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⚠️ This is Why I Don't Recommend This Pack - Granite Gear Crown 2 60L Ba...

This is the Granite Gear Crown 2 60L Backpack Review....
This pack has some issues!
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Granite Gear Crown 2 60L Backpack Review

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What it is : This new and improved successor to the classic Crown V.C. 60

Price : Retail $200 but sales can be found readily; I picked this up from GG for $140 during a sale.

Versions :
Men and Women

Current Men’s Colors :
Black and Red
Highland Peat and Black

Previous colors can still be found online on various sites including yellow and black, Orange, pine green and more.

Womens Colors :
Blue and gray and a black and red - there may be previous alternate colors available at other retailers

Torso Sizes :
Short - 15-18”
Regular - 18-21”
Long - 21-24”

Adjustable hip belt - from 26 - 42”

Weight :
Short - 2.26lbs
Regular - 2.36lbs
Long - 2.46lbs

Materials :
100D and 210D Nylon
molded polypropylene frame sheet
YKK zippers

Load Rating : 35lbs / 15kg

Measurements of Pack Body -
23.5" X 16" X 8" (60L)
Measurements of Lid - 5 Liters

Experiences :
My experiences with this pack have been rather extensive; I've backpacked and hiked approximately 250 miles so far with it and I’m ready to share my thoughts with it. With these adventures, I have carried a variety of loadouts including those which are ultralight and those which pushed the load rating of this pack.

Overnight trips to multi day adventures.

Review Pros :
With that being said, lets focus on the positive aspects concerning this pack;

-Very good quality materials and construction.
-Durable - pack has held up really well but I’ll be the 1st to tell you that I am gentle with my gear - it’s an investment after all.
-Very lightweight
-Excellent price considering how expensive competitor packs can be.
-Lid is excellent and can be removed when not needed
I like the roll top functionality
-Overall simple bag - there are some pockets but not a ton which is what I personally like. I use kit bags for my gear as a way to organize everything simply and to access items quickly.
-Good overall adjustability
-Multiple torso lengths available
-Hip belt is adjustable and that is going to be appreciated especially for thru-hikers as their bodies change week after week on the trail
-Fairly good ventilation - you will still sweat when pushing yourself or in hot environments but I have noticed no hot spots from the frame sheet nor suspension system.
-Front mesh pocket is excellent for quick store items like rain gear, water filter, hat and water crossing shoes
-Good size water bottle pockets - big enough to hold liter bottles, trekking poles and more in each pocket.
-Excellent compression straps to secure loadout
-Hip pockets are of a good size and usable for medium size phones, keys, maps, snacks, gloves and so on.
-While not overly important, I really like the looks of this pack, the black and red colors are awesome. Susie liked her pack colors as well. It looks good.
-There is a specific version for women available.
-Lifetime warranty!
-Materials are reasonably water resistant but in heavy downpours a pack cover or liner will be needed.

-Pack body offers plenty of place for your equipment and contents

Review Cons :
-Comfort - that is one of the bigger cons that I have for this backpack, Susie and I both have one, I have the male version, hers is the woman’s and we both agree, these packs are moderately comfortable.

-The 35lbs load rating is too generous for this pack in my opinion and I would advise 30lbs at the very most and only for a short period of time. While the pack can physically hold more weight without ripping it is going to be very uncomfortable.

-The key to comfort is the loadout that you are carrying and the overall weight; if you can keep it around 25lbs, the pack is much more comfortable. At 30lbs and over, you’ll really begin to notice how hard and thin the shoulder straps are and after hour after hour on the trail, the pack can become quite uncomfortable.


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