Monday, December 27, 2021

I Don't Like False Claims - Waterproof? Windproof? Bigfoot Bushcraft Fir...

These are the Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Plugs - a combination of cotton and wax these plugs have the following claims by the company;

- Can be ignited with a spark

- Will burn for 5 minutes

- Windproof

- Waterproof

Two of these claims I highly doubt...........

Let's Find out if I'm Right!

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What it is : These are according to the company easy to light, windproof and waterproof fire starters.

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Price : Price depends on the amount that you purchase, a 30 pack is $15, 80 is $30, 200 is $70

Weight and Length : 2.7g per plug - 1.5” long

Those are the retail prices, I’ve seen sale prices which are impressive.

Features :
Rain or shine, wet or windy, start your fire with just a single spark and 100% waterproof Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Plugs™.

With more than 5 minutes of burn time, you won't feel rushed to get your fire started. Made with our high performance JetFuel Wax Blend™ for hotter and stronger flames.

Materials : Cotton infused wax

5+ Minute Burn Time
10+ Year Shelf Life
Weighs 2.7 grams per plug
Waterproof & Windproof
Non-Toxic Formula - But don’t use them in an enclosed place.
Made in the USA in Colorado

Point : Don’t get this confused with another fire starter product; I did a quick search for this online and Bigfoot Fire Camp Fire Survival Aid 10ft popped up. This is a fire cord product that is similarly name but is a different product.

Comparable Products : When getting my notes together for this episode, I did come across similar products; some have similar prices but what I noticed was that some don’t burn for as long. Bigfoot Bushcraft claims 5 minutes while a few others that I saw would only burn for 60 seconds. Some stated 5 minutes as well.

There are a number of companies who make similar products; I don’t know who initially came up with this and who is copying who but I can say that there are a handful of these plugs out on the market. Some companies are less expensive than the Bigfoot Bushcraft version and include greater quantities for the money.


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