Monday, February 27, 2017

Yukon Outfitters Alpha Backpack - Review

Today Luke is reviewing a 'civilian' assault pack; the Yukon Outfitters Alpha Backpack.

Link Yukon Outfitters :

Link Amazon :

Price : $59.79 Amazon / $79.99 Yukon Web Site

Colors : Black, Olive Drab, Foliage, Storm Grey, Field Camo and Mountain Camo

Dimensions : 21" H x 12.5" W x 10.5" L

Heavy Load Rated : Yukon states that this pack is heavy load rated but doesn’t state what that means.  Heavy load?   What weight is that?  Is that 3lbs or 30lbs?

Without further information that is what I considered pure marketing.

Features :

The Yukon Tactical Alpha Bag is Yukon Outfitters' most popular bag system. It can easily fit a large laptop in addition to all of your accessories throughout its numerous storage pockets and is MOLLE compatible.

•       Designed for urban and outdoor environments
•       Multiple storage options
•       Reinforced padded laptop compartment
•       Hydration bladder ready, with left and right tube ports
•       MOLLE compatible
•       Heavy load rated

Made of durable 600D polyester

Review :

This is a good quality military style pack and the key word there is ‘style’  This pack is styled after military packs; it has molle webbing, looks like a military product but isn’t made to be military tough.

With that being said, for light/casual use this is a good option to consider.  It will handle your books, your laptop and some light hiking.

It will not handle hardcore, heavy loadout adventures and I base that upon my years of experience with products just like this.

The zippers are not name brand and will not be able to handle the same level of abuse as YKK or SBS.  The stitching and the materials won’t handle heavy loads for a long periods of time either.

While I haven’t had any issues with my pack it has been mainly light duty operations; essentially what this pack is made for.

If you do a search online, you will see reviews which touch upon exactly the same points which I am mentioning.

Zippers failing.  Stitching coming undone and so on.

TON of storage options; mesh pockets, velco secure straps, zipper pockets, key clip and MOLLE straps to beat the band

Shoulder straps are thickly padded and comfortable

If you want superior quality and craftsmanship, go with Maxpedition. However be prepared to pay over $100 for a bag of similar size.

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