Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Most Comfortable Sleeping Pad I Have EVER USED - Insulated Nemo Tens...

Without a doubt this is the MOST Comfortable Sleeping Pad I have EVER Tested but is it perfect?

Is it worth your hard-earned money especially when the economy is in shambles?

Find out now!

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Nemo Tensor Insulated Ultralight Sleeping Pad

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What it is :
The Nemo Tensor is a three season, ultralight sleeping pad that comes in multiple forms, insulated, non-insulated and it also comes in multiple styles.

Versions :
Tensor Non-insulated
Tensor Insulated
Tensor Alpine - which has a slightly higher r-value.

R-Value :
Tensor Insulated - 3.5
Tensor Alpine - 4.8

With this r-value rating, the majority of users will be comfortable with temps down to around 20F and on snow. Below that rating, you may want a higher r-value or want to bring an additional pad to put underneath this one such as a foam pad. These are subjective measurements though as everyone is different; I run warm and at 25, I was absolutely comfortable but Susie was starting to feel cool air coming through from the ground.

Sizes :
There is a short pad which most people refer to as a half pad.
There is a Regular length mummy.
A regular length rectangle
Regular length wide rectangle
Long Wide Rectangle

Price : For the Regular Rectangle insulated version, the retail price is $160 and will go up and down in price depending on size and whether or not it is insulated.

Materials :
20D PU Polyester
Thermoplastic valves
Alumuniized thermal mirror film - two layers of insulation - similar to what Thermarest has done with their XTherm sleeping pad

Colors :
Yellow for the Ultralight Tensor model and orange for the Alpine version

Measurements : 72” long 20” wide for the regular rectangle model.
3” of cushion

Weight : 15oz for the regular rectangle

Included :
Storage bag
Vortex Inflation Bag
Velcro compression Band
Repair Kit

Review Pros :
Nemo is a company that is known for their quality tents and sleeping bags and the trend continues with their sleeping pads. This is a top quality product as it should be for the money.

Construction is excellent

The pad is one of the most comfortable that I have used - it’s long enough, wide enough and offers excellent cushion. With 3 of ground separation, you won’t have an issue with your bones pushing into the ground. Sleeping on this pad is awesome!

Materials are fairly quiet considering that some sleeping pads are very loud and obnoxious when you are moving.

Excellent weight concerning the warmth and size. The pad itself is 15oz!

Very good valves for inflating and releasing air.

Included Vortex Pump Sack is excellent and makes inflating the pad much easier. Speaking of which, this is a much better solution than what you will find with Thermarest or Klymit.

Price is fair considering the size of the pad and the r value. There are warmer sleeping pads on the market but they are a fair bit more expensive. For an example, the Thermarest Xthrem is around $220 but does offer an r-value of 6.9.

Review Cons :
The materials which make up this pad are more fragile than other sleeping pads but it is lighter; the purpose of the Tensor is lightweight, good insulation, good price and excellent comfort. Other pads such as the Xthrem are heavier, not as comfortable, warmer, and are more expensive.

Comparing the Xthrem’s materials, the Tensor definitely feels less strong and it would be my advice to be as careful as possible with it.

I would not recommend using this directly on the ground without a protective groundsheet underneath it. After all of my use, I believe if you take care of this product and use it as intended it will last a very long time.

Next, not a con but something that I want for you to consider; if you are going out into the coldest of conditions, you may want to consider a pad like the Thermarest XTherm. While more expensive it is warmer and the materials are more substantial.

With a pad that features such a high level of comfort, it is going to require a fair amount of air to inflate it; via mouth this can take some work if you don’t plan to bring the vortex pump sack with you.

Summary :

This is hands down the most comfortable sleeping pad that I have ever used, the price for what you are getting is fair and the low weight is impressive. Do keep in mind how the company was able to get the weight down to this level and you shouldn’t have any issues.

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