Monday, October 2, 2017

So Close but.....Hydroblu Clear Flow Water Bottle and Filter Combo - Review

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Today Luke and Susan are reviewing the Hydroblu Clear Flow Water Bottle and Filter Combo.  Has it earned our seal of approval?

Find out now!

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Price : $21.95

Weight when Empty :

Easy to collect water

Easy to clean

Pros :

Easy to use; couldn’t be any easier.

No issues even when drinking from questionable water sources.  We’ve carried these bottles all around the state of Colorado as well as NC; have drank from rivers, lakes, ditches and creeks without getting sick.

Pulling water through the bit valve isn’t all that hard.  It does take some sucking power but it isn’t overly hard.  I’ve certainly used filter which are much harder.

Fits easily in the side pockets of backpacks.

Lightweight when empty

Cons :

There was a plastic taste with the initial draws but it dissipated after use.

Had some issues with leaking unless the lid was screwed on exceedingly tight. This seems to be a common issue which I have seen mentioned with other online reviews.

you can only fill the water bottle about 75% because the filter decreases the total space.

I mentioned that it is easy to get water from the straw for us but I have seen countless reviews which stated the opposite.

While we haven’t had any issues with the water filter coming detached from the straw it does seem like an area of weakness.  I would like to see the filter screw into the straw

There seems to be some confusion at Hydroblu on how much water that these bottles can filter.  Their web site states 1,500, the amazon listing states 1,000.

Who is it for :

Backpackers, hikers, preppers, emergency use, mission and aid workers and so on.

Anyone who needs clean water.

Advice to the Company :

Pay attention to the details – is this a 1500 liter or 1000 liter filter?

Quality control is very, very important.  There are a lot of issues which we have read about online.  Leaks, filters coming loose from the straw, etc.

The reviews on the web site seem to be a combination of positive reviews taken from amazon and those which might be completely fake.  Some of the reviews are duplicates of each other but with different names being used.


  1. Those are highly resourceful and versatile water bottles. I like how the filter is integrated with the bottle. Can I get these bottles/filters on Amazon or eBay? I found some unique filtered water bottles suggestions here:

  2. Used it very little and the filter completely plugged up. Good, clean water supply (mountain streams). Replacement filters are hard to find. Hydroblu has one and it ends up costing nearly as much a new complete system. Think I'll just use the bottle and rely on my good Katadyn filter bottle.