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Everyone Copies This Tent For A Reason - Zpacks Duplex Ultralight Tent R...

This is it folks, the best Ultralight tent that I have ever used!
It's been an award winner for years now and copied by more companies than you can imagine for a reason.

In this Agenda Free Review Luke is going to share this thoughts about this tent, the pros and cons, and his experiences with using this tent around the country.

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Zpacks Duplex Ultralight Tent - Agenda Free Review

What it is : This is one of the lightweight 2 person tents out on the market; winner of countless awards and is very popular with thruhikers - it’s a handmade single wall tent which performs insanely well!

Agenda Free Link : https://zpacks.com/products/duplex-tent

Price : $650 - that’s $50 more expensive than what I paid for it; inflation is real

Colors : White, spruce green, dirty brown, olive drab, blue

Versions : Zpacks offers a 1 person tent, 2 person, 2 person XL, and 3 person

Materials :
Dyneema Composite Fabric, Polyester insect netting

Weight : 19.4

Measurements : - Stored :
Setup : 45” wide, 90” long 48” high

Features :
Single Wall Tent
2 doors
2 vestibules
Bathtubs floor

Required to Setup : Either Trekking Poles or freestanding Carbon Fiber Poles

Freestanding pole kit costs $125 and adds 10oz

Forward :
I’ve owned this tent since 2019 and I have used this product all around the country and in all sort of conditions. I’ve used trekking poles for the setup, I’ve used the Carbon fiber poles that Zpack spellings and after all of my time and experiences with this tent, I’m ready to pass on my review.

Review Pros :
Incredibly lightweight shelter especially for the size
Very good pack size

Very durable - No issues over the years - thruhikers using this tent can get thousands of miles of trail time with now issues
Waterproof - in extremely heavy rain there was a slight leak on one of the doors; I seam sealed this and problem solved.

Lots of space for 2 people and their gear -
Plenty of room to sit-up, change clothes - excellent dimensions in all directions

Setup with trekking poles is very easy and also quick.

Top of the line materials : Dyneema is very light, very strong, highly waterproof, doesn’t absorb water, and doesn’t stretch.

Floor guy line which attaches to the overhead panel is excellent to prevent splashing when hard rain is falling

Very good ventilation and condensation control - this is good for the warmer months, not the best in the colder months

Good size doors - entry is easy

Tent is very stable in strong winds when using the trekking poles and the carbon fiber poles - The poles feel rather wobbly but in high elevations in CO, it stood with no issuu with windows around 25mph. For really windy situations poles or sticks should be used.

Tent can be setup without the inner getting soaked
Review Cons :

The doors are a bit fiddly with the way that they attach to the stake out point.

Doesn’t include tent stakes - for a tent that is this expensive, it’s an insult for the company not to include stakes. 8 stakes are required to fully setup this tent.

Using the Carbon Fiber Poles to set up the tent requires a substantial learning curve especially when using the tent is windy situations.

Fairly transparent materials are interesting; it offers decent privacy but not light; for an example, with a full moon overhead a lot of does make its way through.

Pricey : There is no doubt about that but I will say this, for tents that are this lightweight, there are many that are even more expensive. Having a shelter this lightweight and this strong, is going to cost and that’s how it is.

Condensation - while ventilation is excellent with this tent, it is still a single wall tent and condensation is possible. Overall condensation control is better than most single wall tent.

Summary :
This tent is incredible; plain and simple; while expensive what you are getting for the money is one of the best tents out there. Its performance is top level, tons of space, easy setup, top of the line materials. Weather resistance is a strong point for this tent and so it longevity;

Thanks to the materials that make up this tent, this is a shelter that is going to last a very long time. It doesn’t feature DWR coatings, the fabric isn’t laminated and the seams aren’t taped which means that there are very little that is going to age.

Without a doubt this tent is an investment and if you are someone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors, it is well worth it.

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