Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Austrian Folding Shovel - Preview

It's Military Surplus Wednesday and we are taking a look at the Austrian Folding Shovel.


Austrian Army shovel with rugged vinyl cover. Rugged steel spade head has 2 positions: locked straight out, or at a 90 degree angle. Great quality, used in very good condition.

Genuine Austrian army surplus folding shovel and cover. Hardwood fixed handle with all steel components and lock in 3 positions. 6" by 9" shovel head and measure folded 19" overall and extended 26 inches. Rubberized carry pouch has a quick release strap, pistol belt clips, and are used in good condition.

measurements: 19.25" long when folded.
blade width : 5.25” 8.25” long blade
Total length : 25.5”
Weight approximately 3.5lbs

Monday, December 29, 2014

Quick Response : The TOGR Gear Shed

I've been asked to show off the TOGR Gear Shed and here it is.
It's a work in progress and much needs to be done but this is where I'm at currently.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Christmas Bushcraft Lunch

This is the Christmas Bushcraft Lunch!
Kick back with a warm cup of coffee and enjoy.
Happy Holidays everyone.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Christmas Bushcraft Lunch - INTRO

Surprise!   This is the INTRO for The Christmas Bushcraft Lunch which will be online on Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Fjallraven Packbags - Preview

This is the preview for the Fjallraven Packbags.

Retail $30.00

These come in two different color schemes:
Vivid which is very colorful and earth tones.

Measure them :
Product Details

Colourful packbags in polyester fabric keep order in your backpack. Drawcord closure.

A set of four packbags. Three colored bags and one meshbag. Meshbag also useful for washing and melting snow.

Sizes and details

Width: 40 cm
Weight: total 3.6oz for all 5 bags.  .8 each

Package is 6inches 4 inches and contains 4 larger sized bags.

The larger bags are 11.5 inches wide and 25.5 inches long

Consumer Material: Other Material
Outer material: Polyester PU-coated

Each one of these 4 pouches have a purpose in my pack. Once you familiarize yourself with color coding what each one holds it makes everything much easier to find all the little odds and ends you normally have floating around in your pack.

I will be using these in the future with our overnight adventures.  You all have seen the Vaultz mesh bags that i use but theses are much, much bigger.

Three of the bags are made from supple nylon with a printed logo on the side. One is a mesh bag that gives a good overview of the content. The mesh bag can also be used as a laundry bag to "spin-dry" wet clothes in the field or to melt snow during a winter trek. Small sticks and debris stay in the mesh bag leaving you with cleaner melted snow.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Giveaway - Enter NOW!

Happy Holidays everyone!
It's time for a giveaway for 3 main winners and 20 secondary winners!

Entering the Contest is simple; state how the TOGR has inspired you over the last two years.  Maybe you bought some gear, maybe you went on an adventure, etc.  The winners will be selected shortly after Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Thank you for making TOGR what is today.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nalgene Tritan Oasis Canteen - Review

Today we are reviewing the Nalgene Tritan Oasis Canteen.


$8.50 on Amazon

Available in three colors; Blue, Gray and Red

Leakproof threaded cap.

Made from Eastman Tritan copolyester that is manufactured without BPA. Resistant to staining and retaining odor.

32 oz narrow-mouth

Weight : 4.6oz

A standard issue military canteen weighs : 5oz

Get Canteen Cup :

No plastic taste to it at all after washing it and using it for the first time. In contrast, my army one has always had some plastic-ish type flavor to the water ever since it was new. This canteen is the same shape and size as the military version and as such fits right into the canteen cup and holder.

The benefits of a clear canteen is that you can see exactly how much water you have left.

Also you can easily see if the canteen needs to be cleaned.

As for improvements, I’d like to see nalgene include measuring lines into the plastic.  That would be a beneficial super easy thing to do.

Works with canteen cups and pouches.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fenix UC35 Rechargeable Flashlight - Preview and Test

Today we are taking a look at a flashlight from Fenix.  This is the UC35 Rechargeable Flashlight.

