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Best Custom Sheath? – Yellow Hawk Custom Kydex - Viewer Product Showcase...

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This is episode 1 of the Viewer Product Showcase and tonight I'm featuring a sheath from Yellow Hawk Custom Kydex.  Could this possibly be the best custom sheath that Luke has ever seen?

Find out now!

If you have a product which you would like to have featured on the Viewer Product Showcase, shoot me a message to learn how the process works.

More coming soon!

Link :

Yellow Hawk Facebook :

Yellow Hawk Youtube :

Cost : Will completely depend on what you are looking for and what bells and whistles that you choose.  Price-wise these are comparable to other custom makers but there is a difference between many and Yellow Hawk – The Quality!

What it is :

Each sheath is handmade to order which means that they are 100% customizable.  They are able to make sheaths for most knives but not every knife is a good fit so talk with the owner to get some feedback.

I like the fact that this company is going to communicate with you each step of the way as the sheath is made.  In fact, they like to text to have direct and quick communication.  You aren’t going to find that with most sheath companies.

With this company, each sheath is going to be different because each sheath is made specifically for the client.  I like that!  No generic forms, everything is custom.

45 degree cross draw tek lok belt clip

Web Site Thoughts

Who would you rather have build your custom sheath? A computer programmer or insurance salesman who has only been doing it part time for a few years because he needs some extra money, or a U.S. Army Special Operations Veteran who does this full time.

My thoughts :


I have to be up front and honest, I’m not the biggest kydex fan in the world, I suppose that you could say that I am more old school;

I like for the stock of my rifle to be made from wood and I like the sheath for my knife to be made from leather but this is f---ing awesome!  This is by far the best craftsmanship that I have seen as far as custom kydex sheaths go and I have seen plenty.

Excellent features – fire steel / flashlight

Multiple ways to carry

Light weight

Very solid construction – nothing feels flimsy

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tips For all Levels of Backpacker - Hiking and Backpacking Tips - Part 1

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This is part one of our three part Backpacking Tips series!

If you have a tip which you would like to share with others, comment down below so that others can share your experience.

More Coming Soon.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Budget Friendly and Awesome - Swedish Army Mess Kit with Trangia Stove –...

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Today Luke is reviewing the Swedish Army Mess Kit with Trangia Stove and he is going to tell you how to purchase it for a much lower price than what you will find it for in the USA.

By the way, it's AWESOME!

Link :

Price : $22.99

Weight : 2.2lbs

What is Included:

·         Swedish Issue Trangia Burner - Free from any defects

·         Swedish SPRIT 35 Bottle for fueling your Trangia Burner

·         Swedish Army Trangia Burner Windscreen

·         Reproduction Swedish Mess Kit

Why this is an excellent buy :

These cook sets are absolutely awesome because they are so versatile.  You can run the alcohol stove or you can use this as a wood burning system.  Here in the US, these cooksets are expensive and are typically found on ebay for well over $100.  Even outside of the US, these are commonly sold for over $30 but with $25 shipping charges.

A combination of an aluminium mess tin and an alcohol stove. Perhaps not a state of the art plasma-cooker from outer space, but virtually indestructible, affordable and very effective. The mess tin is new production, made by Mil-Tec, rest is Swedish army surplus.

The small accessories pack into the mess tin and the holder slides over it. The cooking process is very simple and the system is quick to set up:

Take the mess tin out of the holder

Inside the holder there are two metal wire thingies. Open these so that when you put the mess tin back into the holder, the tin won't go all the way down. Don't put the tin in just yet.

Take the burner cup out of the mess tin, unscrew the cap, pour in some fuel, place it on the bottom of the holder (under the wire thingies) and light it by holding a burning match over it.

Put whatever you want to cook into the mess tin and slide it into the holder over the burner cup. The wire thingies should hold the mess tin over the burner.

If the instructions seem hard to understand, don't worry - when you get the product, you'll be able to figure all this by yourself. If not, you should not have been allowed to play with fire to begin with.

Further instructions:

This is an alcohol cooker. Few countries sell pure alcohol for normal people, but there are lots of denaturated sorts made exactly for this use. We recommend either Marinol or Sinol. Marinol has a more neutral odor, but Sinol is available from us.

