Friday, October 23, 2020

A Lone Wolf Mountain Adventure

Join Luke the Lone Wolf for an adventure up on Lone Wolf Mountain as he works the land and cooks a delicious gourmet meal! 

On the menu, cast iron fried Salmon, Sweet Chili Noodles, and some fried Green Beans!

This is Chronicles Adventure #6!


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  1. Luke I grew up as you did although without a brother here in Texas where camping is always the biggest and best,way more dangerous then your country club forests on Lone Wolf Mountain manys a night I was glad to drink out of a foot or hoof print when I did monthly treks but you have such heart and grit to you I've adopted you as my little brother as I'm in my upper 40s God bless you and your family and for keeping the outdoor sport alive it's never dead in Texas though :)

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