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They Select the Color for You? - Granite Gear ZippSack - Ultralight Pouc...

This is a review of the Granite Gear ZippSack which is an Ultralight Zippered Pouch which is both inexpensive and incredibly useful.

While it has many pros, there are a few oddities present especially when it comes to how Granite Gear offers this bag.

This is an Agenda Free Review and it begins now!

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Granite Gear ZippSack - Ultralight Food Bag Review

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What it is : “A more convenient stuff sack. They zip wide open for easy access to all your stuff. We make them in four sizes that are perfectly suited for your clothing and other miscellaneous gear.”

Sizes - Weights - Dimensions - Prices
8L - 2.8oz - 11x7x6" - $18
12L - 3.4oz - 13x8x7" - $19
18L - 3.8oz - 15x9x8" - $21
25L - 4.3oz - 15x9x8" - $23

This is the 12L bag, I paid $13 for it during a sale.

Colors :
I’ll be honest, I don’t know for certain what colors that are available and that’s because you don’t get to choose the color when ordering this product. This might be a dealbreaker for many….

There is a green, blue, and blue….these I have seen but there could be other colors.

Materials :
210D Nylon
No Name Zippers

From the Company :
Square shape fits and stacks great in your pack
Zippered opening allows faster access and security when closed
Large haul loops for grabbing and hanging
Assorted colors for color coding your gear, They come in Blue, Red.
Designed for years of use and abuse. Accept no substitutes!

Versions :
There is a lighter weight version available called the Air Zippsack - it was only available in purpose and is more expensive.

How I use it :
While you could use these bags for all sorts of purposes, when I saw this on the GG web site it stood out to me as an excellent ultralight food storage bag and I was right, that has been a great use for it.

Review Pros
Very good quality
Good materials - durable
Very good price
12L size is excellent for a multi day adventure - easily holds 3 days worth of meals, snacks and coffee. Plus trash and a bear hang kit.
Grab handles at both ends
Zipper is smooth and there is a good zipper pull BUT….

Review Cons :
Going to the cons, there is a flap that goes over the zipper and you will find that it gets in the way of opening and closing this bag. The solution is to fold the flap back when you plan to access this bag; that will allow for the zip to be used without any issues.

The Biggest con is that you can’t select the color which is really, really weird and this applies to any site where you can purchase these bags. I have no idea why GG does this as they really are shooting themselves in the foot here; the site doesn’t even show green an option…what if I received a purple bag….that just wouldn’t work for me.

It’s a gamble….what color are you going to get if you order one?

Who knows.

Summary :
Ultimately I like this bag, for the purpose that I use it for it rocks!
Throw all of your food and snacks in here, include a bag for trash and you are good to go.

If needed, you can also add a liner to keep everything dry during a good rain event, plus a bear hang kit and there is plenty of space left over.

These can make excellent gear storage bags, clothing bags, fire kits and so on. You can also use this for storage when bike packing,

These bags are inexpensive, can be used for a number of different purposes - I gambled on this and the color is ok….I can live with it especially when you consider that I paid only $13 for this bag during a sale.

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