Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Battlbox Mission 1.2 and Mission 18 - Unboxing

Today Luke and Susan look at Battlbox and their monthly subscription service (Mission 1.2 and Mission 18).

You all have requested (over and over again) that we check out Battlbox so we did! Thank you all for your recommendation.

Want to see something else?  Let us know!


Link :

Battlbox :  This is the dominating survival subscription box if there is one who can hold that title.  Over the years as Susan and I have taken a look at these type of monthly boxes, there is one that our viewers have been not only asking about but vouching for and that would be the Battlbox.

Each Box is a mission: For example this is Mission #18 which is all about fishing.  You may be wondering if every box

Only for the USA and the 50 States.

4 tiers :

Basic : 24.99  Receive 4-7 hand selected items from survival tools and manuals to emergency supplies and EDC gear.

Advanced : 49.99 Receive 6-10 hand-selected items. Additions includes 2-3 higher value items such as tactical pens, camp stoves, water purification and more.

Pro : 99.99 For the serious professional. Receive 7-11 items. Additions includes 1-2 kickass products such as tents, survival watches and tactical belts.

Pro Plus : 149.99 For the elite collector & big spender. KOTM included in each box, blade brands like Kershaw, Spyderco, Mantis, 5.11, Gerber, SOG, Buck, Fox, and many more.

If you have signed up before 8PM EST on the 3rd of each month, your BattlBox will ship by the 9th of that month, and should arrive no later than the 15th. If you sign up after 8PM EST on the the 3rd, your Battlbox shipment will begin on the following month. For example, if you subscribe on APRIL 2nd, your BattlBox will ship by APRIL 9th. If you subscribe on APRIL 9th, your first Battlbox will ship by MAY 9th.

Yes! It is almost impossible to include enough “cool” gear in each box for the entire thing to be themed, but certain products in each box WILL be themed each month for a different survival or tactical scenario. For us, this is one of the most fun parts of creating each box, and we look forward to sending some of the stuff we’ve found!

The values of the products are all right on par with what I was able to find online.  Good for you guys.  My advice to the company is to keep it real when it comes to the value of the gear that you offer.  It’s easy to add a few dollars on there and you will get busted.  If you list the value, people will check on it.  Countless sub boxes do this and we have busted many of them for going over the top.

The first thing that hit when I opened these boxes is that these are serious monthly subscription boxes.  The gear, the products are all name brand, high quality products and there is no cheap chinese products.

The biggest down fall that we have seen with monthly subscription boxes is that they pack into these boxes a ton of inexpensive chinese junk; that is not the case here with the battlboxes. When you get high quality products you feel like you are getting your monies worth and when you don’t it’s natural to feel like you are getting screwed.

Battlbox has a huge following and a very active forum which I enjoyed spending some time.  One cool thing about the forum is that subscribers can buy, sell and trade unwanted gear if there is something that they don’t need.  This is an awesome function to the site.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Bear Wallow Mountain Day Hike - INTRO

A Day Hike Adventure is coming soon and this is the INTRO!  Join Luke and Susan at Bear Wallow Mountain for some amazing sights and some good laughs.

The Full Adventure is coming soon.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Tribe Provisions HydeTech Insulated Bottle - Review

Today Luke and Susan are reviewing the Tribe Provisions HydeTech Insulated 20oz Water Bottle.

Price : $15 at the time of filming. Retail is $20

Weight : 11.9oz
Colors : Gray blue green red orange light blue dark blue

•       Stainless steel construction for durability (BPA-free)
•       Double-walled, vacuum-sealed insulation to preserve liquid temperature
•       HydeTech rubberized coating to improve grip
•       Cap loop and carabiner for tote-ability

20 oz. capacity with a 1.75 inch opening

The HydeTech vacuum sealed, insulated water bottle will keep your hot liquids hot and your cold liquids cold for an extended period of time.
Cold liquids will not cause sweating even in the most humid environments.

Food-grade stainless steel is easy to clean and is BPA free.

The HydeTech rubberized coating improves the bottle's grip and feel while also giving it a unique matte finish. Customize your bottle with stickers or sharpie quotes and designs.

Great for sports, outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, campus life, and daily use. The Hydetech is available in a variety of colors, get one for the whole family.

All Tribe Provisions products come with a 1 year warranty.

Available in 20oz and 34oz sizes.

