wolf Mountain Adventure

Join Luke the Lone Wolf for an adventure up on Lone Wolf Mountain as he works the land and cooks a delicious gourmet meal! 

On the menu, cast iron fried Salmon, Sweet Chili Noodles, and some fried Green Beans!

This is Chronicles Adventure #6!


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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Smart Design - Japanese Quality - SOTO Thermostack Cook Set Combo

Luke is back with an Agenda Free Review of the SOTO Thermostack Cook Set Combo! This is a unique, smartly designed system of cups and pots which are insulated!

Japanese Quality all the way!
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SOTO Thermostack Cook Set Combo 

Agenda Free Link : 

Price : Retail $70 

Components :
750ml Pot with lid
400ml Titanium Cup with lid
350ml Stainless Steel Cup that can be used standalone or to make the 400ml cup a double walled cup – Titanium Cup Lid will also work with the stainless cup
Pot Cozy that also works as a storage bag of sorts for the kit
Pot/Cup Lifter 

Full Kit Storage Size and Weight :
Diameter : 5” tall x 4” wide : 

Total weight : 10.9oz

750 ml/26 oz cup : Weight : 3 oz Material: Aluminum 

400 ml/14 oz cup : Weight : 1.8oz Material : Titanium 

350 ml/12 oz cup : Weight : 3.1oz Material : Stainless steel 

Lifter Dimensions : width 3.4” long, less than an inch wide Weight : 0.6oz

Materials : Aluminum, Stainless steel

Large Lid : Weight : .6oz Materials : Resin, O-ring–Silicon

Small Lid for both the 350 and 400 ml (12 and 14 oz) cups : Weight : .5oz Materials : Body–Resin, O-ring–Silicon

Cozy : Weight: 1.5oz Materials : Tarpaulin, Aluminum evaporated sheet


Review Pros :

Price is excellent consider the fact if you were to purchase a 750ml pot and two cups of a similar size, you would pay more than what you will for this kit and you wouldn’t get the cozy, the lifter, nor the double walled functionality

Very lightest

Small form factor

Excellent quality

Pots and Cups are of a good size for most people

Incredibly versatile kit – take with you what you need depending on the trip – you can take the pot for cooking, one cup for coffee or the rest of the kit if you have others with you.

Very smart design

Cozy works as it shouldn’t

Double walled cup does keep contents warm for a long period of time

Pot/cup lifter is excellent

Mesh part of the cozy is big enough to hold a fuel can (read oz on can)

Lids feature drinking ports and pour ports as well

Plenty of room inside of the system for a stove.

Review Cons :

The lifter isn’t doesn’t have a spring in it which makes it a bit more fiddly to pick up and use

Summary :

SOTO has been impressing me for a while now with their unique designs and high quality and this kit impresses. You can head out on your adventure with the full kit or scale it down when you needs are less.
The price is excellent and ultimately, there isn’t much to complain about; I can easily recommend it.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Gregory Maya 16 Backpack - Real Review

Susie is here today to share her review of the Gregory Maya 16L Backpack; this is the women's version of the Miwok which Luke reviewed some time back and in this episode, she is going over the Pros and Cons as part of her Agenda Free Real World Review.


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Gregory Maya 16 Backpack Review : 

You can find this pack online at The price at the time of filming is $99.95. 

Agenda Free Link :

The weight of this pack is 1.65lbs and it is a one size adjustable torso pack. 
It will fit torsos from 14 to 19 inches and hips and waists from 27 to 45 inches.

The pack I am using is Mercury Gray, but you can find it in Red, Blue, and Teal.

The materials are :

External Material 100% Nylon Pack Body 210D Honeycomb CryptoRip HD Nylon Pack Bottom 420D High Density Nylon Lining 135D High Density Embossed Polyester Suspension 3D Perforated EVA Foam

Dimensions : 19" x 9.5"

For the features of this pack:

It has a biosync dynamic suspension which means this pack moves and stretches with your body.

It offers the adjustable torso length and a 3d foam breathable back panel.

The hipbelt is women specific and hugs the body while offering dual zippered pockets on either side.

The shoulder harness is also women specific and offers a sternum strap and hydration clip. It is very flexible as well.

There is a sunglasses stow system.

There is a dedicated hydration pocket with a speedclip hydration hangar. This is compatible with the Gregory 3D Hydro reservoir. That specific bladder is not included with this pack.

You have a top zippered soft lined pocket.

An interior mesh zippered pocket with a key clip.

Two side stretch mesh pockets.

One front stretch mesh pocket, buckle closure and reflective webbing.

Trekking pole attachment

Molded webbing keepers for strap management which is nice to have.

