Monday, December 22, 2014

Fjallraven Packbags - Preview

This is the preview for the Fjallraven Packbags.

Retail $30.00

These come in two different color schemes:
Vivid which is very colorful and earth tones.

Measure them :
Product Details

Colourful packbags in polyester fabric keep order in your backpack. Drawcord closure.

A set of four packbags. Three colored bags and one meshbag. Meshbag also useful for washing and melting snow.

Sizes and details

Width: 40 cm
Weight: total 3.6oz for all 5 bags.  .8 each

Package is 6inches 4 inches and contains 4 larger sized bags.

The larger bags are 11.5 inches wide and 25.5 inches long

Consumer Material: Other Material
Outer material: Polyester PU-coated

Each one of these 4 pouches have a purpose in my pack. Once you familiarize yourself with color coding what each one holds it makes everything much easier to find all the little odds and ends you normally have floating around in your pack.

I will be using these in the future with our overnight adventures.  You all have seen the Vaultz mesh bags that i use but theses are much, much bigger.

Three of the bags are made from supple nylon with a printed logo on the side. One is a mesh bag that gives a good overview of the content. The mesh bag can also be used as a laundry bag to "spin-dry" wet clothes in the field or to melt snow during a winter trek. Small sticks and debris stay in the mesh bag leaving you with cleaner melted snow.

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