Friday, May 8, 2015

From Dusk Till Dawn : Creeper Walk 2015

This is From Dusk Till Dawn - The 2015 'Creeper' Walk!  Kick back and enjoy some coffee while Luke and Susan hike 34 miles; from Damascus VA to Abingdon VA and Back!

Sponsored by ThruNite and their updated line of Archer Flashlights!
Link :


  1. It's always sunny in Philadelphia

  2. Charlie Kelly's first serious music endeavor involved a character known as the "The Nightman". It was his belief that his life as someone innocent and naive required the Nightman. The song is about the Nightman "coming into him" to endow him with much needed manliness and power.

  3. Hope your wife's foot is doing better. She's pretty tough and in good shape. I'll have to try a night long duration hike like that when I travel up your way.

  4. Good Creeper name, Luke, but that's gotta be the nuttiest thing I've ever seen. At any rate, it was good for a laugh. Maybe one day I'll walk the Creeper trail, and when I do, I'll be Techinstein, the techno-organic recreation of Mary Shelley's cdreature, seeking Blackberry Playbooks and other hiker gadgets for spare parts. Beware, Nightman. I'm coming for your tech.

    1. Pardon my typo... I'm still getting used to my new mechanical keyboard.

  5. I just scored a REI Lookout 40 for high speed, low drag hikes like this. I'll leave the Med. ALICE for the overnighters and the bush craft events.