Tuesday, August 25, 2020

What Is That Smell? - FinessCity Titanium Cutlery Set - Spoon Fork Knife

Today Luke is reviewing a Spoon, Fork and Knife kit which he doesn't recommend! The quality isn't there and that smell.....

This is the Agenda Free Review of the FinessCity Titanium Cutlery Set.

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FinessCity Titanium Cutlery Set Review

Agenda Free Link : https://www.amazon.com/Titanium-Utility-Cutlery-Lightweight-Eco-Friendly/dp/B077RGX38D

Cost : $20

Weight : 2.2oz

Version : There is 3 versions of this utility set; 3 piece which you see here. 4 piece which includes chop sticks 5 piece which includes a straw and brush for cleaning.

Pros :

Compact set Lightweight Has everything one person could need as far as your main utensils go.

The utensils have held up well with my use...but I can’t say that the quality is good.

Thickness is good enough to eat and to cut any food item.

Price is good and this set is $3 dollars less expensive than the Toaks version which is virtually the same. The Toaks version doesn’t screw together but it does feature carabiner. The Finesscity set is $10 cheaper than the Esbit version which looks to be basically the same as the Toaks version.

With some looking, it wouldn’t surprise me if you could find a set which is very similar; some may even be sold for a few dollars less.

Keith, Core, Valtcan

Gets the job done

Cons :

Questionable quality : poorly cut spoon with uneven dimensions. While the set does screw together and is a neat package, it does take a few moments to unscrew the set and to get what you need. In other words, it takes more time to use it than with some other solutions.

With the focus of this kit being as lightweight as possible, each utensil is rather short and wouldn’t be a good fit for those who like to eat mountain house meals or other camping meal straight from a bag.

Knife is functional and will cut through food products with enough work but isn’t especially sharp. Teeth could be more aggressive.

As an FYI, most of the reviews on Amazon are fake for this set: I noticed it immediately and sites that analyze Amazon reviews confirmed it; roughly 40% of the reviews are fake.

Screwing the set together can be a little awkward.

The set has a slightly rough finish to them and when eating you will feel that texture in your mouth; it’s not bad but some people may not like it. There are other titanium products on the market where the spoon and fork are polished and they are in fact, nicer products in my opinion.

There is an odor which I believe comes from the coating of the set; it smells of very cheap metal and it remains on your fingers after handling the set which I really don’t like.

Coating stains easily and is rubbing off.


Summary :

Do I recommend this set?

It’s not a bad set but in my opinion it has enough cons where I would consider other options. It is light, functional but I don’t like the fact that after using the set that my fingers have a slight strange smell to them; it makes you wonder what is going into your food and also, into your mouth.

It should be mentioned that I have plenty of titanium cutlery items and none have such an issue.

My advice is to go with another cutlery set as you are able to get more and better for the money.

1 comment:

  1. That odor you noticed is definitely a red flag. This is likely residue of the acids used (acetic, hydrofluoric, sulfuric, hydrochloric- dependent on method and country of manufacture) in the electroplating process...in other words, one is paying for cheap metal with a coating. If they were in fact all titanium, they would have no odor. For the prices they and their competitors are asking, well, one is paying titanium prices for polished scrap.

    I'll stick to my trusty KABAR Tactical Spork. It does the job and is only around 8 bucks +/-

    Also, why do you think camping cutlery sets include a useless butter knife? Who goes camping without a real knife?

    Keep up the good work!