NO FUEL IS INCLUDED - the small, EMPTY plastic bottle is for your convenience as normally fuel is sold in unwieldly big containers. It's up to you to fill it.

The burner cup and fuel bottle are meant to be transported inside the mess tin. It's a good idea to put them into a small resealable plastic bag before putting them into the tin, as denaturated alcohol will make your food taste real bad, and it's a nuisance to get it off.

Always use the lid when cooking things. Makes stuff cook much faster and keeps you from looking like a dolt.

The wire handle has a small notch on the top to facilitate hanging the mess kit over a campfire, for example.

1.     Fill your Trangia burner with alcohol from the alcohol flask that comes with this set. For best results we recommend using denatured alcohol.

2.     Adjust the metal support posts in the windscreen to support your mess kit.

3.     Light your Trangia burner.

4.     Place windscreen over your Trangia burner.

5.     Mix your meal in your mess kit, and slide it into the windscreen.

6.     Prepare to enjoy your hot freshly cooked camp meal.

7.     Make sure your Trangia burner is cool before putting cap on to protect the rubber o-ring.

The windscreen has the three crowns which means that this is legit Swedish military


In a pinch you can use these stoves with a wood fire but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you absolutely have to.  High heat remove the finish

Monday, September 25, 2017

It Makes Luke Angry! - Bannock Multigrain Berries & Cream - Camper's Cafe

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Welcome to the next episode of The Camper's Cafe where Luke and Susan review the latest and greatest in backpacking/camping meals.

Today we have a meal from Bannock; Multigrain Berries & Cream.

While it tastes good it makes Luke Angry....find out why now!

Thank you for joining us for this review and a special thank you to PrepareWise for making this review possible.

Link :

Friday, September 22, 2017

Colorado Day Hike Gear Load Out - What I Carried and Used

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You may have seen some of Susan and I's day hikes in Colorado and in this video I will be going over all of the gear which I personally carried and used on those hikes.

This will answer many of the questions which you may have had but if you have more, feel free to email me;

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Budget Friendly Bushcraft Blanket - Swiss Heavyweight Blanket

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Today Luke is discussing the Swiss Army Heavyweight Wool Blanket.

Is it the perfect Bushcraft blanket at a budget friendly price?

Decide for yourself now in this quick video!

Link Heavy Weight :

Link Light Weight :

Price :
Heavy – $32.99
Light - $24.99

Original Swiss Wool Blankets have a long history of being some of the best wool blankets ever made but after all of these years they are hard to find and if located, they are very expensive.  Paying $160 for one is very common place.

Dark taupe with burgandy

Beautiful copy of the Swiss Army Blanket. We had these extra heavyweight ones made. Hand sewn white cross on each end. 70 percent wool. Measures 60" x 84". Weighs a very nice 5.9 pounds. Shades of brown will vary a bit.

Hardly ever has there been a blanket that is more famous and sought after then the Swiss Army Blanket. For 20 years we sold the original stock from the Swiss Army until it was completely sold out worldwide.  So... using the precise original specifications we re-created these beautiful blankets at a very affordable price.  70% fine wool with a white stitched cross. Measures 60 x 80 inches and weighs a whopping 3.9 pounds.

Somewhere a couple years back during my clothing / blanket research I stumbled on an article that referenced studies the Wehrmacht conducted on wool content in uniforms during the war. If memory serves they found that they could get down to around ~70% wool content before they had any significant change in the insulative qualities of their wool uniforms.

As it stands, that made the 80/20 blends a pretty easy buy for me, and a significant savings over shelling out for the 100% wool Italian blankets. Your mileage may vary.

Review :
Excellent Quality blankets at a terrific cost
Tightly woven
Very warm

Slightly scratchy against the skin with a military surplus smell which makes sense considering that these are coming from a military surplus provider

I would recommend washing these by hand in the tub a few times with some fabric softener and lanolin.  You can even add some eucalyptus to the mixture for a natural bug repellant!

Once you wash it, let it air dry.  Don’t throw this in the dryer unless you want to shrink the hell out of it.

These make excellent bushcraft and truck blankets.  Get one, wash it, treat it to make it softer at a terrific value.