Draw on the surface

Pros :

Dishwasher Safe

Excellent fit and finish

Love the rubberized surface

Excellent Price

No condensation

Cons :

No instant drink spout
Review :

This water bottle is AMAZING! I put ice water in my bottle and 24 hours later, a large amount of ice was still in the water! At 36 hours, only small amounts of ice remained, but the water was still cold at 48 hours.

Keeps coffee hot all day

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

EKA Nordic W12 Knife - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the EKA Nordic W12 Knife.  An excellent knife for any hiker, bushcrafter or hunter!


Link EKA :

Link Amazon :

Price : $95 currently on Amazon


Built for just about anything survival, adventure, hunting and wilderness living.

Modified drop point blade

Full tang construction,

Textured thumb grip on blade back for better control.

Ergonomic checkered G10 handles alternative G10 in orange or black to achieve an optimum grip in adverse conditions, assembled with precision machine screws allowing user to complete disassembly for cleaning. Glass smasher and lanyard hole with a 550 parachute cord to avoid dropping the knife and to keep it where it should be.


 - Scandinavian ground blade for extreme sharp edge and durability -  - Pronounced finger guard -

 Field hammer Pommel -

Kydex belt sheath with changeable screws in different position.

EKA knows how to make a very good quality knife and have been making blades since the 1800’s.  Using high quality materials.  Know for strength and design.

Pros :
Nice Grips.    
Very sharp.    
Full Tang makes it great for batoning.
Good thickness, strong.          
Stainless Steel
Fire Steel    
10 year warranty

Cons :
The fire steel could be easily lost.

Who is this for :

Hiker, camper or hunter.

Monday, August 22, 2016 Subscription Box #6 - Unboxing

Today Luke and Susan doing an Unboxing of the Subscription Box.  This is box #6.  Grab a cup of coffee and lets see what's inside.



SURVIVAL BOXES are packed with items from the survival elements of Gear, Food, and Water. Plus Survival Garden Seeds!

Every month you will receive:

• Survival Gear - (2-5 survival items or 1 major one)

• Survival Food - 25-year shelf life storable meals and foods (Different entree & food varieties every month)

- 24 hours/1 Day supply of 25-year storable food in every box

***Minimum of 8 servings/2000 Calories in every box***

• Survival Water - Emergency water & water purification

• Survival Seeds - Storable Non-GMO Heirloom seeds (3 varieties per month that will produce renewable food in your survival garden)

• Survival Knowledge Cards - Survival Tips and Instruction

Cost : $39.99 monthly

prepay for 3 months : $116.97

Prepay 6 months : $227.94

Prepay 12 months : $443.88

Shipping : $9.95

Monthly Box :

Boxes will ship around the 7th

Money Back Guarantee :

Cancel or skip a box anytime!  No questions and no hassle!  If you are not 100% satisfied with your Survival Box,  just send it back.

Survival Food :

The company also has a survival box of food supplies which include storable food along with seeds.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Newly Listed Gear for Sale

Finally what all the viewers have been waiting for! Luke is selling some gear. This includes gear that you have seen in past reviews and items from Luke's personal collection. If you are interested in something that you have seen him use in a past video and it isn't listed, feel

MULTICAM Duffle Bag - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Military 'Style' Duffle Gym Bag in MULTICAM.

Link :

Price : $50 but is on sale for $30 at the time of filming

Weight : Around 3lbs

•        SIZE in INCHES: Approximately 20 x 11 x 10 (53x28.5x25 cm)
•        Material:600x600D/PVC
•        Main and Shoes Compartment
•        Front zippered pocket and mesh pouch
•        Separate zippered waterproof compartment to store dirty clothes or shoes away from other items

Monday, August 15, 2016

Venture Pal 35L Packable Backpack - Review

Today Luke and Susan reviewing the Venture Pal 35L Packable Backpack.  Like what you see?  A giveaway is coming soon!


VENTURE PAL 35 L Packable Backpack $ 20.99

Available on Amazon from Venture Pal

Link in description box below

About Venture Pal Packable Handy Backpack

The best foldable Lightweight Outdoor Hiking backpack with a stylish look great for day-to-day use or occasional travel.

Also it is suitable to regard as gift for your family or friend or colleague.

COMPACT: Folding into zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere. Unfolds from pocket to backpack in seconds.

LIGHTWEIGHT(11.2 ounces and ROOMY(35Liters): A true space saver. Fold the backpack into its own pocket for storage. To avoid overweight charge, simply unfold from your checked bags and use it as a carry on for your excess baggage.

