Sunday, August 30, 2020

Walmart Lithic 35F Down Sleeping Bag – Review

Luke has been testing out the Walmart Lithic Sleeping Bag which claims to be a down filled 35F bag but it's not!

Also, the quality of this products is of a MAJOR concern!

But, could it be used by some?

Find out in this Agenda Free Review now!


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Walmart Lithic 35F Down Sleeping Bag – Review :

Agenda Free Link :

Price : Retail $130, on sale at the time of filming for $110

Claimed Weight : 1lb 14oz

Actual Weight : 1lb 14oz

Stuff Sack Weight : .6oz

Claimed Insulation : 400 grams of 600 Fill power down

Materials : 20D Nylon Shell which has been treated with water repellent coating. Ykk zippers.

Included : Sleeping bag, stuff sack and mesh storage bag.

Claimed Comfort Temp Range : 35F

Claimed Pushed Range : 25F

Claimed Extreme Range : -5F

Pockets : One on collar

Measurements :

Length : 82” Shoulder Width : 29” Footbox Width : 19” Stuff Sack Size : 7.5 x 14.5”

Zip : Right Side

From the Company :

The LITHIC 35-Degree Down Sleeping Bag is an ultralight sleeping bag for 3-season backpacking trips. Insulated with 600 fill power down, it weighs less than two pounds and compresses into a water resistant stuff sack to keep bulk to a minimum. The 20D polyester shell fabric features a water-repellent finish to protect the precious down and preserve warmth in wet or humid conditions. Other features include a no snag zipper, which allows you to get in and drift off to dreamland with ease. All of that, and it won’t bust a hole in your wallet.

Review Pros

Light weight! Good quality stuff bag. Good quality storage bag. Zipper is smooth running with little catching Can be used as a quilt in warmer conditions thanks to the long zipper. One year warranty….which you might want and have to use considering how much down is being lost by this bag.

Review Cons :

Questionable quality; lots of loose threads.

Quality of the nylon material has to be questioned as I have begun experiencing a large amount of down loss. On my last trip out with this bag, I was absolutely covered in feathers. So many that my wife even commented on it. “you are covered in feathers.”

Not 100% down fill.

Not nearly as warm as claimed.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Overland Camping Across the Country - 3 Day Adventure to Colorado

Traveling across the USA and truck camping along the way.

Our first stop is in Illinois and our second is in Kansas!  Our 3rd night is in the mountains of Colorado as smoke from the quickly growing forest fires come into the area.

This is our longest trip yet in Drifter, our Toyota Tundra and it proved itself to be excellent!

In this episode, we experience it all;
Mountains and more!

Next week will be part 2 and involves backpacking into the high mountains of the Holy Cross Wilderness which is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Colorado.

By the way, thank you all for the amazing emails and messages concerning this video, we really appreciate it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

For the Minimalist - 2020 Outdoor Research Helium Jacket

Today Luke is reviewing one of the lightest rain jackets ever made; this is the Agenda Free Review of the 2020 Outdoor Research Helium Jacket.


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Ultralight Rain Jacket2020 Outdoor Research Helium Jacket

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $159.00

Weight : 6.3oz

Colors : Black, Orange, Blue

Sizes : Small - XXL

Versions : Mens and Womens

Materials : Pertex® Shield Diamond Fuse 2.5L, 100% nylon, 30D ripstop – YKK AquaGuard Zippers

From the Company :

Building on the legacy of our award-winning Helium Collection, the completely revamped Helium Rain Jacket and Pants take durable lightweight waterproof protection to an entirely new level. Diamond Fuse technology enables the Helium Rain to be 5x more tear-resistant than the Helium II, and an even lighter weight. Completely seam-taped, waterproof, yet still breathable and comfortable in rugged conditions, the new Helium Rain Jacket and Pants will be the first thing any hiker, peak bagger, or off-trail adventurer will pack for the most durable lightweight rain protection.

Review Pros :

Durable Impressively Lightweight Waterproof Fully Seam-Taped Very good Breathablity – if you push it hard enough you will sweat it in but it offers better performance in this regards than less expensive products.

