Monday, November 11, 2019

Redo - Budget Hot Tent Challenge - Vote Now! - You Select The Tent - Part 1

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This is the Hot Tent Challenge Redo!

The previous video was a mess thanks to a mix up at OneTigris but that's ok as I have two tents for YOU to decide on

Shall we use the Black Orca Iron Wall or the Wild Haven for our Budget Hot Tent Challenge?  Vote Now!

Voting Link :

Part 1 involves a setup, overview and initial impressions of the tent which you decide to base the challenge around.

Part 2 will be to test out its waterproof abilities to learn if anything needs to be addressed before moving on to the next step.

Part 3 will be the installation of a stove jack.

With Part 4 we will locate and install a stove.

Part 5 Lastly it will be the adventure with the stove itself.


Agenda Free Iron Wall Link :

Agenda Free Wild Haven Link :


  1. I actually have the Wild Haven. I also cut away the flap that was too close to the flue.