Monday, November 29, 2021

The Value of This Sleeping Bag Liner is Insane! - Carinthia Grizzly Slee...

There is no doubt about it, the Value of this sleeping bag liner will impress you!

This is the Carinthia Grizzly Sleeping Bag Liner and when it comes to adding roughly 10 degrees to your sleeping system, in my opinion this is a no brainer.

The quality is top notch, the temp. rating is excellent, it’s a versatile product that can be added to any sleeping bag to create very low temp sleep systems.

You can even use this all by itself, with blankets and even poncho liners.

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Carinthia Grizzly Sleeping Bag Liner

What it is : A lightweight, high quality fleece sleeping bag liner that is priced fairly and comes from a high reputable company; Carinthia.

Agenda Free Link :

Materials :
Fleece and Polyester storage bag - I looked at the zipper and saw no recognizable markings

Zipper : Left side

Measurements :
Mummy cut

Length : Material is somewhat stretchy so with that in mind, approximately 88.5”
Width : I measured 35” wide at the shoulders - tapers down to roughly 23” at the foot
Pack Size : 6.5” x 8”

Colors : Olive - You may be able to locate a black liner online but they seem to be very rare. Most sites who are selling this, it’s olive.

Temperature Range : +9F to your sleeping bag

Versions : Carinthia has another liner that is more of a sheet with a center zip; it’s made from polycotton and I do not have any experience with it.

Weight : 1.2lbs with the stuff bag

Price : $68 from the Militaryshop.IV
This is a site that I have found which allows for easy shipment of Carinthia products which are generally very difficult to find in the USA. Their prices are awesome especially for Carinthia products.

From the Company
“This extremely soft and lightweight fleece sleeping bag uses the finest firbre currently available on the market. For ventilation, open the zipper at the bottom or open the bag up completely and use it as a blanket. Ideal for cabin use or as a liner inside a second sleeping bag making the main bag about 5°C warmer. Trapezoidal foot section and draw cord on the hood.”

My use :
I’ve been using this product for a good part of the summer and currently in the fall and have used it in a number of different ways;

By itself and with other insulation layers.

I’ve used it in a hammock, in conjunction with down blankets, us military poncho liners, and sleeping bags; very versatile liner. Warmest temp was around 65F, coldest 36F.

I will continuing to use this product throughout the winter and if I feel there is a need for an additional video on this, I will make one.

Review Pros :
Warm; this can be used all by itself throughout the summer on the warmer nights

Can be used as a minimal sleeping bag or blanket
Excellent quality
Durability has been excellent so far
Price is very fair
Stuff form factor is excellent
Draw pull at the top
Very lightweight
Very smooth zipper
Feels great against the skin
Makes for an excellent kit with a poncho cv liner or ultralight down blanket; with the right combination you can easily go into the 40’s and stay around 2lbs with your sleep system and you’ll pay around $130.
Zipper is smooth - never had it catch

Review Cons :
There is one size when it comes to this liner so pay attention to the measurements which I stated - Going to be tight for some users.

Summary :
This is an excellent liner; not the lightest in the world but it’s tough, offers good warmth and is versatile. I can easily recommend it especially for the money especially if you are into military and tactical level gear.


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Friday, November 26, 2021

This is Going To Be VERY INTERESTING - Fjallraven Wind Sack Emergency Sh...

Could this be the best Emergency Shelter Ever Made?
This is the Wind Sack, it is made by Fjallraven and the company describes it as being an Emergency Shelter that protects against the Wind, Rain and Snow.

I have to be honest, I am very excited about this product! 

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Best Emergency Shelter? - Fjallraven Wind Sack - First Look and Preview

What it is : This is a Lightweight emergency shelter, known as the Wind Sack and it was designed to keep out wind, snow and rain for up to 3 people. 

Versions : 1 person and 3 person : There was a 2 person version in the past but I believe it has been discontinued and is no longer listed on the Fjallraven web site.

Materials : 100% polyamide 40D TripleRip Sil/Sil 3000 mm
100% polyamide

Dimensions : 7.5 x 7.5 x 4”

Weight : 1lb 6oz

Price : $150

Why I bought this :
I’ve been an advocate for those who venture into the outdoors to carry with them emergency shelters; I say this all the time; you have to be ready and prepared for the conditions to change and that’s because they do!  For years I have carried with me an ultralight tarp and when I came across this product from Fjallraven, I wanted to see if it could replace the tarp that I normally bring with me.