Monday, September 18, 2017

What Happened to Moose? - Moose and Guns Ep 2 - Sig 522

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What Happened to Moose?
This is the second episode of Moose and Guns and it features one of the best 22LR rifles ever made!  

Friday, September 15, 2017

Real Bushcraft! - Great American Eclipse Bushcraft Overnight Adventure

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You are invited to join Luke for the Solar Eclipse Bushcraft Overnight Adventure.  The Tools.  The Skills.  The Solar Eclipse.

This is Real Bushcraft and the Adventure Begins now!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Unbeatable Price - Swiss Woodsman Axe - Review

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It's Military Surplus Wednesday and we are taking a look at an Unbeatable, Inexpensive Axe; the Swiss Military Woodsman Axe!

Link :

Price : $27

Weight : 4lbs 11oz – Substantial!

Handle : 20”  Ash Hardwood

Blade : 4.5” blade


For the price, this is one of the best axes on the market!  It’s a heavy duty, two handed tool which could easily fit into the inventory of any outdoorsman.

For bushcraft needs, I have to admit, this is rather heavy.  If you are trekking around with a 5lb axe I’m impressed!


Thoughts :

Since I haven’t sharpened this axe I can’t give you a review and I may get to that in the following months.  I wanted to show you all what this axe is and how it arrives to you as there is one very important aspect to it that may be a deal breaker for some;

Swiss axes and hatchets will arrive to you dull….duller than a freaking spoon! If you can’t sharpen an axe blade, I’m sure that you can find someone to do that for you.

They were issued like that back in the day so the user could use it for splitting or give it an edge for finer work.  The benefit is that when you sharpen the head yourself, it will be at the angle your hand naturally sharpens and it will be easier for the user to touch up every time. Everyone has their own particular angle that feels best, so sharpening is always consistent.

Something to keep in mind is that this is a $26 axe which means that it’s perfect for a basic beater tool. Keep it behind the seat of the truck, take it with you on your next hunting trip, etc.

Handle is smooth enough but a bit of work will take it to the next level.  Some sanding and coating of some oil will go a long way.

Tip :  Give it a rubdown with beeswax/oil mix or linseed oil and sat it beside the wood stove for it to absorb into the handle.

For $26 I think that this is a heck of a bargain.  There are a few sites selling these but they are much more expensive.  For a project axe, a beater axe, this can’t be beat.

Monday, September 11, 2017

My Colorado Gear Load out - Backpacking the Rockies (Plus Tips)

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So you may have seen the Overnight Adventure to Cathedral Lake in Colorado which was EPIC in every way and in this video I will be going over all of the gear which I personally carried and used.

This will answer many of the questions which you may have had but if you have more, feel free to email me;

I will have a video up next week where I will go over my Day Hike Load Out which I carried.

Links :

Cathedral Like Overnight Adventure :

Arc Blast Backpack :

Katabatic Gear Alsek 22F :

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra :

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 :

I have other videos for some of the other products so search the channel if you want more information.


Backpacking the Rockies - Colorado Gear Load out


Packs :                   Zpacks Arc Blast                        

Sleeping Bags :      Quilt – Katabatic Gear Alsek 22F                                  

Sleeping Pad :        Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra                        

Stove :                    MSR Pocket Rocket 2

Pot :                        Toaks Titanium Pot 750ml with bail handle.

Cups :                     Titanium Cups – One is from MSR and the other is from mountain laurel designs

Silverware :            Titanium Long Spoons (2)

Power Kits


Head Lamps : One Extra Batteries

Battery Banks for Phones : Anker

Charging Cable



First Aid Kit with Ibuprofen (sinus pills)

Knives – pocket Knife

Bug Spray

Pack Cover – Mine is a cheap pack cover which I got from amazon years ago.  Purchased on amazon years ago for $10.  Works perfectly. It’s from Orange sport I believe.



Water bottle : Hydroblue – Review coming soon.

And a 1 liter Bottle

Backup water treatment tablets

Clothing :


Extra Socks (2)

Long Johns (2)(?)

Puffer Jackets (2)

Rain Gear (2 sets)

Convertible pants -




Hat – Seal Skin



Shoes – Vasque Mantra 2.0



Mountain House Dinner

Mountain House Lunch

Real Turmat Oatmeal

Breakfast (?)

