Friday, November 29, 2019

Military Tent Vote

Some snow is moving into the area late this weekend and I plan to get out in it and film a Military Surplus Adventure and I would like for you to decide which military tent to use.
Voting is on the right-hand-side of the page; cast your vote there.

The Options are;



Litefighter 1 Man

Kelty Field Tent

Mountain Hardwear Hunker 1

Diamond Brand Gear Marine Combat Tent

No Commentary Version - Winter Stealth Cowboy Camp

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Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday; this is a special version of the 10F (-12C) Stealth Winter Cowboy Camp Overnight Adventure which features no talking; Full ASMR.

I hope that you all enjoy it.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

No Commentary Version - Japanese Gear Overnight Camp

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This is a special version of the Japanese Gear Camp Overnight Adventure that I want to share with you all for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It features no commentary by me and certainly mixes it up a bit.  I hope that you all enjoy it!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Will It Leak? - Test Night - Zpacks Duplex - Wind and Rain

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It is time to put the Zpacks Duplex Tent through a night of heavy rain and wind!  Will it Leak?  Is it difficult to setup in the dark?

Find out now.


Agenda Free Link Zpacks Duplex :

Agenda Free Link Zpacks Flex Flex Freestanding Kit :

Friday, November 22, 2019

10F (-12C) Stealth Cowboy Winter Camp Overnight Adventure

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This is the 10F (-12C) Stealth Winter Cowboy Camp Overnight Adventure and it has it all;

Very Cold Temps.
Snow on the Ground.
Stealth Camping on a Mountain Top.
And one of the best sunrises EVER!

Thank you for joining me for this trip, more are to come!


Gear List :

Backpack : Fjallraven Keb 52L
Sleeping Pad I : Thermarest Xtherm
Sleeping Pad II : German Army Folding Sleeping Pad
Bivvy : Mammut Ultralight Bivvy
Sleeping Bag : Fjallraven Polar -20
Plastic Groundsheet : MLD Plastic Sheet
Headlamp : NiteCore NU32 Rechargeable Headlamp
Watch : Casio PRO TREK WSD-F21HR

Stove and Stand : Trangia Alcohol Stove with Cooker Stand
Kettle : Expedition Research Kettle
Cup/Pot : Toaks 750ml Pot
Soto Helix Coffee Maker

Beanie : SmartWool Merino 150 Beanie
Face-mask : IO Merino Wool – Discontinued
Jacket : Arc’teryx – Not sure of the model, bought used off of eBay
Pants : Hybrid Outback Pants from Helikon-Tex
Boots : Baffin Zone Winter Boots

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Issues? - Before You Buy - Kelty One Man Military Field Tent

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Before You Buy!
This episode is all about the setup process for the Kelty One Man Military Field Tent;


Agenda Free Link :

Monday, November 18, 2019

PD36R or PD35? - Fenix PD36R Flashlight Review

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Today Luke has two flashlights, the PD36R and the PD35, both are from Fenix.  Which does he recommend?

Find out now.

Agenda Free Link PD36R :

Agenda Free Link PD35 :

Price of PD36R : $100
Price of PD35 : $70

Weight : 5.8oz

Max Lumens : 1600 Lumens

Battery : Large 5000 mAh Battery - High-capacity 21700

Length: 5.4” (136mm) Body: 1.0” (25.4mm)  Head: 1.0” (26.4mm)

LUMINUS SST-40 LED -  1600 Lumen max output -  USB Type-C charging

Battery Level indicator -  Dual Switch Operation - High-strength Aluminum Body

Premium type HAIII Hard anodized anti-abrasive finish -  PD36R Outputs

Turbo - 1600 Lumens/2.9 hours/928 feet
High - 800 Lumens/5.9 hours/646 feet
Med - 350 Lumens/8.5 Hours/419 feet
Low - 150 Lumens/26 Hours/269 feet
Eco - 30 Lumens/115 Hours/114 feet
Strobe - 1600 Lumens

Green Steady: 85-100% power -  Green Flashing: 50-85% power -   Red Steady: 25-50% power

Red Flashing: 1-25% power

The switch also indicates when the cell power is low during use; red flashing only.

Warmer color to the light; slight yellow tint

Over all I am really happy with this because I feel the beam is a bit wider and I think it makes it more useful all around. The clip is rather nice too, although I only started messing with the clip after recording. My hope is that the side button is good and strong because I recall seeing a review of another model which apparently had multiple people complaining that the side button popped out and they had the parts laying on a piece of paper to show what happened. But I have not seen such reports on the PD36R, but it is early days and I have little doubt that issue was a model-isolated incident since out of all my Fenix lights, I never had such a thing happen ever.