Can it?

I went with the 3 person size so that it would be big enough for Susie and I if we were out on a trip together. 

Features :
 Emergency shelter for up to three persons.
 Protects against wind, snow and rain.
 Three individual zippers for ventilation and as openings for heads.

Lightweight wind sack that provides fast shelter from rain, snow and wind. Gives portable shelter from stormy weather, especially if the snow depth is minimal and digging down is not possible. A must when winter touring, but also in summer when you need shelter during meal and rest breaks. Made from lightweight, strong 40D TripleRip nylon. Its colour is UN Blue which is highly visible in the terrain, all year round, and it has reflectors on both sides. A safety carabiner attaches the wind sack to the user to prevent it from blowing away in strong winds. Three separate zippers let in fresh air and can be used as openings for heads. Room for three people. Packs into itself.
What the Wind Sack offers as an emergency survival shelter :
The fjallraven Windsack 3 and other Group shelters are basically a tent material that can fit individuals, or a number of you in and keep you sheltered from the elements.  Group shelters aren’t just a survival piece of kit, but can also be used to have your lunch in, if you can’t get out of the wind.

So looking back at the 4 mechanisms of heat loss the Wind sack 3 and group shelters will stop;

Radiation – Fjallraven use the same materials as the outer on their tents (40D TripleRip nylon) , this means that any radiated heat is trapped in the bag itself and is allowed to freely circulate.  This is even more evident when there are two or more of you in there, the temperature will noticeably rise quickly

Conduction – When using a group shelter, ruck sacks should be placed on the ground and sat-on to stop conduction to the ground.

Evaporation – Ok, so a group shelter won’t stop the act of evaporation, however the heated vapour will be trapped in the bag itself to avoid excess heat loss. The great thing about the wind sack 3 is the three individual zippers, which allow airing and stop excess condensation on the inside. This is something to test out; how much condensation will form inside of it?

Convection – You’re still going to feel the wind if it’s strong enough in a group shelter, but it’s not going to be able to draw the heat away from you at the same rate.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Good Enough for the US Military? - British Military BCB FireDragon Mini ...

This is the BCB FireDragon Mini Cooker Stove which the US Military is considering currently; it comes from 'across the pond' and it utilizes Solid Fuels.

The Flames from this stove........ARE INSANE!
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BCB FireDragon Mini Cooker Stove

Where to get it : There are sellers on eBay who offer them but shipping is substantial. I am not aware of any US companies that offer this stove at this time but I’m sure that you can locate a store across the pond who will export it for you if you look hard enough.

Price : Around $4 USD but has to be imported and shipping fees will apply.

Weight : 1.5oz
Weight of OG FireDragon Stove : 3.9oz

Dimensions : 2.7” x 1.9” x 1.5”

Fuel :
The stove is designed to be used with either solid fuels or gel based fuels.
It can hold 2x 27g FireDragon methanol tablets

With the FireDragon Tablets, they are rather expensive.
6 of the 27g is almost $9;

In the future I will compare DragonFire Fuel to Hexamine; it will be interesting to see how the two fuels compare.

A benefit to using the FireDragon fuel is that it is non-toxic which isn’t the case with Hexamine.

Question : Can you light one with a ferro rod?

Stove : It is designed for the side to unfold so it can be used with

Observations :
Very lightweight
Very small form factor
Does a good job of blocking wind

Small size means this isn’t going to be the most stable when using it on the ground; because it’s small, any irregularities will be amplified.

Interesting :
The FireDragon Mini Cooker seen here is one solution proposed by BCB for a US Armed Forces requirement for a field cooker which can be issued inside the Meal Cold Weather version of the MRE, which forward deployed personnel on NATO’s vulnerable Northern Flank are issued, and one of our contacts working on a recent United Nations requirement for Patrol Rations tells us this new mini cooker and FireDragon fuel is also seen as having potential in this area.

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Monday, November 22, 2021

⚠️ This is Why I Don't Recommend This Pack - Granite Gear Crown 2 60L Ba...

This is the Granite Gear Crown 2 60L Backpack Review....
This pack has some issues!
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Granite Gear Crown 2 60L Backpack Review

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Amazon Agenda Free Link :

What it is : This new and improved successor to the classic Crown V.C. 60

Price : Retail $200 but sales can be found readily; I picked this up from GG for $140 during a sale.

