Friday, September 30, 2016

Epic Cross Country Road Trip Adventure - Part 2

Luke and his TWIN brother Trailblazer continue on with their Epic Cross Country Adventure!  This is part 2 of the 5 part series!

15+ States,

Lots of laughs,

Incredible locations,

5,000 miles,

6 days,

some good music,

and more!

Part 1 :

Thursday, September 29, 2016 Subscription Box #7 - Unboxing and Discussion

Wait, a video on Thursday?  Today Luke and Susan doing an Unboxing of the Subscription Box.  This is box #7.  Grab a cup of coffee and lets see what's inside.



Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Mountain Hardwear Hunker 1 - Follow Up Review

Today Luke is doing a follow up review of the The Mountain Hardwear Hunker 1.

Link :

Monday, September 26, 2016

Battlbox Mission 19 - Unboxing and Discussion

You all wanted more Battlbox so here you go!  This is the Mission 19 Box!

Link :

Battlbox :  This is the dominating survival subscription box if there is one who can hold that title.  Over the years as Susan and I have taken a look at these type of monthly boxes, there is one that our viewers have been not only asking about but vouching for and that would be the Battlbox.

Each Box is a mission: For example this is Mission #18 which is all about fishing.  You may be wondering if every box

Only for the USA and the 50 States.

4 tiers :

Basic : 24.99  Receive 4-7 hand selected items from survival tools and manuals to emergency supplies and EDC gear.

Advanced : 49.99 Receive 6-10 hand-selected items. Additions includes 2-3 higher value items such as tactical pens, camp stoves, water purification and more.

Pro : 99.99 For the serious professional. Receive 7-11 items. Additions includes 1-2 kickass products such as tents, survival watches and tactical belts.

Pro Plus : 149.99 For the elite collector & big spender. KOTM included in each box, blade brands like Kershaw, Spyderco, Mantis, 5.11, Gerber, SOG, Buck, Fox, and many more.

If you have signed up before 8PM EST on the 3rd of each month, your BattlBox will ship by the 9th of that month, and should arrive no later than the 15th. If you sign up after 8PM EST on the the 3rd, your Battlbox shipment will begin on the following month. For example, if you subscribe on APRIL 2nd, your BattlBox will ship by APRIL 9th. If you subscribe on APRIL 9th, your first Battlbox will ship by MAY 9th.

Yes! It is almost impossible to include enough “cool” gear in each box for the entire thing to be themed, but certain products in each box WILL be themed each month for a different survival or tactical scenario. For us, this is one of the most fun parts of creating each box, and we look forward to sending some of the stuff we’ve found!

The values of the products are all right on par with what I was able to find online.  Good for you guys.  My advice to the company is to keep it real when it comes to the value of the gear that you offer.  It’s easy to add a few dollars on there and you will get busted.  If you list the value, people will check on it.  Countless sub boxes do this and we have busted many of them for going over the top.

The first thing that hit when I opened these boxes is that these are serious monthly subscription boxes.  The gear, the products are all name brand, high quality products and there is no cheap chinese products.

The biggest down fall that we have seen with monthly subscription boxes is that they pack into these boxes a ton of inexpensive chinese junk; that is not the case here with the battlboxes. When you get high quality products you feel like you are getting your monies worth and when you don’t it’s natural to feel like you are getting screwed.

Battlbox has a huge following and a very active forum which I enjoyed spending some time.  One cool thing about the forum is that subscribers can buy, sell and trade unwanted gear if there is something that they don’t need.  This is an awesome function to the site.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Epic Cross Country Road Trip Adventure - Part 1

Crank the volume up and join Luke and his twin brother on an Epic Cross Country Adventure!  This is part 1 of the 5 part series!

15+ States,
Lots of laughs,
Incredible locations,
5,000 miles,
6 days,
some good music,
and more!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

ThruNite TN40 Rechargeable (LEO / SAR) Flashlight - Review

Today Luke is returning to the world of flashlights with the ThruNite TN40!  This is a LEO SAR flashlight and the review starts now.


