Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Emergency Outdoor Shelter That I Carry

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This episode is all about the Emergency Shelter that I personally carry with me on my adventures;

Day Hikes and Overnight Trips as well.


Tarp : RAB Siltarp 1 Shelter

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Price : $63 at the time of filming on Amazon


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Price : $3.75 each

Cordage : Atwood 1.1mm Micro Cord 1.18mm Micro Cord

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Price : $5.99 – 125ft

Weight for the entire setup : 10oz


The Siltarp 1 from RAB is a light-weight 1 person shelter for fast-and-light adventures and for hasty emergency situations. It's made of ultralight Sil-Coat™ Cordura® fabric, which is fully waterproof and strong.

The Siltarp can be set up using anything from trekking poles to trees.

Stuff sack is included.


With any adventure that I go on, I generally carry with me an Emergency Shelter which can serve multiple purposes.  What you see above is the Integral Designs SilTarp 1 which is a 30D silicone-impregnated Cordura ripstop nylon tarp that measures 87 x 60 in.

The packed Size is 6 x 3 in and it weighs 7 oz.

With my setup, I have attached 9ft lines to each of the corners and have put 4 tent stakes into the stuff sack which has brought the weight of the system up to 10oz.

Purposes :

Day Hikes : Offers protection from quickly approaching storms or if you get stuck out on the trail over night, etc.

Overnight Adventures : Protection from storms while hiking, protection from the sun at camp and so on.

By the way, Integral Designs was purchased by Rab years ago and if you are interested in this tarp, it is now known as the Rab Siltarp1 Shelter

Tarps make for excellent emergency shelters as they are quick to construct in an emergency situation with A-frame, Lean-to, etc.

Hiking can be some of the most enjoyable adventures, but you must always be prepared for the worst-case-scenario. Emergency shelters are not a luxurious hotel, but it gets the job done and keeps you safe from the weather.

Question :

What emergency shelter do you carry with you?  Do you even carry one?

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  1. In the winter I day hike with an emergency mylar sleeping bag in my pack. I bought it so long ago I have no clue what the brand is. I've had to use it a couple of times and it has worked extremely well. When I backpack I almost always have a tarp with me because it is part of my sleep system. I own several tarps in different sizes for different applications. After all these years and too many hikes I'm still in good health, so I must be doing something right. Never had to be rescued, although I have had to rescue more than a few people.