Friday, August 15, 2014

Extreme Ultralite Backpacking Towel - Preview and Test

We are taking a look at the Discovery Trekking Outfitters Extreme Ultralite Backpacking Towel.

Ultralite Mini 19" x 19": $16.95 USD
Ultralite 34" x 28": $24.95 USD  - This is the one that I have here 3.2 oz
Ultralite Large 34" x 58": $39.95 USD

Over the years I have used all sorts of town, microfiber, sham, towels, and so on

Normally one expects a really great towel to be thick and absorbent. This Ultra-Light towel wicks moisture from the skin and dries 4x faster than other towels. It does not “absorb” water like a conventional towel. Instead, it pulls moisture around the fibers, distributing it across the surface of the fabric where it quickly evaporates.

The Towel only weighs 2.8oz and its ultra light-ness makes it perfect for those who are conscious of their gear’s weight. The fabric actually contains Silver (silver chloride)

Silver Chloride is very common in bandages and wound healing products and is even used as an antidote for mercury poisoning.  Interesting little fact there.  Essentially silver chloride keeps the towel from becoming nays over time.  It prevents bacteria and fungi from growing on it so that you can continue to use it over a long period of time without having to wash it.  Ultimately this boils down to a perfect product for distance backpackers.

Silver discourages bacterial growth so the fabric doesn’t get the moldy or musty smell one associates with damp towels.

Polygiene Recycled Silver Salt, which is Eco-Friendly and safe. This is not a surface treatment, it is permanently bonded to the fibers and it does not contain any chemicals. It is pure silver that has been micro-encapsulated in the yarns. It lasts for years, and is safe and natural - this means the towels stay fresher between washings.

These Ultra-Light Towels are made in North America by Discovery Trekking Outfitters Ltd.

Blocks up to 93% of UV rays

Wicks moisture 3 to 4 times faster than regular towels

Recycled silver in towel fibers prevents bacterial-growth
Made in Canada and the USA

The fabric is 100% polyester. It’s the design (knit) of the fabric that gives it such effective moisture-wicking. Rather than sucking the water into the fibers (such as you would experience with natural fibers), the moisture is pulled “around” the polyester fibers and spread across the surface of the towel, which is why it can dry out so fast.

Used by outdoors fanatics as well as the military.

34" x 58" large Extreme towel, as well as the regular 34" x 28" regular and 19" x 19" mini, in our best-selling silky extreme fabric.

Plenty of colors : Moss, Navy, Dark Blue, Charcoal, Sage, Red, Royal blue

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