Good hood adjustability Windproof

Good fit; what I would call standard; it’s not too tight nor too loose

Sizing is right – it’s a medium and it fits like a medium should

Packs down very small - Chest Pocket Doubles as Stuff Sack Adjustable Hood YKK AquaGuard Zippers are smooth but do take some work which is a characteristic of a waterproof zipper. Single Separating Center Front Zipper Reflective Logo and Overlay at Forearm Carabiner Loop and Key Clip Elastic Drawcord Hem Elastic Cuffs

surprisingly tough; on some rough hikes where this jacket has been pulled across rocks it has shown no damage.

Review Cons :

Two complaints -

This jacket would be perfect if it only had pit zips but unfortunately it doesn’t. Luckily the breatability isn’t all that bad to begin with thanks to the Pertex material.

No side pockets – they are missed...but it is a minimalist jacket

If you wear the jacket without a long sleeve shirt or other layer, the material will feel clammy and slightly sticky as soon as you put it on.

Summary :

Outdoor Research is a company that makes excellent products and what I really respect about them is that they back up every item they make with a lifetime warranty. I was a fan of the Helium Line when it was first introduced years ago and I’m still a fan today with the latest version.

The quality is excellent. The performance is excellent and in my opinion, it is worth the money 100%.

Something to keep in mind with this jacket is that it is minimalist in terms of design so it lacks some features which may be important to you. Depends on what you want and in the end, I have no problem with recommending it fully.

Helium Pants : My review of the pant counterpart will be coming up shortly so make sure to look out for that.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

What Is That Smell? - FinessCity Titanium Cutlery Set - Spoon Fork Knife

Today Luke is reviewing a Spoon, Fork and Knife kit which he doesn't recommend! The quality isn't there and that smell.....

This is the Agenda Free Review of the FinessCity Titanium Cutlery Set.

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FinessCity Titanium Cutlery Set Review

Agenda Free Link :

Cost : $20

Weight : 2.2oz

Version : There is 3 versions of this utility set; 3 piece which you see here. 4 piece which includes chop sticks 5 piece which includes a straw and brush for cleaning.

Pros :

Compact set Lightweight Has everything one person could need as far as your main utensils go.

The utensils have held up well with my use...but I can’t say that the quality is good.

Thickness is good enough to eat and to cut any food item.

Price is good and this set is $3 dollars less expensive than the Toaks version which is virtually the same. The Toaks version doesn’t screw together but it does feature carabiner. The Finesscity set is $10 cheaper than the Esbit version which looks to be basically the same as the Toaks version.

With some looking, it wouldn’t surprise me if you could find a set which is very similar; some may even be sold for a few dollars less.

Keith, Core, Valtcan

Gets the job done

Cons :

Questionable quality : poorly cut spoon with uneven dimensions. While the set does screw together and is a neat package, it does take a few moments to unscrew the set and to get what you need. In other words, it takes more time to use it than with some other solutions.

With the focus of this kit being as lightweight as possible, each utensil is rather short and wouldn’t be a good fit for those who like to eat mountain house meals or other camping meal straight from a bag.

Knife is functional and will cut through food products with enough work but isn’t especially sharp. Teeth could be more aggressive.

As an FYI, most of the reviews on Amazon are fake for this set: I noticed it immediately and sites that analyze Amazon reviews confirmed it; roughly 40% of the reviews are fake.

Screwing the set together can be a little awkward.

The set has a slightly rough finish to them and when eating you will feel that texture in your mouth; it’s not bad but some people may not like it. There are other titanium products on the market where the spoon and fork are polished and they are in fact, nicer products in my opinion.

There is an odor which I believe comes from the coating of the set; it smells of very cheap metal and it remains on your fingers after handling the set which I really don’t like.

Coating stains easily and is rubbing off.


Summary :

Do I recommend this set?

It’s not a bad set but in my opinion it has enough cons where I would consider other options. It is light, functional but I don’t like the fact that after using the set that my fingers have a slight strange smell to them; it makes you wonder what is going into your food and also, into your mouth.

It should be mentioned that I have plenty of titanium cutlery items and none have such an issue.

