Monday, June 13, 2016

Terävä Skrama Bush Knife (Varusteleka) - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Terävä Skrama Bush Knife from!  Straight from Finland.  Dual Grind.  Hardcore!

Link Knife :

Link Varusteleka :

Price : $83

Weight : 1.1lbs

The Skrama, which is made in Finland and available only from Varusteleka, is designed to be an all-around wilderness blade for campers, bushcrafters, woodsmen etc.

While I was trying out different grips, I noticed that the balance point lies right where the handle starts. This makes it easier to do finer cutting tasks, despite the large overall size of the knife.

The Skrama is a heavy, long blade bush knife for wilderness use - a tool that chops firewood and whittles up some tinder too! If you're taking just one knife into the bush, let it be this. This is the complete package with leather sheath included.

Skrama - as in Scramasax or Seax, a short, single edged sword popular in the Middle Ages. Much like the Scandinavian Leuku it doubles up as a tool and weapon.

Blade length: 240 mm, width 46 mm, thickness 4 mm.

Edge angle: 25° at the root for whittling, the rest of the blade is sharpened to 34° for heavy duty chopping.

Full length: 430 mm.

Blade material: Carbon steel 80CrV2, 59 HRC

Grip: Moulded rubber, rough texture for a good grip.

Weight (without sheath): 525 g. 18.5oz


  1. Hi Luke me and my wife watching your YouTube channel and we love it

  2. Hi Luke me and my wife watching your YouTube channel and we love it

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