Monday, September 19, 2016

Go! Outfitters Go Camping Hammock w/ Cinch System – Review

Luke is here with the review of the Go! Outfitters Go Camping Hammock with Cinch Buckle Suspension System.

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Go Outfitters :

Amazon :

Price : $100 with out cinch suspension system.  $130 with the Suspension on the go outfitters web site

$87.40 on amazon for just the hammock. Comes with rope and carabiner if you don’t get the suspension system.

Weight : 58.9oz for the entire system – Hammock, stacks, lines and suspension system.

14.8 for the suspension system straps

44.2oz for the hammock with stakes and lines

Colors : Back, gray, forest green

It’s so long and wide that you can sleep virtually side ways in it which means that you are almost completely flat.  The way that it was designed also means that you can  easily sleep on your side.

11' x 64”

1st hammock in the world to feature our exclusive fabric tensioners that I invented. These manage loose fabric that occurs with larger hammocks.

Material; 70D nylon, 400 lb. weight limit.

Pros :

Very strong, nicely made system

Very long Suspension straps – 15 feet each - 1" wide tree straps

Cinch system works incredibly well and makes setting up the hammock very quick and easy.

Very large hammock, big enough for two people.

These straps and cinch are awesome and easy to adjust! The straps are twice as thick as any other hammock straps I have ever used! The rope on the cinch buckles is 1/8" Amsteel which is crazy strong, other companies only use 7/16" rope. I am confident that these will literally last my entire life! I had another set from a competitor and the thinner straps could slip through the buckle.

Yes, the fabric is breathable, which helps keep the user cool and prevents sweating. It is also is a wicking fabric, which in hotter weather, can actually pull moisture away from the body to the outside of the fabric were it can evaporate. When moisture evaporates, it has a cooling effect!

The material is tightly weaved which prevents mosquitoes from biting through the material on the bottom of the hammock.  That isn’t the case with all hammocks.

Very comfortable

Included ridgeline

Cons :

Heavy System.

Stuff sack is very small.  Almost too small in my opinion.

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