Link Amazon :

Link ThruNite :


LED: 4xCREE XP-L HI LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.
Runs on: ThruNite Li-ion battery pack (7.2V/6800mAh).
Working voltage: 5V-9V.
Charging current/voltage: 8.4V, 3.5A.
Output & Runtime (Tested with ThruNite 7.2V/6800mAh Li-ion battery pack and for CW. NW parameters is 10% off):
Strobe(1100 lumens /9hrs),
Turbo(4450 lumens/85mins),
High(1780 lumens /2.7hrs),
Medium(580 lumens /9.5hrs),
Low(90 lumens /2.5days),
Firefly (1.2 lumens /57days).
Peak beam intensity: 331200cd.
Max beam distance: 1151m.
Power interface: 1 * DC 5.5mm charging port.
Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (2 meters).
Impact resistant: 1.0 meter.
Working Temperature: -40℃-40℃.
Dimensions: 173mm (length) x 100mm x 52mm.
Weight: 785g (including battery).
Accessories: Shoulder strap*1, Strap ring*1, AC/DC Adapter*1, Spare O-ring*2, Side switch Cap*1, Tail switch Cap*1, Anti-dust plug*1

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Go! Outfitters Go Camping Hammock w/ Cinch System – Review

Luke is here with the review of the Go! Outfitters Go Camping Hammock with Cinch Buckle Suspension System.

Links :

Go Outfitters :

Amazon :

Price : $100 with out cinch suspension system.  $130 with the Suspension on the go outfitters web site

$87.40 on amazon for just the hammock. Comes with rope and carabiner if you don’t get the suspension system.

Weight : 58.9oz for the entire system – Hammock, stacks, lines and suspension system.

14.8 for the suspension system straps

44.2oz for the hammock with stakes and lines

Colors : Back, gray, forest green

It’s so long and wide that you can sleep virtually side ways in it which means that you are almost completely flat.  The way that it was designed also means that you can  easily sleep on your side.

11' x 64”

1st hammock in the world to feature our exclusive fabric tensioners that I invented. These manage loose fabric that occurs with larger hammocks.

Material; 70D nylon, 400 lb. weight limit.

Pros :

Very strong, nicely made system

Very long Suspension straps – 15 feet each - 1" wide tree straps

Cinch system works incredibly well and makes setting up the hammock very quick and easy.

Very large hammock, big enough for two people.

These straps and cinch are awesome and easy to adjust! The straps are twice as thick as any other hammock straps I have ever used! The rope on the cinch buckles is 1/8" Amsteel which is crazy strong, other companies only use 7/16" rope. I am confident that these will literally last my entire life! I had another set from a competitor and the thinner straps could slip through the buckle.

Yes, the fabric is breathable, which helps keep the user cool and prevents sweating. It is also is a wicking fabric, which in hotter weather, can actually pull moisture away from the body to the outside of the fabric were it can evaporate. When moisture evaporates, it has a cooling effect!

The material is tightly weaved which prevents mosquitoes from biting through the material on the bottom of the hammock.  That isn’t the case with all hammocks.

Very comfortable

Included ridgeline

Cons :

Heavy System.

Stuff sack is very small.  Almost too small in my opinion.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Epic Cross Country Road Trip Adventure - INTRO

Crank the volume up and get ready to join Luke and his twin brother on an Epic Cross Country Adventure!

15+ States,
Lots of laughs,
Incredible locations,
5,000 miles,
6 days,
some good music,
and more!

This is the INTRO to the Epic Cross Country Road Trip Adventure, the 5 part series begins next week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Salomon Forces Speed Assaults - Review

Luke has a new pair of shoes in which he has been testing out; these are the Salomon forces Speed Assaults.  Enjoy the review!


Link :

Price : $159 Retail.  On sale at the time of filming for $119

Weight: 12oz each / 24oz as a pair / 1.5lbs / 680g

Colors : Brown color : Burro – The only color that they are available in at this time.

Sizes : 8 - 13

Tactical Distributors Connection :

TD sent me these shoes to test out and to review and I’m glad that they did.  I have personally been a customer of theirs for years now and have gotten some great kit from them including the Arc’teryx Echo pack when it was steeply discounted!