Versions :
Men and Women

Current Men’s Colors :
Black and Red
Highland Peat and Black

Previous colors can still be found online on various sites including yellow and black, Orange, pine green and more.

Womens Colors :
Blue and gray and a black and red - there may be previous alternate colors available at other retailers

Torso Sizes :
Short - 15-18”
Regular - 18-21”
Long - 21-24”

Adjustable hip belt - from 26 - 42”

Weight :
Short - 2.26lbs
Regular - 2.36lbs
Long - 2.46lbs

Materials :
100D and 210D Nylon
molded polypropylene frame sheet
YKK zippers

Load Rating : 35lbs / 15kg

Measurements of Pack Body -
23.5" X 16" X 8" (60L)
Measurements of Lid - 5 Liters

Experiences :
My experiences with this pack have been rather extensive; I've backpacked and hiked approximately 250 miles so far with it and I’m ready to share my thoughts with it. With these adventures, I have carried a variety of loadouts including those which are ultralight and those which pushed the load rating of this pack.

Overnight trips to multi day adventures.

Review Pros :
With that being said, lets focus on the positive aspects concerning this pack;

-Very good quality materials and construction.
-Durable - pack has held up really well but I’ll be the 1st to tell you that I am gentle with my gear - it’s an investment after all.
-Very lightweight
-Excellent price considering how expensive competitor packs can be.
-Lid is excellent and can be removed when not needed
I like the roll top functionality
-Overall simple bag - there are some pockets but not a ton which is what I personally like. I use kit bags for my gear as a way to organize everything simply and to access items quickly.
-Good overall adjustability
-Multiple torso lengths available
-Hip belt is adjustable and that is going to be appreciated especially for thru-hikers as their bodies change week after week on the trail
-Fairly good ventilation - you will still sweat when pushing yourself or in hot environments but I have noticed no hot spots from the frame sheet nor suspension system.
-Front mesh pocket is excellent for quick store items like rain gear, water filter, hat and water crossing shoes
-Good size water bottle pockets - big enough to hold liter bottles, trekking poles and more in each pocket.
-Excellent compression straps to secure loadout
-Hip pockets are of a good size and usable for medium size phones, keys, maps, snacks, gloves and so on.
-While not overly important, I really like the looks of this pack, the black and red colors are awesome. Susie liked her pack colors as well. It looks good.
-There is a specific version for women available.
-Lifetime warranty!
-Materials are reasonably water resistant but in heavy downpours a pack cover or liner will be needed.

-Pack body offers plenty of place for your equipment and contents

Review Cons :
-Comfort - that is one of the bigger cons that I have for this backpack, Susie and I both have one, I have the male version, hers is the woman’s and we both agree, these packs are moderately comfortable.

-The 35lbs load rating is too generous for this pack in my opinion and I would advise 30lbs at the very most and only for a short period of time. While the pack can physically hold more weight without ripping it is going to be very uncomfortable.

-The key to comfort is the loadout that you are carrying and the overall weight; if you can keep it around 25lbs, the pack is much more comfortable. At 30lbs and over, you’ll really begin to notice how hard and thin the shoulder straps are and after hour after hour on the trail, the pack can become quite uncomfortable.


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Friday, November 19, 2021

Foldable Kayak - Wood Stove - Wind and Chop Day Camp Adventure

In this episode, Luke is heading into Tennessee to spend the last nice day paddling Watauga Lake. Before making his way to Snake Island, the winds begin to pick up.....

Wind, Waves and Chop!

Gear List :
After receiving countless messages from viewers about supporting the channel through Amazon, I have begun using Amazon Affiliate links in the Adventure Videos and if you choose to purchase one of these products via these links I will receive a small commission which will help fund future honest reviews and adventures.

The channel remains as it always was, 100% Agenda Free with no sponsored videos, no paid reviews, and I don't care if you purchase these products or not; you won't find affiliate links in review videos only in adventures.

I'm going to do my best to put gear lists into all of my videos since everyone is asking for them all the time.

For this trip, here are the big items that I used.

