Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Good Enough for the US Military? - British Military BCB FireDragon Mini ...

This is the BCB FireDragon Mini Cooker Stove which the US Military is considering currently; it comes from 'across the pond' and it utilizes Solid Fuels.

The Flames from this stove........ARE INSANE!
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BCB FireDragon Mini Cooker Stove

Where to get it : There are sellers on eBay who offer them but shipping is substantial. I am not aware of any US companies that offer this stove at this time but I’m sure that you can locate a store across the pond who will export it for you if you look hard enough.

Price : Around $4 USD but has to be imported and shipping fees will apply.

Weight : 1.5oz
Weight of OG FireDragon Stove : 3.9oz

Dimensions : 2.7” x 1.9” x 1.5”

Fuel :
The stove is designed to be used with either solid fuels or gel based fuels.
It can hold 2x 27g FireDragon methanol tablets

With the FireDragon Tablets, they are rather expensive.
6 of the 27g is almost $9;

In the future I will compare DragonFire Fuel to Hexamine; it will be interesting to see how the two fuels compare.

A benefit to using the FireDragon fuel is that it is non-toxic which isn’t the case with Hexamine.

Question : Can you light one with a ferro rod?

Stove : It is designed for the side to unfold so it can be used with

Observations :
Very lightweight
Very small form factor
Does a good job of blocking wind

Small size means this isn’t going to be the most stable when using it on the ground; because it’s small, any irregularities will be amplified.

Interesting :
The FireDragon Mini Cooker seen here is one solution proposed by BCB for a US Armed Forces requirement for a field cooker which can be issued inside the Meal Cold Weather version of the MRE, which forward deployed personnel on NATO’s vulnerable Northern Flank are issued, and one of our contacts working on a recent United Nations requirement for Patrol Rations tells us this new mini cooker and FireDragon fuel is also seen as having potential in this area.

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