Monday, August 17, 2020

Camping - Prepping - Overland : Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove

Today Luke is reviewing a stove which could easily be used for any purpose including camping, overland, survival, prepping and more.

This is the Agenda Free Review of the Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove;

Propane and Butane!


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Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove
Agenda Free Link : Colors : Blue and Black

Price : Blue is $35 and Black is $37 at the time of filming

Weight in Case : Right at 5lbs

Stove alone is around 3.5lbs

BTU’s : 7,200BTU

Measurement : 13 x 11.2x 3.14 inch Fuels : 8 oz and 16 oz propane or 8.8oz butane cans. Who Makes These : My suspicions is that there is one company who makes this stove for everyone else as there are countless companies who make models which look exactly the same.

Review Pros :

Runs on two types of fuel.

Does exactly what I have wanted it to do; turn on when I want it to and turn off when I want it to while being able to heat, boil and cook.

Price isn’t bad -but there are less expensive versions of this stove available; I can’t comment on the quality of those models but I may check one out in the future.

Easy to use

Small form factor

Great for camping, overlanding and even emergency use.

Very efficient – one can of butane lasted me almost 2 hours with a variety of cooking and boiling projects.

Good size burner allows for virtually any size pot or pan to be used.

Excellent output; I’ve never had an issue with boiling water for coffee quickly or with cooking a full fledged meal.

Ignition has always worked.

Cons :

Flimsy feelings and that goes for the stove and the carry case.

Gas connection area features a door which feels very cheap and never is fully latched shut.

While you can adjust the intensity of the burner, there is a rather large zone where you should be able to simmer but rather, the burner simply goes out.

The company claims that this stove has excellent wind resistance; that isn’t accurate in my opinion. If it is a windy day, I would suggest setting up some sort of wind block.

This product like many products on Amazon features a lot of fake reviews; according to review analytic sites, roughly 60% of the reviews are fake for this product which is obvious when reading them.

Summary :

Ultimately if you purchase this stove, this is what you are getting;

- a dual fuel stove for a low price

- a cheap flimsy build

- functional stove.

For the $35 that I spent, I consider it an excellent buy...if I paid any more the fit and finish of this stove would justify a refund but for $35, it’s just good enough. I purchased this in January and have used it dozens of times in all sorts of conditions; in the rain, in the snow and in very hot conditions. Never had a problem.

It should be known that there are more powerful versions of this stove out there; for an example, Gas One has a 15,000 BTU version of this stove which costs $60.

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