Gear List For This Adventure ::

GoPro 10 :
- GoPro Batteries :
- GoPro Wind Cover :
- Manfrotto Small Tripod :
- SIRUI Carbon Fiber Travel 5C Tripod :
- DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo :

Oru Bay ST Foldable Kayak :
Emotion Glide Kayak : N/A

Hardcore Water Sports Kayak Curved Paddle Black :
Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle Black/Silver :

Yakgrips Kayak Paddle Grips Red :

Ombraz Armless Sunglasses Small :
Ombraz Armless Sunglasses Large :

Onyx Outdoor Movevent Torsion Vest :

Gerber River Shorty Knife :

Katadyn BeFree 3.0L Water Filter :

Kershaw Cryo II Folding Knife :

Outdoor Products Large Watertight Box :

Big Stone Fully Waterproof Duffle Bag :

TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl
Helinox Chair :

Osprey Kit Bags :

Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo :

MSR Small Cup :
Boundless Voyage Cup :

Café Bustelo Café con Leche Flavored Instant Coffee :

Columbia Tamiami Shirt :
Old Navy Active Shirt White :
Propper Summerweight Tactical Shorts :
Arcteryx Conveyor Belt :
Lxso Water Shoes :

Susie Outdoor Research Sun Runner Hat :

Outdoor Search Helium II Rain Jacket :
Outdoor Research Helium II Rain Pants :

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Fjallraven Makes a Tarp? - Abisko Tarp First Look and Setup

Did you know that Fjallraven makes tarps? I didn't until recently!
This is a first look and Setup of the Abisko Tarp...

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Fjallraven Abisko Tarp - First Look and Setup

Agenda Free Link :

What it is : Recently I had a viewer write in and she asked if I had any thoughts to share concerning the Fjallraven Abisko tarp and I told her that I didn’t even know that the company made a tarp and that I would see what I could do to get one in to review.

After some searching, I learned that this tarp was available in the USA but thanks to the shortages which are facing just about every industry right now, it is extremely hard to find.

More searching and I was able to locate this tarp, the 10x10 version on the Ray Mears web site. I really like Fjallraven as a whole as their successes outweigh their failures and while their products are expensive they are buy once, cry once. You get what you pay for and that is quality, strength and durability in most cases.

Colors :
Pine Green

Sizes :
11.5’ x 14.5’ -

Weights :
10x10 - 1.1lbs
11.5’ x 14.5’ - 1.9lbs

Materials :
40D TripleRip Sil/Sil 3000 mm 100% polyamide
Guyline: 2 mm Dyneema (160 kg) reflective

What’s included :
Storage bag
Six adjustable guylines (the large size includes 8 guylines)

Price :
10x10 - $164
Large - 11.5ft’ x 14.5’- $240

I picked this up on the Ray Mears web site and had it imported into the USA for $140 plus shipping.

From the company :
The Fjallraven Abisko Tarp is made from lightweight, strong nylon. Practical as an accessory for tents but can also be used by itself as a shelter.

This 3 x 3 metre tarp is made from light and very strong 40 D TripleRip Nylon fabric and includes 6 x 2 mm Dyneema guylines. A tarp can be used together with a regular tent to create an outside living space but is also easy to use by itself as a shelter to sleep under, as we do on many of our bushcraft courses.


Thoughts :
Quality is impressive - not just the construction but the materials. You really do have to feel this for yourself; there are very few materials like it. The closest being the fabric that Hilleberg uses with their tents and tarps.

Very light
Inspires confidence which we will put to the test soon enough.
Thanks to the way that tarp is made, there is no seam tape so you don’t have to worry about it aging, degrading and becoming a problem in the future. This is one reason why this tarp is more expensive that many 10x10 tarps. If you haven’t encountered that problem, you will with enough time under your belt; seam tape will always fail, as it ages it dries out and will eventually come apart. For a tarp it isn’t the end of the world but for a tent it can be a massive problem, one that is difficult to fix correctly.

From what I understand, Fjallraven uses very small needles for their seams and sewing and when it gets wet, the thread swells and makes for a waterproof barrier; this removes the need for seam sealing and seam taping.

Guy lines are a bit short? About 7.5F long, my preference for a tarp is 9 - 10ft
Color blends in with woodland environments perfectly.
Are there enough tie out points?
Packing pocket?

Summary :

I’m excited to get this tarp out into the forest and to get some trips under my belt. Also, I want to see how well it hands some wind and rain and that will be coming up soon enough here on the channel.

The price of this tarp is high, there is no doubt about that but you are getting a Fjallraven product and that again translates to strength and durability. Also, thanks to the lack of seam tape, it will last a lot longer than your average tarp.

Speaking of price, while more expensive that many tarps, it is less expensive than many other high end tarps….Hilleberg…much less expensive!

