Thursday, April 11, 2024

You've NEVER Seen a Stove Like This Before - Famgee Tripod Alcohol Stove

Last Year I came across a rather interesting alcohol stove - stove that included a tripod stand. 

I have seen these stands before in the past, in fact I reviewed the Mil-Tec Alcohols stove stand some years back - the problem with that product is that it is difficult to locate.

That’s why when I saw this stove and stand I was intrigued....intrigued enough to order one and to test it out.

This comes from a company called Famgee and this is the Famgee Tripod Alcohol Stove; it is time for my Agenda Free Review.

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Stats : 

Tripod : 3 Leg, 3 Pot Support Stand 

Stove : Double Layer with 18 micropore flame holes. 

Fuel : 

Capacity : 180ml which is about 6oz

Layer : 
This is a double layer alcohol stove and a double layer stove works like this -
: You fill the stove and ignite it - as the body of the stove heats up it vaporizes the alcohol fuel which then is propelled out of the small holes that surround the stove.  This increases the heat output of the stove and decreases boil times while making the stove more fuel efficient. 

Materials : 
Polyester Storage Bag
Stainless Steel Construction stand 
The outer layer of the stove is stainless and the inner layer is aluminum 

Weight : 
Stove - 4.0z
 Stand - 4.0oz
Storage Bag - .7oz
Total : 8.7oz

Dimensions Stored : 3.8 * 3.3in

Dimensions Set up : 
5.7” x 5.7” x 3.3”

Price : $14
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