Monday, December 8, 2014

Fjallraven Poncho - Preview and Test

Today we are taking a look at the Fjallraven Poncho.

These run around $123 dollars if you can find them in the United States.  These are much easier to find outside of the country.

I picked this one up at for $50 and it has been a fantastic purchase.  I enjoy hiking and backpacking in the rain and this poncho does a great job at keeping me nice and dry.

Material: 100% polyamide based Hydratic - breathability 5000g/m²/24h and waterproofness 5000mm
Snaps on the side


Weight: 391g or 13.7 oz
Length from the shoulder : 48.4 inches or 123 centimeters

My experiences :
I have used this poncho roughly 20 or 30 times over the years and it’s my go to poncho for most conditions.  Some times I wear it as a wind block, some times in the snow but mostly in the rain.

I’m worn it in all conditions and it really performs well.
Light rain, no problem
Heavy rain, no problem.

It is like most ponchos and rain jackets, it’s breathable but if you’re in the pouring rain and you’re walking around, some condensation will gather on the inside.  If you’re hiking long enough you may get damp but you won’t get wet.  

For a poncho that is about as good as it gets.  Never have I had this poncho fail and that says a lot.  Many others have.

For $123 I have to admit that is expensive.  Really, Really expensive and you have to decide if it’s worth the price.  For the $50 that I paid for mine, I couldn’t be happier.

Very light weight, quick to dry.

Fjallraven seems to have a new version of this poncho available outside of the USA if you go looking for one, it may look slightly different.

This underestimated functional garment should always be included in your equipment when you are out in the wilderness. The poncho has many areas of use. It can naturally be used when it rains, it is just a matter of throwing the poncho over yourself and your backpack. However, a poncho can also be used as a tarp, wind sack or to cover your sleeping bag when sleeping under the stars. It is useful during your day-to-day activities, when commuting to and from work, when you are biking or when you are at outdoor concerts. Add a pair of chaps if you want to have more protection for your legs.  Height (measured from the shoulder): 112 cm Length (from one side to another): 135 cm


  1. Very pricey. Why has someone not made a poncho out a membrane similar to Gortex? Does the hood opening close so that you could truly use it as a tarp, like over your bike at night?

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