Note : Finding this tarp in the USA is going to be difficult as it looks to be sold out. Importing it like I did is an option if you are interested and I will link to the RM web site where I bought mine. No sponsored BS. I bought this with my own money and if it's great, I will say so. It has problems, I will say what they are.

If you are in the UK, locating this tarp is likely going to be much easier based upon what I have seen online.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Insane Differences - Helikon-Tex Patriot VS Chinese Tactical Fleece Jackets

This is VERSUS and in this episode Luke is comparing the Chinese Tactical Fleece against the Helikon-Tex Patriot Fleece Jacket....

I will tell you this, I DIDN'T expect these sort of differences for double the cost.....

Helikon-Tex, you need to do MUCH Better than this.
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Helikon-Tex Patriot VS Chinese Tactical Fleece

Helikon-Tex Agenda Free Link
BIYLACLESEN Agenda Free Link

Helikon-Tex Cost : $90 (Foliage color)

Helikon-Tex Weight : 2lb 2.5oz
BIYLACLESEN Weight : 1lb 9oz

Helikon-Tex Materials : YKK zippers, 390g polyester double fleece
BIYLACLESEN Materials : : Anti-Pilling Polyester and WC Chinese zippers.

I have already reviewed the BIYLACLESEN version so I won’t be going over all of the details concerning it and I will be skipping those details for the Helikon tex version as well. I’m talking about sizes, colors and etc. In my full review of the Patriot I will cover those details.

Differences :
When looking at these jackets you would be correct in thinking that they are identical and that’s because they are; the overall design and look is the same but upon closer inspection you will see that the Helikon-Tex version has a number of substantial differences and it should considering that the price is double that of the BIYLACLESEN.

Helikon has a zipper guard to block wind from entering the jacket - BIYLACLESEN doesn’t have this feature.
Helikon features hood adjustments whereas the BIYLACLESEN doesn’t.
Helikon features a media pass through ports, the BIYLACLESEN doesn’t
Helikon uses stronger materials, higher quality zippers and you can feel the difference.
Helikon fleece has reinforced elbows; this is a nice feature as the fleece in that area will wear with use.
Helikon has pit zips which is AWESOME - BIYLACLESEN doesn’t have this feature.
Helikon has adjustable wrist straps - BIYLACLESEN doesn’t
BIYLACLESEN has slightly larger shoulder pockets
Helikon has larger wrist pockets
Helikon doesn’t have the pen pocket on the shoulder
Helikon has clips in the chest pockets
Helikon Fleece has more loose threads which is very surprising. They are of any concern when it comes to quality and durability but doesn’t look as good as it should. The BIYLACLESEN has very few loose threads.
Thoughts and Impressions :
If you handle the BIYLACLESEN fleece prior to the Helikon, your first impression is the weight and thickness of the materials.

From there if you go to the Helikon the impression is just how much heavier and thicker that it is compared to the Chinese version. There is a noticeable difference between the two.

In my opinion, the Helikon is a premium version of common Chinese made tactical fleece and for roughly double the cost you are getting some rather important features.

It is thicker, warmer, more adjustable, stronger and will last longer than the Chinese variants. The addition of the reinforced arms and the pit zippers are huge and are worth the additional investment;

Fleece jackets will always wear the quickest at the elbows and with the Helikon version you will not have to worry about that happening.

With the pit zips, these are vital; we are talking about heavyweight fleece jackets and because they are so warm such a feature really is needed. Think about your use cases for a jacket like this;

It has to be cool and you aren’t moving or it has to be cold and you are moving to wear them comfortably. Otherwise you will find the jacket to be simply too hot.
The pit zips allow for the user to wear the jacket in conditions which may not be as cold and balance out body temp. You can do that with the Helikon, no with the Chinese jacket.

Which would I pick :
I’ll be honest, I like both jackets and after time with both, I would select the Helikon Tex version. The features that this jacket offers are worthy of the additional cost but if you have budget restraints I can still easily recommend the Chinese version. In my review of the BIYLACLESEN I spoke of the feel of the jacket and how it doesn’t inspire confidence as far as durability goes and I still stand by that; be gentle with it and it will serve you well. With the Helikon fleece, it inspires confidence and it feels like a product that is going to last a long time. It is worth double the cost in my opinion.

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Friday, November 12, 2021

Stealth Camping Undetected - Discovering a Survival Bunker (?) & Abandon...

In this Stealth Camping Adventure, Luke begins by going off trail to find some water and stumbles upon something incredible;

An Abandoned Stone Building and the remnants of an old dam.  Totally untouched in almost 100 years!