DURABLE: This Venture Pal Backpack is made with high quality tear and water resistant material, provides extra strength and long-lasting performance with the lightest weight possible. The extra strength provided by the double-layer bottom piece makes it very convenient to carry more load on your journeys. Longevity is further enhanced by bar-tacks at major stress points.

COMFORTABLE: Breathable mesh shoulder straps with plentiful sponge padding help relieve the stress from your shoulder. The length of the shoulder straps is adjustable. The chest strap with a whistle buckle help you lock your backpack in place securely.

MULTI COMPARTMENTS and KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED: This backpack features one main zipped compartment, two zipped front pockets and two side pockets. The main compartment provide enough room(35 liters) no matter if it's a day trip or a week long journey. Two separators in the main compartment are convenient enough to help you further organize things.

DIMENSIONS: Unfold: 20x13x7.5 inches,Fold: 9x8.5x2.2 inches

Friday, August 12, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tribe Provisions Single Person Hammock - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Tribe Provisions Single Person Adventure Hammock.

Link :

Price : $30

Weight : 1.7lbs

Tons of Colors : green orange black blue grey purple red,

•        210T ripstop nylon that holds up to 400 pounds
•       Two 10-foot polypropylene lashing paracord cables [cordage]
•       Steel, Spring-Gate carabiners
•       Attached stuff-bag so you never lose the bag

Durable triple-stitched seams

The durable diamond lock rip-stop nylon resists mildew, can be easily cleaned, and won't stretch.
A friend of mine who is 6’2” and 250 loves this hammock

It’s a win.

Pros :

The green color fits in well with the environment
Ropes are included
Large size
Great price.  You could buy 2 of these for the same price as one ENO.

Cons :
Doesn’t come with straps…but it does come to rope

Review :

I’ve been using this hammock for many months now and it has been a good performer.

The quality is good, the materials are good and it’s strong as well as large.  Plenty of material to get comfortable in.

Used it in the early spring in 30 degree weather and loved it and naturally, we have been using it during the summer months.  Lightweight,

Our daughter spent 5 days recently in one of these and loved it.

This is a great hammock to test the waters of hammocking with.

Monday, August 8, 2016

What's in the Box??? - Viewer Mail - Unboxing 14

What's in the Box???

Today we're looking at some viewer mail that was sent in to The Outdoor Gear Review.  As always I'm honored and thankful.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Volcano Grills 3 Fuel Portable Camping Stove - Review

Today Luke and Susan are reviewing the Volcano Grills 3-Fuel Portable Camping Stove.


Link :

Price : $150.00

Weight : 25lbs

3 Fuel : Wood charcoal and Propane

13 inch diameter

Pros :

Smart Design. – Pops open, ready to go.  Easy to setup
There is shielding to block the wind
Multiple cooking aspects (dutch oven optional)
Easy to clean – let it cool, wash with mild detergent and then dry.
Price – With many propane stoves costing $100, at $150 you are getting a very versatile stove.
Steel diffuser plate

Cons :

Very heavy.
Lots of components

Review :

While not the cheapest stove on the market this one has a lot of features which will please a wide audience.

Very easy to set up and use, can use multiple fuels and it is just as nice to use at home as it is to use at your favorite car camping spot.  For prepping and emergency preparedness, this is a great option to consider as well.  Very efficient, easy to clean.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

British Military Universal Bergen ECM Rucksack - Military Surplus

So this is a very odd military surplus pack!  Today Luke is taking a look at the British Military Universal Bergen ECM Rucksack in DPM DESERT CAMO.

Link :

Price : $79.99

•       Weight : 6lbs on my scale
•       New, Unissued Authentic European Military Surplus
•       ECM (Electronic Countermeasures)
•       1000 Denier Cordura® Nylon IRR DDPM
•       Adjustable Shoulder Straps
•       Back Padding and Adjustable Removable Hip Belt
•       Large Internal Main Compartment with Several Pockets

Straps and Padding 2 External Pockets with Cover and Compression Zippers





Monday, August 1, 2016

GIVEAWAY - 70k Subscribers!!! - Enter Now

Thank you all for making T.O.G.R. what it is today!  As a symbol of our gratitude we are doing a giveaway for one lucky winner!

Make sure to watch the video for all of the details.

Thank you again!