Friday, March 4, 2016

Testing Grounds - Overnight Adventure

This is Testing Grounds, an Overnight Adventure in which Luke is testing out some budget friendly gear (common-man/woman).

Snow.  Bitter Cold.  Strong Winds.  Good Times.


  1. Good job Luke. Thanks for bringing this adventure to us. As luck would have it I own some of the items that you reviewed in this transmission. I own the Scorpion 3 tent along with the Snugpak Softie Elite 5 sleeping bag. For ground insulation I use a Thermarest Ridgerest solar mat and an EXPED downmat TT 9 LW inflatable mattress and pillow by the same company. Maximum comfort is the key when cold camping for these old bones. I haven't pushed my kit to the extent that you have but plan to this coming winter on Jones Mountain in Southern Ohio. Thanks to you, I will rest with confidence knowing the abilities of my equipment to keep me safe and warm. Strength and Honor my Friend.

  2. Hey buddy another great learning video no doubt about that, was it my phone or was there alot of black and white gorospe,well that was interesting. But always great Luke so love sung pak and wanting to get the bunker tent museum. Well buddy take care and stay on the Trail or off tally-ho for now.