Then the following day, he discovers what looks to be a bunker on a remote mountain top! 

This is an action packed adventure and it begins now. 

Gear List for this Adventure :
After receiving countless messages from viewers about supporting the channel through Amazon, I have begun using Amazon Affiliate links in the Adventure Videos and if you choose to purchase one of these products via these links I will receive a small commission which will help fund future honest reviews and adventures.

The channel remains as it always was, 100% Agenda Free with no sponsored videos, no paid reviews, and I don't care if you purchase these products or not; you won't find affiliate links in review videos only in adventures.

I'm going to do my best to put gear lists into all of my videos since everyone is asking for them all the time.

For this trip, here are the big items that I used.

Stealth Camp Gear List :

Camera Equipment :
- Sony A7S III :
- Sony 35mm 1.8 Lens :
- SIRUI Carbon Fiber Travel 5C Tripod :
- Batteries :
- Rode VideoMic Pro Plus Mic :

Clothing :
Fjallraven Zip-Off Pants :
OldNavy Active T-Shirt : oldnavy
BIYLACLESEN Men's Tactical Fleece Hoodie :
Arcteryx Conveyor Belt :
Darn Tough Socks :
Soloman Boots :
Oakley Men's Gradient Flak Jacket 03-881 Black Wrap Sunglasses :

Gear :

Mountain Hardware JMT 35 Backpack :
Helikon-Tex Numbat Chest Rig :

Sierra Designs High Side 1 Tent :
MLD Groundsheet :
Nemo Insulated Sleeping Pad :
UGQ Sleeping Bag / Quilt :

Helinox Chair One :

Tasmanian Tiger Modular Pouch Kit :
Tasmanian Tiger Mesh Pouch Kit :

Soto Windmaster Stove :
Toaks 750ML Pot with Bail Handle :
TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl :

Atwood Micro Cord :
Lighters :
Katadyn BeFree 3.0L Water Filter :

Kershaw Cryo II Folding Knife :
NiteCore Power Bank :
NiteCore NU32 Headlamp :
550 Cord :

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

How to Stay Bug Free When Cowboy Camping, Using a Bivvy, Under a Tarp, i...

This is it, the Ultimate Guide on staying Bug Free when you are in the outdoors;

Cowboy Camping, Using a Bivy, Under a Tarp, in a Tent, Etc;

This How-To video is one of the most important videos that I have ever made.

Stay Bug Free against Ticks, Mosquitoes, Spiders, and More!
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Monday, November 8, 2021

Budget Chinese "Tactical" Fleece Jacket - BIYLACLESEN Tactical Fleece

Is there a time when you can go "cheap" on your tactical gear?

You've seen me wearing this jacket for a few years and now, it is time to pass on my Agenda Free Review.

Is this Chinese Tactical Fleece Jacket worth your hard earned money?

Find out now!
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Chinese Tactical Fleece? BIYLACLESEN Tactical Fleece

What it is : This is a “tactical style” heavy weight fleece jacket that I have had since 2019. If you are familiar with “tactical” style jackets then you have seen this over all design before but in the majority of situations, it has been with Soft Shell jackets.

Agenda Free Link :

Sizes : Small to XX-Large

Colors :
Green, black, blue, coyote brown and gray

Materials : Anti-Pilling Polyester,

Variants :
With this company and this jacket, there are two variants of each jacket and it involves the color of the zippers - some of the jackets have black zippers and some have zippers that are the same color as the jacket itself.

Medium Size Weight : 1.9lbs

Company Claimed Features :
windproof - not accurate; it is wind resistant but if the wind speeds are high enough, you will feel it.
lightweight - not accurate, this is a heavy weight fleece and it is heavy
breathable - yes.
warm - yes
soft - yes

Cost : $42

Review Pros :
Overall fair quality for the money; with that being said, consider this; this is a $40 Chinese made fleece jacket, it isn’t high end and certainly doesn’t feel like it. What it feels like is a budget fleece jacket and as long as you know that before you purchase, you won’t be surprised nor disappointed.

Warm - this is a heavy weight fleece jacket and it is warm; I’ll wear this into the 40’s with only a t-shirt and stay nice and warm.

It is fairly wind resistant thanks to the thickness; blocks out winds up to 20mph and after that point you begin to feel it coming through the material.