Suggested Retail Price is $114 but I’ve seen this light as cheap as $89 on the net.

6 brightness levels
Turbo: 960 Lumens (1 hour 30 min.)
High: 480 Lumens (2 hours 40 min.)
Mid: 180 Lumens (9 hours 15 min.)
Low: 50 Lumens (38 hours)
Eco: 14 Lumens (150 hours)
Strobe mode at 960 Lumens

Maximum beam throw of 656 feet

Micro-USB rechargeable (cable included)

Protective circuit designed to protect against over-charge and over-heating

Low-power warning function

IPX-8 waterproof rating (2 meters for 30 minutes)

Compatible with 18650 rechargeable battery (included) or two CR123 batteries

Intelligent memory circuit automatically enters the previously used brightness level when turned on
Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation

Digitally regulated output - maintains constant brightness

Anti-roll, slip-resistant body design

Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum

Premium Type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish

Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

5.9 inches/150mm (Length) x 1 inch/25.4mm (Diameter)

3.49oz/99-gram weight (excluding the battery)

Fenix UC35 LED Flashlight Wtih Pocketclip


Micro-USB Cable

Fenix ARBL2P 18650 battery  This flashlight even comes with a nice 3200 mAh 18650 standard sized Li-ion battery.

Spare o-rings

Users Manual

Can be charged from your computer, a plug in phone charger, solar charger, even your car.

The mode switch also lights up red while charging, and turns green upon full charge.

Friday, December 12, 2014

After The Camp: Drenched - Military SurplusOvernight Adventure II

This is After the Camp and today we are discussing Drenched - The Military Surplus Overnight Adventure II.

Pack : Large Alice Pack - Love and Hate it.
 It’s large, inexpensive and there are a lot of ways to modify it.  The ALICE pack was built with one purpose in mind – rugged performance.  Field tested by countless soldiers around the world, the ALICE has earned its reputation as a rugged beast of a pack.  With that said, it is a NO FRILLS pack.  Don’t expect the posh features and design of a recreational back-pack. You can use the ALICE pack without the frame but don’t waste your time – especially with loads of 40 lbs or more – it is really uncomfortable.  The frame helps to distribute the weight and makes a HUGE difference with heavy loads.  The ALICE pack isn’t the most comfortable pack in the world.
  • Built to last
  • Rugged & Tough
  • Versatile
  • 2 sizes (both sizes mount on the same frame)
  • Proven by 1000s of soldiers in the field
  • Very affordable
  • Not the most comfortable pack on the market
  • Old school metal adjusters and closures
  • No easy access pockets for bottles, etc.

Tarp : USMC Field Tarp - Shelf setup - provided exactly what I needed in terms of coverage and protection from the elements.  Naturally with the materials and the rain, it did begin to absorb moisture and was one saggy shelter by morning.  When packing everything up to head out of the woods it weighed at least 2x as much because of water.

Sleeping Bag : Intermediate bag, part of the modular sleep system

Sleeping Pad : I know that at least a few people remembered were I found this pad.  Laying in the woods along the Appalachian Trail.  

Bivy : USMC 3 Season Improved Bivy - Great bivy especially if you can find one for a good price.  For people who hate bugs having the integrated mesh is very much appreciated.  Kept me nice and dry through out the night and added a few degrees of warmth.

Knife : Gerber LMF II - Coyote Brown, runs about $63. Includes a good sheath with has a built in sharpener. I’ve read stories about pilots using this knife in Iraq to bust out the windows of crashed helicopters.  This is not a good wood processing knife and really has military applications in mind.  For backpacking, camping, bushcraft and so on, I would go with something else.

Cookset : Yugoslavian Mess Kit This is a great bit of military surplus that you can pick up on the cheap.  I have a video on this if you haven’t seen it already.
You have the stainless steel spoon, fork, kind which also include bottle opener and can opener.
Small cup, bowl, and pot with a canteen.

