Thursday, August 6, 2020

Enter Now - Outdoor Vitals Camping Pillows - Giveaway Week 2

Hey there Wolf Pack,

This is Week 2 of the Give-A-Ways and involves some Outdoor Vitals Pillows! Make sure to enter now and good luck!

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A special thank you goes to Ryan and Kassi who made this giveaway possible! You both are greatly appreciated!


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  1. Outdoor pillows are vital. Look forward to see who gets blessed by your giveaway....

  2. Would be nice but i am sure there are people that need them more than i do

  3. Worst camp out ever...some 45 years ago while training in Canadian army reserve..had to spend a night on a beach under a small tree. Wet and sandy...and cold!! Still was fun though. Cheers from up north here in Canada.

  4. I worked is a camp counselor and we had hiked up a mountain about 2 miles and while scaling some rocks on a ropes course. I slipped and fell and blew out my right knee. Had to spend the night in agony to wait for daylight before I could attempt y return.