Sunday, October 18, 2020

Gregory Maya 16 Backpack - Real Review

Susie is here today to share her review of the Gregory Maya 16L Backpack; this is the women's version of the Miwok which Luke reviewed some time back and in this episode, she is going over the Pros and Cons as part of her Agenda Free Real World Review.


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Gregory Maya 16 Backpack Review : 

You can find this pack online at The price at the time of filming is $99.95. 

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The weight of this pack is 1.65lbs and it is a one size adjustable torso pack. 
It will fit torsos from 14 to 19 inches and hips and waists from 27 to 45 inches.

The pack I am using is Mercury Gray, but you can find it in Red, Blue, and Teal.

The materials are :

External Material 100% Nylon Pack Body 210D Honeycomb CryptoRip HD Nylon Pack Bottom 420D High Density Nylon Lining 135D High Density Embossed Polyester Suspension 3D Perforated EVA Foam

Dimensions : 19" x 9.5"

For the features of this pack:

It has a biosync dynamic suspension which means this pack moves and stretches with your body.

It offers the adjustable torso length and a 3d foam breathable back panel.

The hipbelt is women specific and hugs the body while offering dual zippered pockets on either side.

The shoulder harness is also women specific and offers a sternum strap and hydration clip. It is very flexible as well.

There is a sunglasses stow system.

There is a dedicated hydration pocket with a speedclip hydration hangar. This is compatible with the Gregory 3D Hydro reservoir. That specific bladder is not included with this pack.

You have a top zippered soft lined pocket.

An interior mesh zippered pocket with a key clip.

Two side stretch mesh pockets.

One front stretch mesh pocket, buckle closure and reflective webbing.

Trekking pole attachment

Molded webbing keepers for strap management which is nice to have.

Now onto the review of this pack. The Gregory Maya 16 Liter pack is a small pack that offers a lot of features. I like that. It offers excellent organization for all your gear. You have numerous pockets to use. You can easily fit your lunch, rain gear, 3 Liters of water, and still have plenty of space for more. This pack is women specific so I feel that it offers a lot of comfort with it and fits my body well. The recommended weight is 20 lbs for this pack and I agree with it. I have packed it full and have never had any quality issues, but noticed that the heavier it is, the shoulder straps can start to dig into your shoulders. You lose a little bit of comfort obviously with it being heavier. It’s hydration compatible with room on the side for an extra bottle. The hip belt has two pockets on it which Iike so I can keep my items that I go to most often such as my phone and my chapstick. It’s a small pack with a roomy feel.

For the cons of this pack, I will start with price. At $100 and for the size, it is only going to be a daypack. It isn’t the right pack for overnight trips.

Also, the hydration clip that is compatible with the Gregory reservoir may cause issues with other bladders as I clipped one onto it and almost got it stuck on it. I almost broke the clip trying to take it off. Just be aware that the clip may not work with any other bladder easily.

That pretty much covers with the Maya 16 Liter pack from Gregory. I like that this is a women specific pack. It offers so many features for being a daypack. You have comfort, breathability, and organization. It all comes with a bit of a high price, but what do you all think? Let me know your thoughts.


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