Packit Gourmet Chicken salad

Instant Coffee


Had to rent a bear canister

Bear bags aren’t allowed or aren’t useful above the tree line.


Sunblock cream for face, ears, neck.

Maps loaded on All Trails App. Downloaded so I can use off line with GPS.

Had paper map backups along with a compass!  Very important especially when going off trail like Susan and I did.  Please do not go off trail unless you are very proficient with route navigation, map reading and location acquiring.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Too Kind - Lots of Gear! Viewer Mail #34

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It is mail time again and hopefully I can actually get this video up's a long story involving Youtube....anyways, as always we are honored and thankful!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Next Generation Military Sleeping Pad! Savotta Sleeping Mat - Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Savotta Sleeping Mat which is essentially the next generation of Military Sleeping pad!

Link :

Price : $54.99

Weight : 2.11lbs / 960g / .96kg

Now, if there's something the Finnish army can do right, it's the sleeping gear. Our kip mat is the best one we've ever seen, to be honest. These are made by the official army contractor, Savotta. You can see from the price you've got quality coming.

Admittedly a traditional sleeping mat is OK, but if you want to take it a few steps further, try this:

Length :  74.8 inches

Width : 39.3 inches

Dimensions when Rolled : 19.6” x 8.66”

Thickness : Just shy of being ¾ inch thick

Skirts :

Fabric : 210D Nylon PU Coated

Anti-Skid : Rubber Coated bottom

The 1,2 cm thick foam keeps cold away and cushions just enough.

25 cm wide foldable extensions on both sides and a 20 cm long one on the foot end. These are super - you won't touch the wet ground even if you slip while asleep...

...which is unlikely, thanks to good friction on the top of the mat.

Length 190 cm (+ 20 cm), width 50 cm (+ 50 cm), weight 1 kg.

Elastic loops to secure the mat - you won't be needing extra straps to keep this rolled. You can also use the loops to secure the mat to the rucksack, like some of us did in the army. If you did this wrong, the mat constantly banged against the back of your helmet, which is something that god fairly annoying on a long tab.

Made of very high quality materials. These are meant to work in Finnish weather conditions, which are very cold when they're not otherwise wet and nasty.

The workmanship is also top notch, and to the best of our knowledge fill the army requirements. Well OK, you wouldn't expect any less from a kip mat this expensive.

Compared to self-inflatable mats, the advantage of a "traditional" foam mat is the impeccable durability and ease of use. These won't mind if you happen to shove them into something sharp.

Founded in 1955 Finn-Savotta, or just Savotta, is known for their simplistic and extremely rugged designs. For decades Savotta has been the go-to supplier of hiking gear for the Finnish civilian market and combat gear and tents for the defence forces.

Monday, September 4, 2017

She Won't Even Try It! - Kalakalle Fish Cock - Camper's Cafe

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Wait, Wait....what is it called? Today for this episode of the Camper's Cafe, Luke eats a Finnish speciality while Susan watches in disgust!  Not really...but close.

Kalakalle Fish Cock, 182 g, canned

4.99 USD

Link :

Price : $4.99

A traditional Finnish delicacy in canned version, 5 years of shelf life and does not contain cock! If "Fish Cock" doesn't automatically mean food to you, it's a Finnish speciality - fish baked inside rye bread. This is a perfect snack or trekking food, always ready to eat and contains enough energy to keep you going and enough high quality protein to keep you in shape.

Foreign people might wonder why the excellent delicacy is called fish cock and, well, it's a wonder for us too, since this food originally comes from Savo, a remote location in the middle of Finland known for inbreeding and incapacity to form sentences that mean anything. In Savo, fish cock means food and flying fish cock a train.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Thank you! - Fire Starting Kit - Patreon Winner Announcement

This is the 3rd of 3 videos which has gone live today and this is the Fire Starting Kit Winner Announcement for Patreon Donators.  Did you Win?

The other videos involve the announcement of a winner of a Giveaway  for all of the viewers (Dutch Military Pack) and there is a new giveaway beginning today so make sure to enter that one.

This is a way for me to give back to you all; thank you all for the support.