My advice is to go with another cutlery set as you are able to get more and better for the money.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Scouting Mission in a Hurricane - What Was on the Satellite Imagery?

A hurricane is hitting the coast of NC and rain bands are slamming into the mountains;
in this episode, Luke is on a scouting mission to find something interesting that he discovered on some satellite imagery.

What will he find?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

PROBLEMS : Sportneer Folding Table – Medium Size - Real Review

This is the Sportneer Folding Table and Luke is here to go over the pros and cons and as a bonus, he has a hilarious online review to share concerning it.

That is why you never trust an Amazon Review.


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Sportneer Folding Table – Medium Size

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $42 at the time of filming

Claimed Weight : 2.8lbs

Actual Weight : 3lbs

With Storage Bag and Mesh Bag : 3lbs 4oz

Materials : Aluminum and plastic for the table; polyester for the storage bag Included : Table, storage bag, mesh storage hang

Measurements Assembled :

Top : 22” x 16”

Stands : 16”

Measurements when Collapsed :

22” x 5.9 x 2.4”

Review Pros :

Good quality Good size Good weight Materials have proven to be strong so far. Good weight capability : load capacity up to 50 lbs Makes for a flat surface for cooking, eating and so on. Easy to clean Reasonable pack size

Review Cons :

Once the table is together and joined with the frame, it doesn’t flex much so if you place it on uneven ground it becomes tippy instead of flexing to fit on the ground.

Setting up isn’t always easy; you’ll have situations where the frame and the legs will pull apart when you are trying to fasten the top to the frame. It would be easier to put together if the cross bar locked into place with the joint.

While I haven’t had any issues with the plastic connector pieces, I do wonder about their longevity.

Price in my opinion is a bit high for this table as there are other companies who make basically the same thing for less. They could be of a lower quality...I don’t know as I haven’t tested them but there is less expensive version of this out on the market. Some almost $20 less expensive.

Next complain, this table doesn’t feature a unique design; plenty of companies have a version of it.

Summary :

Overall when it comes to this table, I like it but I can’t say that I love it. It does what it needs to do but in my opinion, there are better tables out on the market for me personally. Some less expensive, some more expensive and ultimately the decision is yours.

Advice : Make sure to keep the size of the table in mind; it’s only 16” high! While that doesn’t sound like much, I find that for me it is a good height but if you tall, it might simply be too short.

Funny Review :

This comes from Amazon :

This table is legit. Used it this weekend for table dancing. I’m a traveling twerker/striper and this table held up my 200lbs of twerking excellence with no problem.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Camping - Prepping - Overland : Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove

Today Luke is reviewing a stove which could easily be used for any purpose including camping, overland, survival, prepping and more.

This is the Agenda Free Review of the Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove;

Propane and Butane!


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Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove
Agenda Free Link : Colors : Blue and Black

Price : Blue is $35 and Black is $37 at the time of filming

Weight in Case : Right at 5lbs

Stove alone is around 3.5lbs

BTU’s : 7,200BTU

Measurement : 13 x 11.2x 3.14 inch Fuels : 8 oz and 16 oz propane or 8.8oz butane cans. Who Makes These : My suspicions is that there is one company who makes this stove for everyone else as there are countless companies who make models which look exactly the same.

Review Pros :

Runs on two types of fuel.

Does exactly what I have wanted it to do; turn on when I want it to and turn off when I want it to while being able to heat, boil and cook.

Price isn’t bad -but there are less expensive versions of this stove available; I can’t comment on the quality of those models but I may check one out in the future.

Easy to use

Small form factor

Great for camping, overlanding and even emergency use.

Very efficient – one can of butane lasted me almost 2 hours with a variety of cooking and boiling projects.

Good size burner allows for virtually any size pot or pan to be used.

Excellent output; I’ve never had an issue with boiling water for coffee quickly or with cooking a full fledged meal.

Ignition has always worked.

Cons :

Flimsy feelings and that goes for the stove and the carry case.

Gas connection area features a door which feels very cheap and never is fully latched shut.

While you can adjust the intensity of the burner, there is a rather large zone where you should be able to simmer but rather, the burner simply goes out.