Now onto the review of this pack. The Gregory Maya 16 Liter pack is a small pack that offers a lot of features. I like that. It offers excellent organization for all your gear. You have numerous pockets to use. You can easily fit your lunch, rain gear, 3 Liters of water, and still have plenty of space for more. This pack is women specific so I feel that it offers a lot of comfort with it and fits my body well. The recommended weight is 20 lbs for this pack and I agree with it. I have packed it full and have never had any quality issues, but noticed that the heavier it is, the shoulder straps can start to dig into your shoulders. You lose a little bit of comfort obviously with it being heavier. It’s hydration compatible with room on the side for an extra bottle. The hip belt has two pockets on it which Iike so I can keep my items that I go to most often such as my phone and my chapstick. It’s a small pack with a roomy feel.

For the cons of this pack, I will start with price. At $100 and for the size, it is only going to be a daypack. It isn’t the right pack for overnight trips.

Also, the hydration clip that is compatible with the Gregory reservoir may cause issues with other bladders as I clipped one onto it and almost got it stuck on it. I almost broke the clip trying to take it off. Just be aware that the clip may not work with any other bladder easily.

That pretty much covers with the Maya 16 Liter pack from Gregory. I like that this is a women specific pack. It offers so many features for being a daypack. You have comfort, breathability, and organization. It all comes with a bit of a high price, but what do you all think? Let me know your thoughts.

Friday, October 16, 2020

No One Can See Me - Solo Stealth Camp Adventure

Luke the Lone Wolf is out for a Solo Stealth Camping Adventure;

he is dropped off at a remote mountain park and within minutes his plans are shattered and he is forced to come up with a Plan B!

Where will he go?
What will he do?

Some strange events take place on this trip....some of which, can't be explained....

After receiving countless messages from viewers about supporting the channel through Amazon, I have begun using Amazon Affiliate links in the Adventure Videos and if you choose to purchase one of these products via these links I will receive a small commission which will help fund future honest reviews and adventures.

The channel remains as it always was, 100% Agenda Free with no sponsored videos, no paid reviews, and I don't care if you purchase these products or not; you won't find affiliate links in review videos only in adventures.
I'm going to do my best to put gear lists into all of my videos since everyone is asking for them all the time.
For this trip, here are the big items that I used.

Gear List :

Propper Summerweight Tactical Shorts :

Fjallraven - Abisko Friluft 45 Backpack :

North Face Ultra 109 GTX Shoes :

Osprey UL Packing Cube Bags :

Toaks 750ML Pot with Bail Handle :

TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl :

MSR Titan Small Cup :

Fire Dragon Solid Fuel Stove :

Expedition Research Hexamine Solid Fuel Tablets :

Kershaw Cryo II Folding Knife :

Lighters :

Snugpak Ionosphere Tent :

Nemo Zor Sleeping Pad :

Oakley Men's Gradient Flak Jacket 03-881 Black Wrap Sunglasses

NiteCore NU32 Headlamp :

Onewind Quilt :

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I Can't Recommend It - OneTigris ROCUBOID Splicing Wood Burning Stove

This is the OneTigris ROCUBOID Splicing Wood Burning Stove and after testing it out for numerous months, it has become clear that this isn't a product that I can recommend as it simply has too many problems.

In this Agenda Free Review, Luke goes over the Pros, the Cons and why this may not be the right wood burning stove for you.


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OneTigris Splicing Wood Burning Stove

Agenda Free Link OneTigris :

Agenda Free Link Amazon :

Price : $23

Weight : 1lb 1.8oz

Dimensions :

Folded – 6.1”(L)*6.5”(W)*0.4”(D) (Encased)

Setup - 4.7”(L)*4.7”(W)*6.7”(H)

Material : 304 Stainless Steel, Nylon Fabric Casing

Versions : There is an “evil eyes” version of this stove available which features a slightly larger feeder hole. It is slightly bigger and heavier than the regular version.

Fuel : Can be used as a wood burning stove, stand for your alcohol stove, or a solid fuel burner stand. In my opinion, the stove is a bit heavy and if I was using an alcohol stove or solid fuel, I would leave this behind completely and build something out of rocks or sticks; it would be faster than putting this together and using it.


Review Pros :

Good quality Good price

Good volume burn chamber

Because of the stainless steel materials, alterations can be made easily….or you could buy the evil eyes version which solves some of the issues which this model has.

Good quality pouch

Review Cons :

Surprisingly heavy; heavier than many similar products

Smaller feeder holes

Fiddly setup – there are faster to setup wood stoves

Marketed at being use with an alcohol stove; it’s very heavy for that purpose

Stove requires flat ground for use due to the design; a very significant issue is the way the bottom of the stove sits on the ground. Most backpacking stoves are cut out a little on each of the sides, and essentially only sit on the ground at the corners. With this stove, three of the four plates sit flush on the ground for the whole bottom of the plate. That's fine if you're sitting on a perfectly flat surface, but that practically never happens out in the field. Having fewer contact points on the ground makes it much easier to find a level spot to set the stove. Because of the way this stove fits together, the front and back sections just sliding down to connect with the side sections, they can easily lift up as the stove tries to adjust to ground it isn't perfectly level on all four sides, which, under the worst of circumstances could actually cause the stove to Fall apart. even at the corners, the plates that are sliding down to fit would be better off cut so they don't even contact at the corners, just allow the side plates to make contact at those corners.

