Friday, March 24, 2017

True Utility Connect Everyday Carry Bag - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the True Utility Connect Everyday Carry Bag.  Is it worth a purchase or is it a failure?  Find out now!

Connect EDC Link :
Price : $26.09 USD
Colors : Olive and Black

True Utility is based in England so it keep that in mind folks from America if you decide to purchase one of these pouches.  There will an additional time needed for shipment and possible additional fees for shipping.

Product Reference: TU910B

From the Man. : This everyday carry bag is packed full of features for all of your everyday needs. It's water and rip resistant made from 100% Polyester and the Nylon stitching is rot proof. The bag features:

            12 Elasticated Compartments
            8 Utility Pockets
            4 Easy Pull Zip Cords
            3 Cushioned Inserts
            1 Internal Swivel Hook
            1 Paracord Loop
            Clear Storage Window (for credit cards/ID)
            Earphone Storage Pocket
            Large Mesh Pockets
            Magnetic Front Pouch
            Shoulder Strap
             Belt Loops

Material: Polyester
Length: 215mm
Width: 150mm
Height: 50mm
Weight: 182g / 6.41986

Impressions :

It’s made from a lighter material than some other EDC’s we’ve tested, so it’s slight less durable but weighs less so consider your needs when picking small bags. Overall I think it’s nearly perfect though, my only suggestion would be to add velcro to the front for an ID or Morale patch, and maybe some MOLLE connections. Certainly not deal-breakers though.

I like the high-viz orange interior.

I like the belt loops, good idea.

Cons :

I wish that the front pocket was able to completely unzip as it feels very limiting with the setup that is present.  This pocket feels tight when compared to the other side.

No MOLLE attachment so you can’t easily mount this one a pack.

I would like to see this pouch being slightly wider as I feel that it’s big enough, but only barely.  Just a bit bigger would make a difference.

I like the key chain clip but would like to see more of these to secure odd pieces of gear.

Not sure why this pouch has the id compartment.  It would never replace my wallet so I’m confused as to why it is present.  I would rather see an additional pocket or some additional webbing here.

The ear plug pass through are interesting but I don’t know if I would ever use that feature.

The snap for the front pocket doesn’t feel very secure to me and would like to see a stronger version of this in the future.

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