The company claims that this stove has excellent wind resistance; that isn’t accurate in my opinion. If it is a windy day, I would suggest setting up some sort of wind block.

This product like many products on Amazon features a lot of fake reviews; according to review analytic sites, roughly 60% of the reviews are fake for this product which is obvious when reading them.

Summary :

Ultimately if you purchase this stove, this is what you are getting;

- a dual fuel stove for a low price

- a cheap flimsy build

- functional stove.

For the $35 that I spent, I consider it an excellent buy...if I paid any more the fit and finish of this stove would justify a refund but for $35, it’s just good enough. I purchased this in January and have used it dozens of times in all sorts of conditions; in the rain, in the snow and in very hot conditions. Never had a problem.

It should be known that there are more powerful versions of this stove out there; for an example, Gas One has a 15,000 BTU version of this stove which costs $60.

Hammock Camping in the Backcountry - Backpacking Adventure

Wolf Pack, it is time for another adventure and this one involves a trek into the Backcountry!
and some beautiful country!


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Win $100 REI Gift Card - Week 3 Giveaway - Enter Now!

Hey there Wolf Pack,
This is Week 3 of the Give-a-Ways and involves a $100 REI Gift Card
Make sure to enter now and good luck! 
Thank you all for supporting TOGR! 


Special Thank You
A special thank you goes out to the viewer who made this possible; you sir are greatly appreciated!

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Walmart Lithic Stove VS MSR Pocket Rocket - First Look and Test

For this episode of VS, Luke has the Walmart Lithic Stove going up against the MSR Pocket Rocket 2! Which one is faster?

Are there any problems? Any issues?

Let's Find out!


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Walmart - Lithic Backpacking Stove - First Look and Test

Agenda Free Link : Cost : $20.86

Weight Claimed : 3.1oz

From the Company :

Weighing in at just 3.1 oz., this stove is built for backpackers focused on traveling fast and light without giving up cooking performance.

Boils 2 cups of water in 3.5 minutes in ideal conditions.

Wide, concave burner provides high heat and power output in any conditions.

Adjustable Flame Control gives you excellent cooking versatility while on the trail.

Push-to-start Piezo Igniter reliably lights the stove quickly every time

Foldable Pot Supports keep the stove insanely small in your pack - 2 x 2 x 2.8 in, to be exact - and allow it to fit inside most cookware sets to save space

Fuel Type : isobutane Boils 2 cups of water in 3.5 in ideal conditions : Quality Adjuster Legs Speed

Funny BS review :

Walmart seems to have a reviewer program where individuals get free products in return for leaving a review on the walmart product page. The bs review of the day is probably one of the best that i have ever seen and when I say best I mean worst.

3 star review :

Title : Great for quick cooking on short trips

My immediate first impression is that this stove is definitely ultra lightweight and small for backpacking. It's small enough to fit into the palm of an adult hand. It feels sturdy and well made. The upper portion is big enough for a small pot.

It's easy to use. You push the black button/pin to ignite the fire. There is a handle on the opposite side of the igniter that you can use to control the intensity of the fire. (ie high, med, low)

The box included instructions and a small carry bag for the stove as well. I could see us using this for a one day fishing trip or to roast marshmallows during a short outing away from home.

A huge draw back for longer trips is that a propane/butane canister is needed to use this stove. Thus the 3 star rating. I think that a stove that can be used with wood/straw/leaves/etc is more practical for longer camping/backpacking trips.

Walmart, get your money/product back from this guy. He screwed you.

Want another crap review? This one is awesome...awesome as in absolutely stupid;

BS Online 5 star review :

Title : Hate that it's propane operated

Super cute and useful . My family are huge fans of the tv series naked and afraid. We often play in our backyard and local park and pretend that we're in the wilderness and having to try and survive off little to nothing. This little miniature stove definitely adds some excitement to our adventure. I hate that it's propane operated because I literally hate the smell and it makes me sick but I will survive. I recommend this to anyone that loves the outdoors, this will definitely help you enjoy your time out even more

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Opening Stuff You Sent In - Viewer Mail #80

The generosity of our viewers continues to blow us away; thank you all for the kindness which you have blessed us with.

