Sunday, June 1, 2014

After Hours - Budget Overnight Adventure

This is the After Hours - Budget Overnight Adventure.
The ACTUAL Adventure.
Enjoy my friends.


  1. I love your spirit! Thanks for sharing those nice moments with us!

    1. And I forgot to ask you what is the layers your wearing (pants) for this trip. :)

  2. Saw one of your winter overnight videos on Youtube and you were talking about Mountain House meals. I have tried almost every freeze dried meal available and by far Mountain House is the best, But, there is a high chance that the some of the ingredients contains GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) I know some people don't care what they put into their mouth, but I do and GMO is not a good thing. Unfortunately MH is not willing to change their ways at the moment because it seems I am the only one speaking out to them to go GMO free.

  3. Hi Luke,
    Thanks for all the great Videos and your hard work (play) . I'm planning on doing some videos on the Lone Star Trail and hiking in the greater Houston area and was wondering if you could share what camera, video editing and software your using to produce your excellent videos.