Monday, November 29, 2021

The Value of This Sleeping Bag Liner is Insane! - Carinthia Grizzly Slee...

There is no doubt about it, the Value of this sleeping bag liner will impress you!

This is the Carinthia Grizzly Sleeping Bag Liner and when it comes to adding roughly 10 degrees to your sleeping system, in my opinion this is a no brainer.

The quality is top notch, the temp. rating is excellent, it’s a versatile product that can be added to any sleeping bag to create very low temp sleep systems.

You can even use this all by itself, with blankets and even poncho liners.

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Carinthia Grizzly Sleeping Bag Liner

What it is : A lightweight, high quality fleece sleeping bag liner that is priced fairly and comes from a high reputable company; Carinthia.

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Materials :
Fleece and Polyester storage bag - I looked at the zipper and saw no recognizable markings

Zipper : Left side

Measurements :
Mummy cut

Length : Material is somewhat stretchy so with that in mind, approximately 88.5”
Width : I measured 35” wide at the shoulders - tapers down to roughly 23” at the foot
Pack Size : 6.5” x 8”

Colors : Olive - You may be able to locate a black liner online but they seem to be very rare. Most sites who are selling this, it’s olive.

Temperature Range : +9F to your sleeping bag

Versions : Carinthia has another liner that is more of a sheet with a center zip; it’s made from polycotton and I do not have any experience with it.

Weight : 1.2lbs with the stuff bag

Price : $68 from the Militaryshop.IV
This is a site that I have found which allows for easy shipment of Carinthia products which are generally very difficult to find in the USA. Their prices are awesome especially for Carinthia products.

From the Company
“This extremely soft and lightweight fleece sleeping bag uses the finest firbre currently available on the market. For ventilation, open the zipper at the bottom or open the bag up completely and use it as a blanket. Ideal for cabin use or as a liner inside a second sleeping bag making the main bag about 5°C warmer. Trapezoidal foot section and draw cord on the hood.”

My use :
I’ve been using this product for a good part of the summer and currently in the fall and have used it in a number of different ways;

By itself and with other insulation layers.

I’ve used it in a hammock, in conjunction with down blankets, us military poncho liners, and sleeping bags; very versatile liner. Warmest temp was around 65F, coldest 36F.

I will continuing to use this product throughout the winter and if I feel there is a need for an additional video on this, I will make one.

Review Pros :
Warm; this can be used all by itself throughout the summer on the warmer nights

Can be used as a minimal sleeping bag or blanket
Excellent quality
Durability has been excellent so far
Price is very fair
Stuff form factor is excellent
Draw pull at the top
Very lightweight
Very smooth zipper
Feels great against the skin
Makes for an excellent kit with a poncho cv liner or ultralight down blanket; with the right combination you can easily go into the 40’s and stay around 2lbs with your sleep system and you’ll pay around $130.
Zipper is smooth - never had it catch

Review Cons :
There is one size when it comes to this liner so pay attention to the measurements which I stated - Going to be tight for some users.

Summary :
This is an excellent liner; not the lightest in the world but it’s tough, offers good warmth and is versatile. I can easily recommend it especially for the money especially if you are into military and tactical level gear.


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