Wednesday, July 19, 2017

French Military Rubberized Duffle Bag

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It's Military Surplus Wednesday and today Luke is taking a look at the French Rubberized Duffle Bag.

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Cost : $16.00

French Army issue duffle - rubberized. Made of a heavy duty rubberized material. Has backpack straps to make it easier to carry with a heavy load. Used in good condition. Measures 21" x 36"

Impressions :

This is a large size, rubberized duffle bag which is water resistant; perfect for a car camping adventure or even a flight.  I have a few friends who will fly with their backpacking gear by putting their gear inside of large size military duffle.

Perfect truck bag; throw it behind the seat with some JIC gear and food.

Hunting bag!

Something to keep in mind is that this is a military grade duffle bag; it’s not made from low strength nylon like the one that you can purchase at Walmart.  This is a duffle that was made to be handled roughly.

If they’re tough enough for the armed services they’re tough enough for anything you might throw at it.

They’re well built, rugged, and will hold all your gear.

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