Saturday, September 30, 2017

Best Custom Sheath? – Yellow Hawk Custom Kydex - Viewer Product Showcase...

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This is episode 1 of the Viewer Product Showcase and tonight I'm featuring a sheath from Yellow Hawk Custom Kydex.  Could this possibly be the best custom sheath that Luke has ever seen?

Find out now!

If you have a product which you would like to have featured on the Viewer Product Showcase, shoot me a message to learn how the process works.

More coming soon!

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Cost : Will completely depend on what you are looking for and what bells and whistles that you choose.  Price-wise these are comparable to other custom makers but there is a difference between many and Yellow Hawk – The Quality!

What it is :

Each sheath is handmade to order which means that they are 100% customizable.  They are able to make sheaths for most knives but not every knife is a good fit so talk with the owner to get some feedback.

I like the fact that this company is going to communicate with you each step of the way as the sheath is made.  In fact, they like to text to have direct and quick communication.  You aren’t going to find that with most sheath companies.

With this company, each sheath is going to be different because each sheath is made specifically for the client.  I like that!  No generic forms, everything is custom.

45 degree cross draw tek lok belt clip

Web Site Thoughts

Who would you rather have build your custom sheath? A computer programmer or insurance salesman who has only been doing it part time for a few years because he needs some extra money, or a U.S. Army Special Operations Veteran who does this full time.

My thoughts :


I have to be up front and honest, I’m not the biggest kydex fan in the world, I suppose that you could say that I am more old school;

I like for the stock of my rifle to be made from wood and I like the sheath for my knife to be made from leather but this is f---ing awesome!  This is by far the best craftsmanship that I have seen as far as custom kydex sheaths go and I have seen plenty.

Excellent features – fire steel / flashlight

Multiple ways to carry

Light weight

Very solid construction – nothing feels flimsy

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