Poncho : German Snow Poncho

Food : Drytech Real Turmat reindeer meal.  Reindeer is caribue.  Sadly it is going to be very difficult to find these in the us.  I contacted the company and they said that they do not sale their products here.  The only chance we have to get our hands on them is to have them imported from Europe.    Absolutely amazing so far.  I can’t wait to have another one.

Clothing : Typically everyday clothing for myself.  Fjallraven Pants, old navy active shirt, wool socks, mammut fleece.  

Weather : As you all saw in the video my area was forecasted with a winter storm, heavy wet snow with about 7 inches of accumulation.  That isn’t what we got.  Instead of snow we received about half an inch of rain that night.  Work up in the morning and it had turned to snow but almost immediately turned back into rain.

Behind the Scenes : While I loved this trip what i didn’t love was fighting the moisture while filming.  The cameras were fogging up, getting wet and by the end of the adventure i was irritated.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

ThruNite Archer 2A V2 - First Look and Test

Today we are taking a look at the ThruNite Archer 2A V2 flashlight!


Archer 2A V2:
Official Store:
Amazon US:
Amazon Canada:
Amazon Germany:
Amazon UK:

Five modes: firefly, low, medium, high and strobe.

- LED: CREE XP-L V6 LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.

- Modes & Run-time: Firefly:0.055lumen(672 hours); Low:17lumen(96 hours); Medium:75lumen(11 hours); High:450lumen(100 minutes); Strobe:450lumen(140 minutes).

- Max output: 450lumen using two AA batteries.

- Max run time: 672hours (Firefly mode)

- Max beam distance: 130 meters.
- Peak beam intensity: 4232 cd.
- Impact resistant: 2 meters.

- Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (1.5meters)
Weight with batteries :

Weight without Batteries :

- Dimensions: 160mm in length, 23mm bezel diameter.
1.      pocket clip

2.      spare O ring

- Stainless steel strike bezel for defense and emergency applications.

- Reversed polarity protection system prevents damage to the light.

- New orange peel reflector for a high quality beam.

- Ultra clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating.

- Aircraft grade aluminum body structure with tactical knurling for firm grip.

- Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish.

- U shape groove at the tail for easy activation as well as preventing accidentally activation.

- Reversible and removable stainless steel pocket clip with titanium coating for durability.

- Memory function to set any mode(except for strobe) for immediate use.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Swedish Double Layer Wool Scarf - Preview

It's Military Surplus Wednesday and we are taking a look at the Swedish Double Layer Wool Scarf.

Typically these are found for about $2 each which is a great price especially for wool!


Available in three colors : blue, gray and olive drab

When it's cold and the wind is blowing, nothing is better than a good scarf.

42" Long x 7" Wide

Double Layered Wool Construction

Rolls Up Into Watch Cap

One Size Fits All

Military Origin : Sweden
Construction : Wool
Weight : 3.6 -3.9oz

Monday, December 8, 2014

Fjallraven Poncho - Preview and Test

Today we are taking a look at the Fjallraven Poncho.

These run around $123 dollars if you can find them in the United States.  These are much easier to find outside of the country.

I picked this one up at for $50 and it has been a fantastic purchase.  I enjoy hiking and backpacking in the rain and this poncho does a great job at keeping me nice and dry.

Material: 100% polyamide based Hydratic - breathability 5000g/m²/24h and waterproofness 5000mm
Snaps on the side


Weight: 391g or 13.7 oz
Length from the shoulder : 48.4 inches or 123 centimeters

My experiences :
I have used this poncho roughly 20 or 30 times over the years and it’s my go to poncho for most conditions.  Some times I wear it as a wind block, some times in the snow but mostly in the rain.

I’m worn it in all conditions and it really performs well.
Light rain, no problem
Heavy rain, no problem.

It is like most ponchos and rain jackets, it’s breathable but if you’re in the pouring rain and you’re walking around, some condensation will gather on the inside.  If you’re hiking long enough you may get damp but you won’t get wet.  

For a poncho that is about as good as it gets.  Never have I had this poncho fail and that says a lot.  Many others have.

