Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Budget Friendly and Awesome - Swedish Army Mess Kit with Trangia Stove –...

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Today Luke is reviewing the Swedish Army Mess Kit with Trangia Stove and he is going to tell you how to purchase it for a much lower price than what you will find it for in the USA.

By the way, it's AWESOME!

Link :

Price : $22.99

Weight : 2.2lbs

What is Included:

·         Swedish Issue Trangia Burner - Free from any defects

·         Swedish SPRIT 35 Bottle for fueling your Trangia Burner

·         Swedish Army Trangia Burner Windscreen

·         Reproduction Swedish Mess Kit

Why this is an excellent buy :

These cook sets are absolutely awesome because they are so versatile.  You can run the alcohol stove or you can use this as a wood burning system.  Here in the US, these cooksets are expensive and are typically found on ebay for well over $100.  Even outside of the US, these are commonly sold for over $30 but with $25 shipping charges.

A combination of an aluminium mess tin and an alcohol stove. Perhaps not a state of the art plasma-cooker from outer space, but virtually indestructible, affordable and very effective. The mess tin is new production, made by Mil-Tec, rest is Swedish army surplus.

The small accessories pack into the mess tin and the holder slides over it. The cooking process is very simple and the system is quick to set up:

Take the mess tin out of the holder

Inside the holder there are two metal wire thingies. Open these so that when you put the mess tin back into the holder, the tin won't go all the way down. Don't put the tin in just yet.

Take the burner cup out of the mess tin, unscrew the cap, pour in some fuel, place it on the bottom of the holder (under the wire thingies) and light it by holding a burning match over it.

Put whatever you want to cook into the mess tin and slide it into the holder over the burner cup. The wire thingies should hold the mess tin over the burner.

If the instructions seem hard to understand, don't worry - when you get the product, you'll be able to figure all this by yourself. If not, you should not have been allowed to play with fire to begin with.

Further instructions:

This is an alcohol cooker. Few countries sell pure alcohol for normal people, but there are lots of denaturated sorts made exactly for this use. We recommend either Marinol or Sinol. Marinol has a more neutral odor, but Sinol is available from us.

NO FUEL IS INCLUDED - the small, EMPTY plastic bottle is for your convenience as normally fuel is sold in unwieldly big containers. It's up to you to fill it.

The burner cup and fuel bottle are meant to be transported inside the mess tin. It's a good idea to put them into a small resealable plastic bag before putting them into the tin, as denaturated alcohol will make your food taste real bad, and it's a nuisance to get it off.

Always use the lid when cooking things. Makes stuff cook much faster and keeps you from looking like a dolt.

The wire handle has a small notch on the top to facilitate hanging the mess kit over a campfire, for example.

1.     Fill your Trangia burner with alcohol from the alcohol flask that comes with this set. For best results we recommend using denatured alcohol.

2.     Adjust the metal support posts in the windscreen to support your mess kit.

3.     Light your Trangia burner.

4.     Place windscreen over your Trangia burner.

5.     Mix your meal in your mess kit, and slide it into the windscreen.

6.     Prepare to enjoy your hot freshly cooked camp meal.

7.     Make sure your Trangia burner is cool before putting cap on to protect the rubber o-ring.

The windscreen has the three crowns which means that this is legit Swedish military


In a pinch you can use these stoves with a wood fire but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you absolutely have to.  High heat remove the finish


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