USB-C : Finally I have a flashlight which has USB-C; the same cable as my phone.

Dual switches
Battery level indictor

I can’t think of a thing to complain about on this light.  It meets its specifications, and is a reasonably priced complete package light.

Brighter than the advertised rating according to online testers who have equipment to test lumens ratings.

The PD36R is well built.  There’s nothing glaringly bad, and everything works like it should.  I like the e-switch cover in particular, as I’m partial to metal switch covers.

Also for retaining the light is a two-way friction fit pocket clip, which attaches only on the tail end.  It’s quite snug, and can hold the lanyard thorough a hole in the shoulder.

Runtimes for Turbo and High follow.  The drop off Turbo is fairly quick, then the light holds 1400 lumens for a good 20 minutes, then around 950 lumens for around 100 minutes.  The light didn’t shut off, but output became so low, you’ll notice lowered output.

The charge port cover works fairly well, and stays put when it’s pressed down.


Meets and exceeds specification

Simple to use

Good complete package light

Utilizes USB-C for charging

Fast charges the 5000mAh 21700 - A full charge takes just 4 hours

Metal e-switch cover

Good charging port cover – doesn’t pop open

Indicating side-switch

It features a smooth reflector and it gives you a really nice beam pattern where you have focused beam along with a really good spill that allows you to see everything in front of you.

With turbo mode, you get almost 3 hours of runtime, with the high mode you get almost 6 hours, and with the medium mode you get 8 and a half hours. These are extremely impressive runtimes for the higher outputs. We normally don’t see such fantastic runtimes which makes me very excited about the PD36R.

Pocket clip is tight


No direct access to low

Overall long light

Can’t tail-stand

Can get hot with higher mode use

I was surprised to see that the eco mode was 30 lumens. I would have expected the eco mode to be 5 lumens or less so that was a bit of a surprise.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Into the Windy Mountains

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Luke is back with another adventure and this one involves some beautiful fields along the NC and VA border.

Into the Windy Mountains!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Emergency Outdoor Shelter That I Carry

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This episode is all about the Emergency Shelter that I personally carry with me on my adventures;

Day Hikes and Overnight Trips as well.


Tarp : RAB Siltarp 1 Shelter

Agenda Free Tarp Link :

Price : $63 at the time of filming on Amazon


Agenda Free Tent Stakes Link :

Price : $3.75 each

Cordage : Atwood 1.1mm Micro Cord 1.18mm Micro Cord

Agenda Free Cordage Link :

Price : $5.99 – 125ft

Weight for the entire setup : 10oz


The Siltarp 1 from RAB is a light-weight 1 person shelter for fast-and-light adventures and for hasty emergency situations. It's made of ultralight Sil-Coat™ Cordura® fabric, which is fully waterproof and strong.

The Siltarp can be set up using anything from trekking poles to trees.

Stuff sack is included.


With any adventure that I go on, I generally carry with me an Emergency Shelter which can serve multiple purposes.  What you see above is the Integral Designs SilTarp 1 which is a 30D silicone-impregnated Cordura ripstop nylon tarp that measures 87 x 60 in.

The packed Size is 6 x 3 in and it weighs 7 oz.

With my setup, I have attached 9ft lines to each of the corners and have put 4 tent stakes into the stuff sack which has brought the weight of the system up to 10oz.

Purposes :

Day Hikes : Offers protection from quickly approaching storms or if you get stuck out on the trail over night, etc.

Overnight Adventures : Protection from storms while hiking, protection from the sun at camp and so on.

By the way, Integral Designs was purchased by Rab years ago and if you are interested in this tarp, it is now known as the Rab Siltarp1 Shelter

Tarps make for excellent emergency shelters as they are quick to construct in an emergency situation with A-frame, Lean-to, etc.

Hiking can be some of the most enjoyable adventures, but you must always be prepared for the worst-case-scenario. Emergency shelters are not a luxurious hotel, but it gets the job done and keeps you safe from the weather.

Question :

What emergency shelter do you carry with you?  Do you even carry one?

Monday, November 11, 2019

Redo - Budget Hot Tent Challenge - Vote Now! - You Select The Tent - Part 1

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This is the Hot Tent Challenge Redo!

The previous video was a mess thanks to a mix up at OneTigris but that's ok as I have two tents for YOU to decide on

Shall we use the Black Orca Iron Wall or the Wild Haven for our Budget Hot Tent Challenge?  Vote Now!