For $123 I have to admit that is expensive.  Really, Really expensive and you have to decide if it’s worth the price.  For the $50 that I paid for mine, I couldn’t be happier.

Very light weight, quick to dry.

Fjallraven seems to have a new version of this poncho available outside of the USA if you go looking for one, it may look slightly different.

This underestimated functional garment should always be included in your equipment when you are out in the wilderness. The poncho has many areas of use. It can naturally be used when it rains, it is just a matter of throwing the poncho over yourself and your backpack. However, a poncho can also be used as a tarp, wind sack or to cover your sleeping bag when sleeping under the stars. It is useful during your day-to-day activities, when commuting to and from work, when you are biking or when you are at outdoor concerts. Add a pair of chaps if you want to have more protection for your legs.  Height (measured from the shoulder): 112 cm Length (from one side to another): 135 cm

Friday, December 5, 2014

Morakniv Outdoor Orange Kit - Preview and Test

Today we are taking a look at the Morakniv Outdoor Orange Kit.
Great Knife.  Great Camp Axe.

$56 on amazon.

The Mora Outdoor Kit contains an orange Morakniv 2000 and an orange Mora Outdoor Axe. With this kit you'll be able to handle virtually any camp task that may arise. The Mora 2000 knife features a profile ground, multi-function blade constructed of cold-rolled stainless steel and a high friction, ergonomic handle.

The Mora Outdoor Axe is a lightweight camping / backpacking axe featuring an epoxy coated boron steel axe head and a reinforced, contoured handle A leather sheath is included to cover the cutting edge. The handle design provides nice balance for all-day comfort.

Both items have high-visibility orange coloration to prevent loss in low-light conditions or snow. Made in Sweden

Mora 2000 Knife
High visibility orange handle and sheath
Sandvik 12C27 cold-rolled stainless steel blade
High-friction ergonomic handle
Blade: 4.6 in. x .0984 in. drop point
Overall length: 9.11 in.
3.25 oz.

Mora Outdoor Axe
Epoxy coated, boron steel axe head
Contoured ergonomic reinforced handle
Leather sheath covers cutting edge
Blade: .23 inch thick, 4.5 inches long
Overall length: 12.6 inches
1 lb., 2 oz.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yukon Outfitters Overwatch Sling Pack - Preview

Today we are taking a look at the Yukon Outfitters Overwatch Sling Pack.

$49 on their web site.

OD Green, Storm Grey, and Coyote/Foliage two-tone, black,

Looks just like
Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger pack but a LOT cheaper!  The Max pack runs around $110

The maxpedition bag is made from stronger materials and for those who are really hard on their gear, that may be a better choice.  So far though I have no reason to think that this bag is of poor quality but I have seen a report of the zippers failing.

I picked this up from for $30.  One of the viewers spotted this deal, shared it and I figured I would check it out as well.

This is my first experience with Yukon Outfitters.
The Yukon Overwatch Sling Pack serves as an ultra-convenient single chest strap carrying system with water bottle attachment. This MOLLE compatible pack will keep you prepared for the unknown. It can also serve a hard day of reconnaissance, hiking, or general outdoor activity.

The Yukon Overwatch Sling Pack features an ergonomic slingcarrying system. This EDC pack will serve you well during a hard day of reconnaissance, hiking, or general outdoor activity.   Extreme functionality in a compact design.

Bug Out Ready - Reliable Construction
Industry leading interior design and storage functionality
Ergonomic fixed shoulder strap with quick-release buckle
Concealed carry rear zippered compartment with internal loop field
Designed for easy access when rotated towards front of body
Modular MOLLE webbing for clip-on accessories
Multiple large internal pockets for organization
Breathable padding for comfort on back
Bottle / Gear cinch pouch included
Easily accommodates 15" laptop
Hydration bladder compatible - been able to fit a 2 liter bladder in it.  Haven’t tried a three liter yet.

Height: 20.5 inches
Width: 16 inches
Depth: 4 inches
Capacity: 20 Liter
Materials: 600D Polyester