Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Savotta Jääkäri Backpack - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Savotta Jääkäri Backpack, straight from Finland!


Link :

Price : $171.89

Shipping to the US: $10

Weight : Weight roughly 2 kg (4.5lbs)

Varusteleka - I asked the company directly how to pronounce this and they said that it was difficult even for them to say it.  haha  According to them they have an American customer who said ‘where’s the liquor’ and now it’s a running joke.  The truth is, it does sound like that. Var-nose-the-liquor

Finnish outdoor/military surplus supplier


They do have a physical store in Helsinki…one day I would love to see it!

This site accepts orders from around the world and is literally top notch.  Also they have a bit of sense of humor which you will find on their site.  I personally like this a lot.  They don’t know this but I did a bit of research about them once they contacted me to see what sort of reputation that they had and I was immediately impressed with what I learned.  I contact Savotta, the makers of this pack and told them that I was from the US and that I was interested in some of their products.  They recommended Varusteleka.

They are highly regarded and review on the net.

Easy returns so if you have issues, varusteleka is there to make things right.

They can process and ship all over the world.  When you go to the site, on the top right you will see a link that says country, click that, click your country and the prices will adjust so if you are from the US, you will see the price in USD.

They can process CC payments and in the future paypal will be accepted.


The "Jääkäri" (Jaeger, traditional prussian name for fighting infantrymen and a title still proudly used in the Finnish military) is based on Savotta's famous "Kevyt Rajapartio" (Light Border Patrol, a daypack developed in the late 90's for our border troops), but just like the Modular LJK was a step up from the original LJK so is the Jaeger a step up the evolutionary ladder from the Light Border Patrol. The basic starting point is still the same, a narrow, medium sized pack that doesn't interfere with movement in tight spaces or heavy woodlands.

The main changes include the swapping of all old metal buckles for quality ITW Nexus Delrin plastic buckles, the addition of PALS webbing to all sides of the back and deleting ye olde thermos flask holder for a modern hydration bladder pouch. On top of that the updated lid and strap construction makes overpacking and compression far better than before. The end result is a high quality modern daypack that performs equally well in daily urban use as it does on 24-48h or longer hikes and missions.


Dimensions approx 55 x 27 x 20 cm, volume roughly 30 litres (not counting overpacking). Weight roughly 2 kg.

Large main compartment, covered by a tightly shaped flap and waterproof drawcord collar.

Attachment points for utility straps on the bottom. Excellent place to lash a sleeping mat or bag to.

Hydration bladder mesh pouch on the inside against the back. Fits a Source WLPS bladder perfectly.

Hydration tube or antenna ports on both sides of the top of the pack.


The fabric is the same PUR coated waterproof and extremely tough MILSPEC 1000D Cordura used to make Finnish military M05 gear! All hardware is military grade too, the buckles are made by ITW Nexus and zippers by Kroko of Belgium. The materials, construction and attention to detail are all top-notch!

Made by Finn-Savotta Oy, made in Finland

This is the real Savotta stuff right here, made right here in Finland!

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