Monday, December 13, 2021

For the Money, This is Hard to Beat! - Czech Military 3 Piece Sleep System

Luke is here today to review the Czech Military Three-Piece Sleep System; this is an OLD SCHOOL piece of military surplus and that will be obvious the moment that you see the overall design of it. Old school but still very functional and highly versatile. Also, it's inexpensive!

This is an Agenda Free Review and it begins now!

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This is Seriously Cool - Czech Military 3 Piece Sleep System

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Price : This is going to vary greatly; you can find used military surplus for around $40, new is around $90. Those are common prices but you can find swings all over the net. I purchased mine 7 years ago for around $20.

Color : Olive Drab, blue linen and yellow blanket

Layers and Materials :
Nylon Bivy bag - this is a bivy style protection layer that is both wind and moisture resistant.

Linen Liner, this is known as the hygiene layer - it also makes the entire kit more comfortable as you don’t have to come directly into contact with the wool blanket which tends to feel scratchy against your skin.

Wool Blanket

Zipper on the left side

Weight : 7lbs

Measurements :
Nylon outer Bivy with side zipper, 80" x 28"
Linen Liner is 76" x 61"
Wool Liner is 76" x 61"

Czech military issue
Both liners button together

Temp Rating : Around 35F is my limit with this setup as is; the 3 piece kit, socks, pants, shirt and 40F is good for me. I run hot though so your mileage is going to vary. For colder natured folks, 45F is a reasonable rating.

With good thermal layers and/or insulated clothing, it could be used in much colder conditions.

Review Pros :

Great military surplus value.

Very cool piece of old school military surplus.

Excellent for warmer weather and early fall trips.

Very versatile kit - 40f is my rating for this kit as is but there is enough room to add additional layers; sleeping bag liner, sleeping bag or an additional blanket. A Woobie works great inside of this kit. It doesn’t take much and this is a 10F sleep system.

You can put a sleeping pad inside of the cover under the blanket and linen.

Bulky but for car camping and short distances, it makes sense.

Good compression straps.

Great for emergency use - throw one in the car for winter and you have a valuable piece of gear just in case of an emergency.

Deploys quickly

Good fit for the majority of users.

Easy to pack up

It saved us time and made inspection much easier, so we just unrolled them at night and slept in that.

Easy to store.

Decent amount of space for the shoulders and legs.

Works great on the ground with a sleeping pad or on a cot by itself. It’s thick enough to block a good amount of cold air from underneath.

Good weather resistance - wind and rain.
Not waterproof but can handle some moisture before wetting through.

Easy to take apart and wash what you need to.

Because of the overall design these make great sleeping bag rolls for not only adults but kids as well. It’s a super inexpensive way to gear up for a child or someone who doesn’t camp all that much. As a kid I would have been thrilled to have something like this!

One of these, a sleeping pad and they are set for most of the year.

Review Cons :

If purchasing used, be prepared to wash and possibly repair. Replacing buttons is common.

These are military surplus items and there is a possibility of the military surplus smell. It’s unique to surplus and luckily it does go away with enough use.

Mine was fairly strong when I got it in 7 years ago but it’s completely gone.

Fair amount of air can make its ways through the zipper

Taller and Larger individuals will have some problems here; Too tall and it won’t cover you properly, too wide and it won’t cover you properly.
My tallest buddy is 6’3” and 250lbs and he has no issues with his. I would say around 300lbs and this would be tight.


Summary :

To sum up this review, this is a great product but like most things it may not be for everyone. If you don’t mind the size though it’s a versatile piece of kit that’s still fairly inexpensive to find…..but who knows how much longer that will be for.

I’m glad that I own it and I can easily recommend it; it gets my thumbs up for sure.

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