Was It You? - Dutch Military Rucksack - Viewer Winner Announcement

This is the 2nd of 3 videos which has gone live today and this is the winner announcement of the Dutch Military Rucksack.  Did you Win?

The other videos involve the announcement of a winner of a special Patreon Giveaway and there is a new giveaway for all viewers beginning today.

This is a way for me to give back to you all; thank you all for the support.

FREE GEAR!!!! - Three Piece Giveaway - ENTER NOW

This is the 1st of 3 videos which has gone live today and this is a new giveaway for some great outdoor gear! Enter Now!

The other videos involve the announcement of a winner of a special Patreon Giveaway and there is the winner announcement of the Dutch Military pack as well.

This is a way for me to give back to you all; thank you all for the support.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Close to a Disaster! - Sierra Designs Divine Light 1 FL - Test Night

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Very Close to a Disaster!

During this episode of Test Night, Luke pushes the Sierra Designs Divine Light FL 1 Tent to it's limits!

Do Not Attempt to do this yourself on purpose as this is dangerous!


Link Sierra Designs :

Link Amazon :

Price : Retail is $320 but I have seen this tent as low as $270 on Amazon and Campmor.

Packaged Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz / 1.50 kg

You can drop 6oz of weight by using trekking poles.

A foot print is available for an addition $30.  I prefer to use a sheet of light weight plastic instead.



Non-free standing

Single Wall Hybrid

·         Wider Ceiling Than Floor = More Livable Space
·         Full 360 Degrees of Ventilation
·         Trekking Pole Compatible
·         Out of the Way Gear Storage
·         2
·         J-shaped door with waterproof window panel
·         10" awning coverage over side doors
·         Reflective guylines and guyout loops
·         Awning Vestibule
·         Interior mesh pocket
·         Hybrid Double/Single wall construction
·         DAC aluminum poles
·         Fully taped seams (PVC Free)
·         Night Glow included

2 doors. 1 vestibule

·         Vestibule Area: 6.20 ft2 / .58 m2
·         Floor Area: 17.10 ft2 / 1.59 m2
·         Peak Height: 45.5" / 115.6 cm
·         Dimensions (L x W): 88" x 30" (Head) / 26" (Foot) // 224 cm x 76 cm (Head) / 66 cm (Foot)
·         Packed Size: (L x W): 14" x 5.75" / 35.56 cm x 14.6 cm
·         Number of Guylines: 4
·         Stake Type Quantity: 11 DAC J-Stakes
·         Number of Poles: 3 (2 vertical poles, 1 footbox pole)
·         Pole Type: DAC NSL / DAC Pressfit
·         Fly Fabric: 20D Nylon Ripstop, Silicone/1500mm PE, FR CPAI84
·         Floor Fabric: 30D Nylon Ripstop, WR/3000mm PE, FR CPAI84
·         Body Fabric: 15D Nylon No-See-Um Mesh


Impressions :

This tent is very much different in terms of design than most tents on the market as it has very sharp angles and almost vertical walls.  This design offers the camper with a lot of useable space for themselves and their gear.

Pros :

Can use trekking poles to save some weight if you use them
Setup is exceptionally easy.
Ventilation is amazing
Plenty of space inside of the tent to sit-up, to move around, and for gear.
Large vestibule does a great job of protecting your gear;
The porch is awesome for storm free nights
Taped seams
Fully waterproof floor

Cons :

the high profile and vertical walls will need to be of a concern in bad weather.  With that being the case, PRO TIP : Pay extra close attention to staking out this tent as it is especially important.  If you do a poor job of staking this tent out, it may punish you for that carelessness during a storm.

Condensation does build on the walls and a towel maybe needed before the night is through in extreme cases.

Secondary door doesn’t have a protective flap over the zipper and during driving rain, water will leak into the tent.

Because of the high profile this tent may not be best used in very windy environments.

Since this is a non-free standing tent it will best be used in areas where the ground isn’t overly rocky or hard.

Pro Tip :

Make sure to zip the tent up when you are packing the tent up. This way when you go to setup the tent in the future you won’t have to worry about creepy crawlies getting inside during the setup process.

I really like this tent so far with my testing.  It’s very versatile, lightweight, spacious, and it’s very good quality.