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This is Going To Be VERY INTERESTING - Fjallraven Wind Sack Emergency Sh...

Could this be the best Emergency Shelter Ever Made?
This is the Wind Sack, it is made by Fjallraven and the company describes it as being an Emergency Shelter that protects against the Wind, Rain and Snow.

I have to be honest, I am very excited about this product! 

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Best Emergency Shelter? - Fjallraven Wind Sack - First Look and Preview

What it is : This is a Lightweight emergency shelter, known as the Wind Sack and it was designed to keep out wind, snow and rain for up to 3 people. 

Versions : 1 person and 3 person : There was a 2 person version in the past but I believe it has been discontinued and is no longer listed on the Fjallraven web site.

Materials : 100% polyamide 40D TripleRip Sil/Sil 3000 mm
100% polyamide

Dimensions : 7.5 x 7.5 x 4”

Weight : 1lb 6oz

Price : $150

Why I bought this :
I’ve been an advocate for those who venture into the outdoors to carry with them emergency shelters; I say this all the time; you have to be ready and prepared for the conditions to change and that’s because they do!  For years I have carried with me an ultralight tarp and when I came across this product from Fjallraven, I wanted to see if it could replace the tarp that I normally bring with me.

Can it?

I went with the 3 person size so that it would be big enough for Susie and I if we were out on a trip together. 

Features :
 Emergency shelter for up to three persons.
 Protects against wind, snow and rain.
 Three individual zippers for ventilation and as openings for heads.

Lightweight wind sack that provides fast shelter from rain, snow and wind. Gives portable shelter from stormy weather, especially if the snow depth is minimal and digging down is not possible. A must when winter touring, but also in summer when you need shelter during meal and rest breaks. Made from lightweight, strong 40D TripleRip nylon. Its colour is UN Blue which is highly visible in the terrain, all year round, and it has reflectors on both sides. A safety carabiner attaches the wind sack to the user to prevent it from blowing away in strong winds. Three separate zippers let in fresh air and can be used as openings for heads. Room for three people. Packs into itself.
What the Wind Sack offers as an emergency survival shelter :
The fjallraven Windsack 3 and other Group shelters are basically a tent material that can fit individuals, or a number of you in and keep you sheltered from the elements.  Group shelters aren’t just a survival piece of kit, but can also be used to have your lunch in, if you can’t get out of the wind.

So looking back at the 4 mechanisms of heat loss the Wind sack 3 and group shelters will stop;

Radiation – Fjallraven use the same materials as the outer on their tents (40D TripleRip nylon) , this means that any radiated heat is trapped in the bag itself and is allowed to freely circulate.  This is even more evident when there are two or more of you in there, the temperature will noticeably rise quickly

Conduction – When using a group shelter, ruck sacks should be placed on the ground and sat-on to stop conduction to the ground.

Evaporation – Ok, so a group shelter won’t stop the act of evaporation, however the heated vapour will be trapped in the bag itself to avoid excess heat loss. The great thing about the wind sack 3 is the three individual zippers, which allow airing and stop excess condensation on the inside. This is something to test out; how much condensation will form inside of it?

Convection – You’re still going to feel the wind if it’s strong enough in a group shelter, but it’s not going to be able to draw the heat away from you at the same rate.

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