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Not Your Average Tactical Backpack - Tasmanian Tiger Pathfinder MK II Ba...

In this episode of TOGR, Luke is giving his Agenda Free Review of the Tasmanian Tiger Pathfinder MK II Backpack.

The Pathfinder Mk II is a tactical style pack that is made from excellent materials and is feature rich. Speaking of features, some of them are insanely cool!
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Tasmanian Tiger Pathfinder Mk II

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Price : $409 retail price, the lowest price that I could find at the time of filming was $343 and that is at the TacSale web site. That has become my source of a lot of military and tactical gear; I’ve had no issues with shipping and their prices are excellent.

Size : 80L

Colors : coyote brown and olive green

Materials :
700D Cordura - YKK Zippers - WJ Hardware

Weight : 7.1lbs

Carry Limit : 55lbs - I will talk about this in more detail in just a moment

Dimensions :
33” x 14” x 9”

V2 Systems : This suspension system includes two aluminum stays and 2 fiberglass reinforced bars to assist with load carrying and weight distribution

Removable section between main and bottom compartment
Fixation for hiking poles or ice axes
Height adjustable chest belt
Compression straps on sides
Compression around perimeter of base
Variable volume compression flap e.g. to attach a helmet
Handle on front and back
Detachable lid, divided into 3
Hydration system compatible
Side pockets
MOLLE System on all the important attachment areas
Hook-and-loop strips

Forward : This has been a pack that I have been testing out for much of the year and now, I’m ready to share my thoughts and opinions concerning it. Pros and Cons

Review Pros
Excellent quality backpack
Constructed with top notch materials
Large size backpack - talking about that for a moment, 80L translates to a big backpack - do you need that much space for your gear and equipment?
Adjustable torso
Suspension system padding is excellent - shoulder harness is padded and comfortable. Lumbar and waist belt is very comfortable.

Weight distribution with this pack is very good - No matter what loadout that I have personally carried it has been comfortable - has easily carried the heavy loadouts that I have carried up to 45lbs.

Lots of pockets, compartments and organization options
Large sleeping bag compartment
Great looking backpack
Pack cover included
Ventilation is adequate for a backpack of this type.
Lots of attachment points for pouches and additional
Love the front external zippered pocket
Plenty of compression straps which are important for a pack of this size

Review Cons :
Tasmanian Tiger is often described as military level gear but I don’t personally agree with this assessment. Talking about this pack specifically; while the quality of this pack is very good in terms of construction and materials it is easy to see that this has been designed with a civilian mindset.

If you have a small waist this pack isn't going to work for you; for 30 inches and under it will be unlikely that you can get this pack to fit you correctly.

The included sternum strap is very small so if you have a big chest, you might have issues. For it to fit me I have to have it expanded 100%.

My biggest issue with this backpack : it is a very tall backpack and no matter how tall you are this pack is going to be towering behind you due to the design. You may like this or you may not;

Because it is so tall, your head can touch the back of the pack and you’ll see this in pictures of this pack being worn by other people.

To give you an idea of just how tall this pack is, the average male torso length is around 20 inches and this pack is over 33 inches tall.

Being that this is a tactical pack, the weight is rather high. While not really a con considering the type of product that it is, it does need to be mentioned that it is over 7lbs empty and that is substantial.

Summary :
If you are someone who likes tactical backpacks this is one to consider. It’s big, tall, offers a ton of capacity and for what you are getting for the money, the value is reasonable. It’s a hauler and excels in colder seasons when you need more space for a warmer sleeping pad and clothing.


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