This is Viewer Mail Episode #80!


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Friday, August 7, 2020

Alone on Lone Wolf Mountain for 24 Hours - Solo Camping Adventure

Hey Everyone, this is Susie and it's my turn to go camping and for this adventure, I'm on my own in the Mountains!

Thank you all very much for supporting me and TOGR!


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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Enter Now - Outdoor Vitals Camping Pillows - Giveaway Week 2

Hey there Wolf Pack,

This is Week 2 of the Give-A-Ways and involves some Outdoor Vitals Pillows! Make sure to enter now and good luck!

Thank you all for supporting TOGR!


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A special thank you goes to Ryan and Kassi who made this giveaway possible! You both are greatly appreciated!


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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Jerry Can Alternative - SmartBottle Water Bottle (Bag) - Overlanding Sur...

Today Luke is reviewing an interesting alternative to the tried, true and test Jerry Can! This is the SmartBottle and it should be carefully considered not only for Overlanding but for Survival purposes as well.

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SmartBottle DOUBLE WALL Outdoor with 18MM Fast Pour Spout

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $12.45 for the 2.6 Gallon with a 18mm Fast Pour Spout

Weight : 7oz for the bag itself plus an oz or two for whatever cap or spout you decide to go with.

Double Walled : These bags are composed of two layers of nylon which makes them highly resistant to punctures and cuts. According to the manufacturer web site, the double wall bottles are 14-mil.

There are single walled versions available and they are even less expensive!

Pros :

Prices are awesome on these bags. Overland specific products can be exceptionally expensive and this provides a very compelling option.

Can be used for any sort of purposes; camping, overland, boating, prepping and survival, etc.

Lots of accessory options to choose from with all sorts of caps and spouts.

All bags pass the UN drop test for emergency water, which is dropping the bag 10 times from 2 meters. Puncture resistant made from two layers of film Extra wide seals insure a strong, leak proof container Compact when empty and folds easily for storage BPA free Smart Bottle material conforms to FDA Regulation 177.1520 which permits the use of polyethylene in articles that contact food Integral handles at the top and bottom are designed for easy carrying and dispensing content Remains upright when partially full Grommets on both ends for securing and hanging Made in the U.S.A. Bag may be frozen with water in it

You can store these bottles for long periods of time; I’ve had this one in the truck for 2 months at a time.

Compact : Small size means that you can travel with numerous bottles and use what you need as you go. When you don’t need them, empty, roll and store.

Collapsible : You can have a ton of capacity within your vehicle without taking up any space

These bottles can be used with Saywer water filters along with other brands as well.

Durable :

Easy to transport. Can be hung. Flexible container When you sit one of these down, they are very stable and you don’t have to worry about knocking them over. Stand up on their own.

Very tough : There are numerous videos of people throwing these bags around; I’m going to do that but I can tell you from my person use, they have proven themselves to be very reliable.

Easy to clean - mouth is large enough to get a brush in the bag if you need to otherwise you can rinse with soap and water.

Cons :

The bags have no identification markings other than the maker so if you have multiple sizes, you could get confused initially as to what size you are looking at.

Their web site isn’t the best nor the most detailed and lacks information in regards to sizes, dimensions, and other details which some may find important.

Sizes :

750ml cub for $10. Wine bottle of $13. 1 Gallon for $7 2.6 gallon - 22lbs 5.3 gallon - 43lbs They have water filtration kits and more.

When it comes to spouts, they have a 8mm spout for $3, a tubing spout for water filters, garden hose adaptors and other types of caps. .........

Summary :

For the money, these bottles....they really are more bags than bottles....are some of the best water storage solutions that I have come across and I have no problem recommending them highly.

The quality is awesome. The versatility is excellent. Price is extremely fair.

For for those who have limited space, they provide a lot of water hauling capacity.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Where Did the Dog Come From? - After The Camp Military Surplus Adventure

This is After the Camp for the 🎖️ Military Surplus Adventure With Dog 🎖️ that went live a few days ago. Want to know more about the Dog who spent so much time with me? You'll find those insights and more here.

Luke talks about Whitetop Mountain, the AT, behind the Scenes experiences, gear and more!

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