Friday, August 5, 2016

Volcano Grills 3 Fuel Portable Camping Stove - Review

Today Luke and Susan are reviewing the Volcano Grills 3-Fuel Portable Camping Stove.


Link :

Price : $150.00

Weight : 25lbs

3 Fuel : Wood charcoal and Propane

13 inch diameter

Pros :

Smart Design. – Pops open, ready to go.  Easy to setup
There is shielding to block the wind
Multiple cooking aspects (dutch oven optional)
Easy to clean – let it cool, wash with mild detergent and then dry.
Price – With many propane stoves costing $100, at $150 you are getting a very versatile stove.
Steel diffuser plate

Cons :

Very heavy.
Lots of components

Review :

While not the cheapest stove on the market this one has a lot of features which will please a wide audience.

Very easy to set up and use, can use multiple fuels and it is just as nice to use at home as it is to use at your favorite car camping spot.  For prepping and emergency preparedness, this is a great option to consider as well.  Very efficient, easy to clean.

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  1. an informative post. like it . keep it up. the video was awesome and helpful nep