The shoes was made for warmer weather use so you can go fast and lightweight.

Features :

•       Anti-debris mesh

•       Gusseted tongue

•       Non-reflective materials

•       Sensifit

•       Quick lacing

•       Stretch heel collar

•       Lace pockets

•       Ortholite sock liner

Aggressive treads * 6mm heel to toe drop

welded seems * reinforced toe * Side vents and for draining


TEXTILE - An abrasion resistant lining that allows for excellent breathability and quick drying.







Review :

Interesting Look –

Average Grip –

Not a huge fan of the quick lacing but it’s growing on me.

Very lightweight

Extremely breathable – keep your feet dry

Fast on and off

The collar around the ankle is extremely comfortable and the material is silky smooth.  It feels amazing.

The tongue does a good job of keep dirt and debris from entering the shoe.

Took time to break them in.

A friend of mine works for the Sheriffs department and he swears by these boots and I have to agree.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Winner Announcement - 70k Subscribers Giveaway

Thank you all for making T.O.G.R. what it is today!  Today Luke announces the Winner of the 70k Subscribers Giveaway.

Another giveaway is coming soon!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Bear Wallow Mountain Day Hike Adventure

Join Luke and Susan at Bear Wallow Mountain for some amazing sights and some good laughs.

We hope that you all have a great time with us.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Massdrop + Klymit Static V Insulated Ultra Light - Review

Oh yeah, Luke is reviewing a 'Special Edition' sleeping pad made by Massdrop + Klymit. This is the Massdrop + Klymit Static V Insulated Ultra Light Review.


Link :  Product page link:


Uninsulated version will be $50 and insulated version will be $60. Can also add the pillow on for additional $15.

Specs: Massdrop x Klymit Static V Insulated Ultra Light

Fabric: 20D nylon

Color: Stealth green (top), dark charcoal (bottom)

Insulation: 60 g/m2 synthetic

R-value: 4.4

Inflation: 8-12 breaths

Dimensions, inflated: 72 x 20 x 2.5 in (182 x 51 x 6 cm)

Dimensions, packed: 8 x 4 in (20 x 10 cm)

Weight, pad: 16.9 oz (479 g)

Weight, stuff sack: 0.5 oz (15 g)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What's in the Envelope??? - Viewer Mail - Unboxing 15

What's in the Envelope???

Today we're looking at some viewer mail that was sent in to The Outdoor Gear Review.  As always I'm honored and thankful.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Friday, September 2, 2016

Propper Summerweight Tactical Shorts Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Propper Men's Summerweight Tactical Shorts.  What do you think about them?

Link Amazon :

Link Propper :

Price : Around the $39 mark on Amazon and the Propper web site.

Weight : 10.2oz for the 32 waist

Colors: Black Khaki Navy blue and Olive

94% Nylon, 6% Spandex Ripstop

Built for the brutal heat, the Summerweight Short offers all of the same construction as our Summerweight Tactical Pant with an 11" inseam. 10 total pockets give you storage for all of your necessities. Constructed of durable ultra-lightweight ripstop fabric and mesh lining provide the perfect short to keep you cool.

•       Durable ultra-lightweight fabric wicks moisture away from the body keeping you cool, dry and comfortable
•       Rapid-access lay-flat cargo pockets on upper thigh
•       Additional zip pockets on upper thigh for secure storage
•       Nylon pocket reinforcements
•       Gusseted crotch allows greater range of motion
•       Covert back pocket for ID or handcuff key
•       Hook and loop rear wallet pockets
•       French fly with zippered

Mesh pocket bags for increased breathability

Pros :

Sizing was right on with my pair.  I’ve read that Propper clothing runs small but in my experience it has been right on.

Very comfortable.

Very breathable.


Excellent quality

Reinforced clip pocket

The price is perfect!

Cons :

Belt Loops / Zipper Pull

Review :

I really like these shorts! I love the pockets, the typical cargo packets and a zipper pocket underneath it. The pockets are mesh. No snap on these shorts, rather a button. Zipper has a wide clasp.

I like these enough where I will order a second pair.