Friday, February 17, 2017

Battlbox Mission 24 Unboxing and Discussion

Many of the viewers have requested to see another BattlBox unboxing so here you go.

Battlbox Mission 24 Box; the unboxing and discussion begins now.


Link :


  1. The Bacon Jerky could fulfill a niche in the survival food area. Just something thrown in a fanny pack or kept in the bug out bag in your car trunk. The sugar could supply some energy for a person on the go who doesn't want to or hasn't the time to prepare a better meal. Along with some candy bars or energy bars.

  2. Hey brother, when are we going to see the battlebox overnighter? You could set up a sporting goods store next to your tent with all the cool swag they send. Pick 5-10 items from them and let er rip!!! I just watched your preview and initial set up of the battlebox tent and am courious if you have a final thought??? Looked like a bullet proof rig to me. FYI.. When someone asks your favorite survival movies, The Mountain Men and Jerimiah Johnson better be in the top 5!!! God bless brother, and watch yer top knot....