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Budget Chinese "Tactical" Fleece Jacket - BIYLACLESEN Tactical Fleece

Is there a time when you can go "cheap" on your tactical gear?

You've seen me wearing this jacket for a few years and now, it is time to pass on my Agenda Free Review.

Is this Chinese Tactical Fleece Jacket worth your hard earned money?

Find out now!
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Chinese Tactical Fleece? BIYLACLESEN Tactical Fleece

What it is : This is a “tactical style” heavy weight fleece jacket that I have had since 2019. If you are familiar with “tactical” style jackets then you have seen this over all design before but in the majority of situations, it has been with Soft Shell jackets.

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Sizes : Small to XX-Large

Colors :
Green, black, blue, coyote brown and gray

Materials : Anti-Pilling Polyester,

Variants :
With this company and this jacket, there are two variants of each jacket and it involves the color of the zippers - some of the jackets have black zippers and some have zippers that are the same color as the jacket itself.

Medium Size Weight : 1.9lbs

Company Claimed Features :
windproof - not accurate; it is wind resistant but if the wind speeds are high enough, you will feel it.
lightweight - not accurate, this is a heavy weight fleece and it is heavy
breathable - yes.
warm - yes
soft - yes

Cost : $42

Review Pros :
Overall fair quality for the money; with that being said, consider this; this is a $40 Chinese made fleece jacket, it isn’t high end and certainly doesn’t feel like it. What it feels like is a budget fleece jacket and as long as you know that before you purchase, you won’t be surprised nor disappointed.

Warm - this is a heavy weight fleece jacket and it is warm; I’ll wear this into the 40’s with only a t-shirt and stay nice and warm.

It is fairly wind resistant thanks to the thickness; blocks out winds up to 20mph and after that point you begin to feel it coming through the material.

Cool looking design
Plenty of pockets
Fair value for the money - again, this isn’t a Marmot or Arc’teryx fleece and it doesn’t cost $140 either.
I like the collar; due to the design it is very much like a neck gaiter; covers the neck and blocks out wind.
Fairly breathable-when pushing yourself hard enough moisture can develop on the outside of the jacket. Luckily polyester is a quick drying material.

Chin guard

Media outlet - pocket hits the average phone but won’t fit an iPhone max or samsung ultra size phone

Good zipper pulls for all zippers -
Smooth zippers

Sizing :
Sizing is accurate; I wear a medium and this is a medium. It’s a bit baggy but not overly so; enough space for an additional layer for the colder months.

Review Cons :

Heavy and bulky : More important than weight, is the size; you will notice this in your backpack as it will take up a substantial amount of space. It doesn’t compress at all and if you can attach it to the outside of your pack, you may want to do so.

Left side zip : in America left side zip is customary with female clothing whereas men’s jackets typically zip on the right. Outside of the US, this isn’t always the case and men’s clothing with zips on the left are common. I mention this because some might care while most won't have an issue.

While I haven’t had any issues with quality the overall strength of the construction and materials doesn’t inspire confidence. Going back to whatI said already, this is a $40 fleece - premium fleece jackets feel like they can take some use and abuse whereas with this jacket it feels like you have to be somewhat gentle with it.

Hood is floppy and non adjustable - since it can’t be adjusted, it can be blown off in strong winds.

Summary :
Overall for the money I am pleased with this jacket. It looks cool, its warm, blocks a good amount of wind but the tactical factor is laughable. This isn’t a tactical jacket by any stretch of the imagination nor is it tactical grade. It’s an inexpensive jacket that I have no regrets buying for $40. By the way, there are multiple companies who make a version of this jacket and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one company that makes them all; re-label sort of situation. I cannot comment on the quality of the other brands.

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