Voting Link :

Part 1 involves a setup, overview and initial impressions of the tent which you decide to base the challenge around.

Part 2 will be to test out its waterproof abilities to learn if anything needs to be addressed before moving on to the next step.

Part 3 will be the installation of a stove jack.

With Part 4 we will locate and install a stove.

Part 5 Lastly it will be the adventure with the stove itself.


Agenda Free Iron Wall Link :

Agenda Free Wild Haven Link :

Friday, November 8, 2019

Into the Red Fog - Heavy Rain and Dense Fog in a Mountain Shelter (ASMR)

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When the weather takes a turn for the worst that is when the Lone Wolf ventures out to explore the mountains.  In this episode, it's raining heavily, the fog is thick and strange events are to occur.

This is an ASMR friendly adventure.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Gerber ComplEAT Utensil Set Review

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After months of use I'm ready to pass on my review of the Gerber ComplEAT Camp Cooking Tool which is an Utensil Set for backpacking, camping and bushcraft.

Is it any good?
Are there any issues?
Will it cut you?

Find out now.

Agenda Free Link :

Price : Retail is $30 – Be careful as there are some selling these on Amazon for over $50.

Weight : 2.3oz

Color : Silver (which you see here)Onyx, Flate Sage and Burnt Bronz

Materials : Anodized Aluminum, polymer and rubber.

On the trail, the most important meal of the day is the one you’re about to eat. Gerber's ComplEAT tool has the bases covered with a fork, spoon, spatula, and 4 function multi-tool that nest for transport as well as snap together to convert into functional tongs. Cook, eat, clean and get back out there.

Length: 7.75"

Width: 1.5"

Weight: 2.3 oz

Spatula [serrated & silicone edge]

High temp nylon w/ silicone overmold

Long tine fork

Deep basin spoon

Tongs [fork or spoon + spatula]

Multi-tool components:

Bottle opener

Veggie peeler

Serrated package opener

Can opener

Pros :

Very light weight.


The tong functionality is excellent

Spatula is handy even though I have to admit that I have only used it once and it was to simply use it.  Other wise I tend to use the spoon or the fork

Everything with this kit works; from the can opener to the pealer.

Excellent quality

Well thought out

Excellent for a couple when backpacking or for car camping

Cons :

The question for you to consider before buying this is this; do you really need all that this offers you.  If yes this is a great kit.  If not, then you can get away with less which will be lighter and less expensive.

Can opener is sharp and because of its position there is a possibly of cutting yourself when separating the components.  Also, again because of its position and sharpness, it could potentially cut up your gear if proper precautions aren’t taken. Placing a cover over this edge is an easy solution; a range band works perfectly.

The set can only be secured when all of the component are together which means that once you take one item out, it falls a part and you can’t leave any unneeded pieces at home when you don’t need them.

I have had other viewers mention discolorations when these are washed in a dish water; I wash everything the old-fashioned way; by hand and I can’t comment on that.  No issues so far.

Also, with the colored version I have heard that the color can be scratched off; again I have no experience with that but I’m mentioning it for the sake of awareness.

Summary :

As with all of my videos, it is not my place to tell you what to buy but rather pass on my thoughts concerning the products which I review.  With the ComplEAT I have been using this for months now and I must say thank you to a viewer who sent this in to me very kindly; thank you very much.

I have used this product in just about every capacity; backpacking, car camping, bushcraft and I like it!  It’s not perfect mind you and I would encourage anyone who is potentially interested in this to consider all of the uses and whether this is a good fit for them.  If you are someone who heats up meals on the trail, I would say skip it and go with a long handled titanium spoon/spork.

If you are someone who does a lot of cooking and may use all of the features, you should consider it; it’s smartly designed, well made and make sure that you do not pay over $30 for this.  At one time there was a seller on Amazon charging $100.  I personally saw one seller charging over $50 at the time of filming.

Monday, November 4, 2019

This is unbelievable!!! - Viewer Mail Episode #67

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Instagram :

Without a doubt Jim is a talented guy and in this video you are to see what he has made for Susie and I!  Also, the generosity of our viewers shines with Coffee and all sorts of goodies.

As always, we are thankful for our viewers and all the kindness that they show us.

Jim Graham Email :
Jim Graham Facebook :


Saturday, November 2, 2019

Mountain Camping Overnight Adventure + Cast Iron Cooking and Rain

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Thank you all for watching my latest adventure which is all about getting out and enjoying nature and the elements.

It doesn't matter how you do it, just have fun and appreciate.