Summary :

After testing this product out for a while now, my thoughts are this;

it’s a functional stove and the price is good but it has issues which many other wood stoves don’t have; it’s a good first try at a collapsible wood stove but it would be my advice to wait until a version 3 comes out. There is the evil eyes version which is a version 2 but it only fixes some of the issues which this stove has. There are also stoves which require less fiddling to get it together than this, there are lighter weight stoves and that perform better than this so I would recommend researching and considering other options before making any purchase.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Onewind Quilt Review - Helikon-Tex Alternative?

Interested in seeing a much less expensive alternative to the Swagman Roll from Helikon-Tex?

This is the Onewind Quilt which shares in many of the same features which makes the Swagman Roll so capable/versatile but costs a lot less.


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Onewind Top Quilt Review -

Agenda Free Link :

Amazon Agenda Free Link :

Sizes : 86”X55” and 78”x55”

Pack Size : 11” X 6”

Colors : Olive Green with Black inside

Temp Ranges : 50f to 70f and 40F to 60F

Price : Retail price on the OneWind site is $69 for the 78” - $70 for the 86” The 40F version at 78” is $70

Price on Amazon is lower

Weight of the 78” 50F Model : 2lbs 1oz

Includes : Compression bag and Quilt


Materials :

20D 400T 1.1oz Nylon Fabric

Teflon treated to resist stains and features a DWR treatment

Sustans Insulation which is made by Dupont; this is made from plant fibers- I’m impressed with this insulation as it punches well above its weight class.

From the Company : The lightweight nylon top quilts are with DWR materials and water-resistant, keep you all night dry and warm, you can use the hammock quilt as blankets, warm poncho when both camping and backpacking, making it a versatile option for your four-season hammock sleeping system

This topquilt shell fabric and lining fabric are 20D 400T ultralight(1.1 oz) nylon fabric. The shell fabric is Dupont Teflon (DWR, protects from stains), Fabrics and quilt fillers are ultralight materials with a total weight of only 1.8LBS for Size 78"*56" With a compression bag, the compact Top quilt is packable easily into the 11"*6".


Can be used as;

- Blanket
- Quilt
- Poncho
- Top Quilt

Single Snap at the top

Multiple Snaps for the footbox along with a drawpull

Strap and buckles to secure when wearing as a poncho

Snaps to head hole

Review Pros :

Versatile-can be used in many ways. - Works for ground sleepers and hammock users Easy to vent if you are getting warm

Price is excellent!

Good size for most people- easy to stay covered

Weight is also very good

Material is comfortable against the skin

Warmth; far warmer than what I was expecting. It’s rated for 50F but I have taken into the mid 40’s and was still warm. Your mileage will vary but 50F is accurate for most people. Excellent quality all around with only Minor loose threads here and there Good compression bag; it works and compresses quite small

No hood which allows for a seamless blanket/quilt use – with other similar products, I have never used the hood myself.

Review Cons :

For some, a lack of hood could be a negative.

I would love to see snaps all the way to the top of the blanket so it could be used as a sleeping bag of sorts

It lacks a way to secure itself to a sleeping pad so that the user can toss and turn without it moving with them

Compression bag could be a bit bigger and that would make getting the blanket into it with a sloppy roll.

Because the nylon material is silky, rolling it tight enough to fit can be problematic.

Friday, October 9, 2020

A Strong Storm Forces me to Setup Camp - Solo Adventure

A powerful cold front is approaching the high mountains and Luke the Lone Wolf is out in the middle of nowhere facing the elements while exploring old farm land;

A storm is coming that will force him to take shelter!

Strong Winds! Heavy Rain! Lightning! Adventure!


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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Inexpensive DIY Overland and Camping Toilet System

As a couple who have spent decades Overlanding and Camping across the country, we have used countless camp toilets and none of them come close to the system which we have put together ourselves.

This is an inexpensive DUY system which can be used by anyone for any purpose ranging from Overlanding to Car Camping!


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Agenda Free Gear Links :

Camco Portable Toilet Bucket with Seat and Lid Attachment :

UltraSac Contractor Trash Bags : 

Reliance Products Bio-Blue Toilet Deodorant Chemicals :

Monday, October 5, 2020

Test Night! Rain and Storms with the Wildlands UL2 Tent

This is Test Night with the Wildlands Outdoor Gear UL2 Tent;

Will it Leak?

How does it manage with AirFlow and Condensation?

How is the quality of the tent?

Are there any issues?

Find out now!


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Friday, October 2, 2020

River Camping Wilderness Adventure - Mysterious Forest

In this Overnight Adventure the The Outdoor Gear Review is backpacking through an old hand planted forest (never seen anything like it before) to camp next to the 2nd oldest river in the world!

Following closely behind is Hurricane Beta....Rain is on the way!


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