Monday, September 4, 2017

She Won't Even Try It! - Kalakalle Fish Cock - Camper's Cafe

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Wait, Wait....what is it called? Today for this episode of the Camper's Cafe, Luke eats a Finnish speciality while Susan watches in disgust!  Not really...but close.

Kalakalle Fish Cock, 182 g, canned

4.99 USD

Link :

Price : $4.99

A traditional Finnish delicacy in canned version, 5 years of shelf life and does not contain cock! If "Fish Cock" doesn't automatically mean food to you, it's a Finnish speciality - fish baked inside rye bread. This is a perfect snack or trekking food, always ready to eat and contains enough energy to keep you going and enough high quality protein to keep you in shape.

Foreign people might wonder why the excellent delicacy is called fish cock and, well, it's a wonder for us too, since this food originally comes from Savo, a remote location in the middle of Finland known for inbreeding and incapacity to form sentences that mean anything. In Savo, fish cock means food and flying fish cock a train.

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