Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I Can't Recommend It - OneTigris ROCUBOID Splicing Wood Burning Stove

This is the OneTigris ROCUBOID Splicing Wood Burning Stove and after testing it out for numerous months, it has become clear that this isn't a product that I can recommend as it simply has too many problems.

In this Agenda Free Review, Luke goes over the Pros, the Cons and why this may not be the right wood burning stove for you.


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OneTigris Splicing Wood Burning Stove

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Price : $23

Weight : 1lb 1.8oz

Dimensions :

Folded – 6.1”(L)*6.5”(W)*0.4”(D) (Encased)

Setup - 4.7”(L)*4.7”(W)*6.7”(H)

Material : 304 Stainless Steel, Nylon Fabric Casing

Versions : There is an “evil eyes” version of this stove available which features a slightly larger feeder hole. It is slightly bigger and heavier than the regular version.

Fuel : Can be used as a wood burning stove, stand for your alcohol stove, or a solid fuel burner stand. In my opinion, the stove is a bit heavy and if I was using an alcohol stove or solid fuel, I would leave this behind completely and build something out of rocks or sticks; it would be faster than putting this together and using it.


Review Pros :

Good quality Good price

Good volume burn chamber

Because of the stainless steel materials, alterations can be made easily….or you could buy the evil eyes version which solves some of the issues which this model has.

Good quality pouch

Review Cons :

Surprisingly heavy; heavier than many similar products

Smaller feeder holes

Fiddly setup – there are faster to setup wood stoves

Marketed at being use with an alcohol stove; it’s very heavy for that purpose

Stove requires flat ground for use due to the design; a very significant issue is the way the bottom of the stove sits on the ground. Most backpacking stoves are cut out a little on each of the sides, and essentially only sit on the ground at the corners. With this stove, three of the four plates sit flush on the ground for the whole bottom of the plate. That's fine if you're sitting on a perfectly flat surface, but that practically never happens out in the field. Having fewer contact points on the ground makes it much easier to find a level spot to set the stove. Because of the way this stove fits together, the front and back sections just sliding down to connect with the side sections, they can easily lift up as the stove tries to adjust to ground it isn't perfectly level on all four sides, which, under the worst of circumstances could actually cause the stove to Fall apart. even at the corners, the plates that are sliding down to fit would be better off cut so they don't even contact at the corners, just allow the side plates to make contact at those corners.

Summary :

After testing this product out for a while now, my thoughts are this;

it’s a functional stove and the price is good but it has issues which many other wood stoves don’t have; it’s a good first try at a collapsible wood stove but it would be my advice to wait until a version 3 comes out. There is the evil eyes version which is a version 2 but it only fixes some of the issues which this stove has. There are also stoves which require less fiddling to get it together than this, there are lighter weight stoves and that perform better than this so I would recommend researching and considering other options before making any purchase.

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