Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Fjallraven Makes a Tarp? - Abisko Tarp First Look and Setup

Did you know that Fjallraven makes tarps? I didn't until recently!
This is a first look and Setup of the Abisko Tarp...

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Fjallraven Abisko Tarp - First Look and Setup

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What it is : Recently I had a viewer write in and she asked if I had any thoughts to share concerning the Fjallraven Abisko tarp and I told her that I didn’t even know that the company made a tarp and that I would see what I could do to get one in to review.

After some searching, I learned that this tarp was available in the USA but thanks to the shortages which are facing just about every industry right now, it is extremely hard to find.

More searching and I was able to locate this tarp, the 10x10 version on the Ray Mears web site. I really like Fjallraven as a whole as their successes outweigh their failures and while their products are expensive they are buy once, cry once. You get what you pay for and that is quality, strength and durability in most cases.

Colors :
Pine Green

Sizes :
11.5’ x 14.5’ -

Weights :
10x10 - 1.1lbs
11.5’ x 14.5’ - 1.9lbs

Materials :
40D TripleRip Sil/Sil 3000 mm 100% polyamide
Guyline: 2 mm Dyneema (160 kg) reflective

What’s included :
Storage bag
Six adjustable guylines (the large size includes 8 guylines)

Price :
10x10 - $164
Large - 11.5ft’ x 14.5’- $240

I picked this up on the Ray Mears web site and had it imported into the USA for $140 plus shipping.

From the company :
The Fjallraven Abisko Tarp is made from lightweight, strong nylon. Practical as an accessory for tents but can also be used by itself as a shelter.

This 3 x 3 metre tarp is made from light and very strong 40 D TripleRip Nylon fabric and includes 6 x 2 mm Dyneema guylines. A tarp can be used together with a regular tent to create an outside living space but is also easy to use by itself as a shelter to sleep under, as we do on many of our bushcraft courses.


Thoughts :
Quality is impressive - not just the construction but the materials. You really do have to feel this for yourself; there are very few materials like it. The closest being the fabric that Hilleberg uses with their tents and tarps.

Very light
Inspires confidence which we will put to the test soon enough.
Thanks to the way that tarp is made, there is no seam tape so you don’t have to worry about it aging, degrading and becoming a problem in the future. This is one reason why this tarp is more expensive that many 10x10 tarps. If you haven’t encountered that problem, you will with enough time under your belt; seam tape will always fail, as it ages it dries out and will eventually come apart. For a tarp it isn’t the end of the world but for a tent it can be a massive problem, one that is difficult to fix correctly.

From what I understand, Fjallraven uses very small needles for their seams and sewing and when it gets wet, the thread swells and makes for a waterproof barrier; this removes the need for seam sealing and seam taping.

Guy lines are a bit short? About 7.5F long, my preference for a tarp is 9 - 10ft
Color blends in with woodland environments perfectly.
Are there enough tie out points?
Packing pocket?

Summary :

I’m excited to get this tarp out into the forest and to get some trips under my belt. Also, I want to see how well it hands some wind and rain and that will be coming up soon enough here on the channel.

The price of this tarp is high, there is no doubt about that but you are getting a Fjallraven product and that again translates to strength and durability. Also, thanks to the lack of seam tape, it will last a lot longer than your average tarp.

Speaking of price, while more expensive that many tarps, it is less expensive than many other high end tarps….Hilleberg…much less expensive!

Note : Finding this tarp in the USA is going to be difficult as it looks to be sold out. Importing it like I did is an option if you are interested and I will link to the RM web site where I bought mine. No sponsored BS. I bought this with my own money and if it's great, I will say so. It has problems, I will say what they are.

If you are in the UK, locating this tarp is likely going to be much easier based upon what I have seen online.

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