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Military 4 Season Tent - USMC Marine Combat II - First Look and First Th...

Over the years I have received many requests to review the USMC Combat II tent and today, I begin testing out this product.

This is a First Look and Preview!

4 Season.
Very strong.
How will it perform?

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Marine Combat Tent - Diamond Brand Gear Setup and Preview

What it is : What I have here is a version of the popular military tent - this is a tent that is still in use today with the USMC and it is still being produced.

This is the Diamond Brand Combat II and in this episode we are going to take a first look at it before taking it out and storm testing it.

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Weight : 9lbs 11.3oz

Person : 2 Person

Season : 4

Style : Dome Tent

Doors : 2

Dimensions Setup : 84″ W x 59" D x 45.5" H
Dimensions Packed : 24" x7" x 7"
Vestibule : 14 SF

Materials :
Tent body is composed of burly, military grade 70 D nylon uncoated ripstop and military grade no-see-um mesh doors for breathability
70 D coated 2nd layer door for extra protection
Fly has a heavy 1.9 oz urethane coating to withstand the elements
Aluminum poles

Versions : There are two versions of this tent being offered by Diamond Brand - there is the Combat Tent and the Combat Tent Survival Package.

Price :
Tent - $250 retail
Survival Package - $380 includes footprint, an extra rainfly, 8 extra stakes, and an extra set of DAC poles

Surplus : These used to be very easy to find on eBay but over the years the supply has dwindled. I did a quick search last night and I found 3 or 4 and the price was around $300. On military surplus sites, I’ve seen these going for around $200 in used condition.

From the Company :
For those interested in meeting the needs of multiple survival scenarios, multiple tents would be needed. If you are interested in a survival tent for the whole family, our canvas wall tents could be the perfect solution. For those seeking military grade tents for survival and hunting, our Combat II tent checks the boxes that matter most. Directly inspired by our official United States Marine Corp combat tent, the Combat II is built for adventure. The smart design of this military-inspired tent makes it an essential for keeping survival comfortable. Made in the USA of the best materials, this tent will not let you down. Tested and inspired by the tough and fearless USMC!

Features :
Reversible camo/tan rain fly has blackout capabilities
Rain fly can be pitched as a hooch in no time flat
Taped seams

Tent body
Reversible rain fly
3 DAC poles
12 Easton stakes
Clear repair tape
1 oz seam grip
Transport bag

Combat II Tent :

Some of you will find this interesting; with the combat II tent, the US government owns the intellectual design and every 5 years or as needed the government looks for bids to produce this for the US military.

Diamond Brand lost this contract some time back and LiteFighter is the current manufacturer for the military version.

With this version of the combat tent, this is not the military version. This is the civilian since DB lost the contract. Both are made in the USA and from what I could find out, there are no differences between this and the military surplus version.

As far as I know, there have been 3 companies who have made this tent;

Diamond, Eureka and LiteFighter

Setup :
Overall setup is fairly easy and it is straightforward. That’s in fair weather though. The tent poles move over the tent body via sleeves and these can be a serious pain in windy conditions or in wet conditions.

Any problems to look for?



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