Cool looking design
Plenty of pockets
Fair value for the money - again, this isn’t a Marmot or Arc’teryx fleece and it doesn’t cost $140 either.
I like the collar; due to the design it is very much like a neck gaiter; covers the neck and blocks out wind.
Fairly breathable-when pushing yourself hard enough moisture can develop on the outside of the jacket. Luckily polyester is a quick drying material.

Chin guard

Media outlet - pocket hits the average phone but won’t fit an iPhone max or samsung ultra size phone

Good zipper pulls for all zippers -
Smooth zippers

Sizing :
Sizing is accurate; I wear a medium and this is a medium. It’s a bit baggy but not overly so; enough space for an additional layer for the colder months.

Review Cons :

Heavy and bulky : More important than weight, is the size; you will notice this in your backpack as it will take up a substantial amount of space. It doesn’t compress at all and if you can attach it to the outside of your pack, you may want to do so.

Left side zip : in America left side zip is customary with female clothing whereas men’s jackets typically zip on the right. Outside of the US, this isn’t always the case and men’s clothing with zips on the left are common. I mention this because some might care while most won't have an issue.

While I haven’t had any issues with quality the overall strength of the construction and materials doesn’t inspire confidence. Going back to whatI said already, this is a $40 fleece - premium fleece jackets feel like they can take some use and abuse whereas with this jacket it feels like you have to be somewhat gentle with it.

Hood is floppy and non adjustable - since it can’t be adjusted, it can be blown off in strong winds.

Summary :
Overall for the money I am pleased with this jacket. It looks cool, its warm, blocks a good amount of wind but the tactical factor is laughable. This isn’t a tactical jacket by any stretch of the imagination nor is it tactical grade. It’s an inexpensive jacket that I have no regrets buying for $40. By the way, there are multiple companies who make a version of this jacket and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one company that makes them all; re-label sort of situation. I cannot comment on the quality of the other brands.

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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Honestly, I Didn't Expect This - Extremus Instant Pop Up Camping Tent - ...

I'll be frank, the Extremus Instant Pop Up Camping Tent is a huge POS but, I didn't expect these results!

This is the Test Night episode for the Extremus Pop Up Tent. The Results may surprise you....
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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Simply The Best 3 Season Tent - Fjallraven Abikso View 2 Tent - Review

This is it, I have finally found it;

The Best 3 Season tent that I have ever used!

It is without a doubt amazing and its performance is incredible but there is something we have to talk about.....
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Fjallraven Abikso View 2 Tent - Review

Link :

Price : $720

Weight : 2700g / 5.95lbs

Colors : UN Blue / Pine Green / Sand

Main fly sheet material: 20D TripleRip Sil/Sil 3000 mm 100% polyamide
Lower fly sheet material: 40D TripleRip Sil/Sil 3000 mm 100% polyamide
Inner tent material: 15D Ripstop DWR 100% polyamide
Floor material: 40D PU 6000 mm 100% polyamide
Mosquito net: 20D No-see-um mesh 100% polyester
Pole material: DAC Featherlite NSL
Pegs: DAC V-Pegs Small
Guyline: 2 mm Dyneema (160 kg) reflective


Mesh pockets in inner tent: 6 big
Number of vestibules: 2
Number of entrances: 2
Waterproof rating fly: 3000 mm
Waterproof rating floor: 6000 mm
Number of poles: 2
Pole diameter: 9,6 mm
Stuffed size: 16 x 44 cm
Weight: 2700 g
Minimum weight: 2350 g
Persons: 2
Seasons: 3 seasons
Construction: Self-supporting (vestibules need pegs)
Tent features: Clothesline, Reflective guylines, Attachment points for gear shelf

Fjallraven :
Fjällräven is a big Swedish outdoors gear and equipment manufacturing company. Their products range from men’s, women’s and children’s apparel to tents, rucksacks and so on. Everyone in the Scandinavia who knows his outdoors gear knows Fjällräven.

They might be more widely known as the company that made the first framed back pack (wooden frame) that was available to the larger public.

Review pros :
Amazing quality

Premium materials

Extremely durable

Smartly designed -

Views from this tent are amazing

Good size for two people - adding a dog would be pushing it.

Fair amount of space under vestibules - average size packs should fit but large packs may not

Straight forward to setup - does take a bit more time than your typical tent. It’s not too bad once you get used to it but time and practice is required. I do have a setup video which goes over every step if you are interested.

Setups fly first so you can set this up even in the rain and the inner won’t get wet.

Excellent ventilation and airflow
Minimal condensation even when sealed up
Very waterproof, no issues with leaking

Handles strong winds with ease

Lots of pockets and internal storage options

Clothesline is awesome but only for light items - heavy clothing items won’t be supported

Love the color and the overall looks of this tent

Review Cons :

Price - this is a high quality product, it features a unique incredible design, made by a very well known company and the price is high. Very high!

Could be roomier for the high weight

Fjallraven says this tent is lightweight….I can’t agree with that. It’s heavy especially for a 2 person tent.

Stakes are small and could be easily lost. Seem like good quality though

Large pack size

Review summary :
For a 3 season, 2 person tent, the price of this tent is exceptionally high especially when you consider that the weight isn’t even close to being light.

Should you purchase this tent, that’s not for me to say but I can tell you that it is an excellent performer, it’s smartly designed and has some impressive features that most other tents do not.

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Monday, November 1, 2021

Not Your Average Tactical Backpack - Tasmanian Tiger Pathfinder MK II Ba...

In this episode of TOGR, Luke is giving his Agenda Free Review of the Tasmanian Tiger Pathfinder MK II Backpack.

The Pathfinder Mk II is a tactical style pack that is made from excellent materials and is feature rich. Speaking of features, some of them are insanely cool!
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Tasmanian Tiger Pathfinder Mk II

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $409 retail price, the lowest price that I could find at the time of filming was $343 and that is at the TacSale web site. That has become my source of a lot of military and tactical gear; I’ve had no issues with shipping and their prices are excellent.

Size : 80L

Colors : coyote brown and olive green

Materials :
700D Cordura - YKK Zippers - WJ Hardware

Weight : 7.1lbs

Carry Limit : 55lbs - I will talk about this in more detail in just a moment

Dimensions :
33” x 14” x 9”

V2 Systems : This suspension system includes two aluminum stays and 2 fiberglass reinforced bars to assist with load carrying and weight distribution

Removable section between main and bottom compartment
Fixation for hiking poles or ice axes
Height adjustable chest belt
Compression straps on sides
Compression around perimeter of base
Variable volume compression flap e.g. to attach a helmet
Handle on front and back
Detachable lid, divided into 3
Hydration system compatible
Side pockets
MOLLE System on all the important attachment areas
Hook-and-loop strips

Forward : This has been a pack that I have been testing out for much of the year and now, I’m ready to share my thoughts and opinions concerning it. Pros and Cons

Review Pros
Excellent quality backpack
Constructed with top notch materials
Large size backpack - talking about that for a moment, 80L translates to a big backpack - do you need that much space for your gear and equipment?
Adjustable torso
Suspension system padding is excellent - shoulder harness is padded and comfortable. Lumbar and waist belt is very comfortable.

Weight distribution with this pack is very good - No matter what loadout that I have personally carried it has been comfortable - has easily carried the heavy loadouts that I have carried up to 45lbs.

Lots of pockets, compartments and organization options
Large sleeping bag compartment
Great looking backpack
Pack cover included
Ventilation is adequate for a backpack of this type.
Lots of attachment points for pouches and additional
Love the front external zippered pocket
Plenty of compression straps which are important for a pack of this size

Review Cons :
Tasmanian Tiger is often described as military level gear but I don’t personally agree with this assessment. Talking about this pack specifically; while the quality of this pack is very good in terms of construction and materials it is easy to see that this has been designed with a civilian mindset.

If you have a small waist this pack isn't going to work for you; for 30 inches and under it will be unlikely that you can get this pack to fit you correctly.

The included sternum strap is very small so if you have a big chest, you might have issues. For it to fit me I have to have it expanded 100%.

My biggest issue with this backpack : it is a very tall backpack and no matter how tall you are this pack is going to be towering behind you due to the design. You may like this or you may not;

Because it is so tall, your head can touch the back of the pack and you’ll see this in pictures of this pack being worn by other people.

To give you an idea of just how tall this pack is, the average male torso length is around 20 inches and this pack is over 33 inches tall.

Being that this is a tactical pack, the weight is rather high. While not really a con considering the type of product that it is, it does need to be mentioned that it is over 7lbs empty and that is substantial.

Summary :
If you are someone who likes tactical backpacks this is one to consider. It’s big, tall, offers a ton of capacity and for what you are getting for the money, the value is reasonable. It’s a hauler and excels in colder seasons when you need more space for a warmer sleeping pad and clothing.


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